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Allen Robinson Apr 2020
Coming from afar to ravage and malign
Designed to destroy without cause
We pray for deliverance from above
A cunning virus that cares not about
age, race, color, *** or creed
We pray for families, first responders and
our leaders
2019 you supposedly arrived taking lives across the globe
We pray for peace, comfort and healing to the victims
2020 you consumed world economies to the brink of collapse
We pray.
It was on my heart to pray and support those who are in need and those who care for those in need.
Allen Robinson Oct 2018
Often we struggle to communicate
without understanding... YES we
listen, but fail to hear one another.
Playing the arrogance game of who
is right or wrong, failing to concede
our position out of boastful pride.
We starve ourselves attempting to
get it accurate, when the process
is simple. Be open and honest,
concede your position now and
then and always listen instantly.
Allen Robinson Oct 2018
Leaves morph into
a colorful myriad of
rainbow-like brilliant
From afar we are so
overwhelmed by the
beauty of raw nature
Painted, drawn or
photographed the
occular muscle is in
heightened awareness.
Drink it in as you are
a witness to one of
Gods many wonders.
Always a Season to
remember, always a
Season to be revered.
My favorite Season of all is the Fall... hands down.
Allen Robinson Oct 2017
Longing for my second home
that native land of true patriots
vast her glowing heart and
teaming with pride

You are family to me as my
heart connects with yours
We have created memories
and shared life long dreams

Never too far away the MAPLE
DISTANCE replenishes my soul
and recharge that inner battery
lifting me back up to peace

Family, friends and food
home, health and happiness
combine to spread love
over the bridge of life.
Miss you Canada
Allen Robinson May 2017
I've taken the Time
and given myself Space
to compose

Provoked by none other
than my excessive mind
riddled in thought

In portrait mode when
I should be detailed
in landscape mode

Seeing the full picture
not just what's in front
of my face

Gaps of white noise and
blank canvases have
stalled progress

Oh, but I see light
a brightness of clarity
surrounding my path

Mock not good fortune
let it rain down and
lift you up to fly

I walk through the
open doors with
renewed confidence

Time & Space limit
me no more as I am
free to create... ME.
It feels good to be back and just create again... missed you all.
Allen Robinson Feb 2017
I thirst for
so I eternally
drink it in.
Allen Robinson Feb 2017
What if LOVE
essentially stood for
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