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Vani j Jul 2016
little bird
cant fly; cant fly
eyes always
looking at the sky
Never heard of a bird that can't fly
**** up lil bird
cold soup;
is all u gonna ever try
feed ur lovesick heart
lil bird
lovepotion is losing its high
oh lil bird
dont freeze wen ur parents
tumble you into this wholehell sky
dont get cold lil bird all dey want for u is to find ur own sky
bt shame lil bird ur mind has found its own neverland sky
oh lil bird ;if u could just fly
i know lil bird how u like the high
jst try; just try
ur siblings are shouting from the sky
u watch them lil bird with awe inspiring sigh;
and u turn your face lil bird
coz u cant face d lack of same love u find in their eyes
are u not trying lil bird???? tell me  or  have u jst glued your
eyes to the sky
fear lil bird has it turned you to
a box of ice and u keep looking for fire  to turn you from cold to nice
in the night ; hiding in the shadows  comes ur fight
keep fighting lil bird searching for dat thing  dat destroyed you
from the start
an enemy  so variant even u wont recognize  no one sees it lil bird
but u know lil bird how it is dat u hav to fight keep fighting fight fight fight fight fight fight fight..........
u laugh lil bird ...about how u thought once dat ppl were so high now u see them in the real light
dey got blood on their lips lil bird fools think that smearing lipsticks  can make it hide
but in the same light can u see urslf too lil bird
******* off of ppls love to make u high
oh sick lil bird how is ur idealism
love is your drug; yellow avian
and u want it unadulterated even more than your diet
even a slight impurity; u r spinning out of sight
stop dreaming lil bird come back from d neverland sky
maybe dey r jst ppl
and maybe dey r jst trying to survive
even with blood on their lips
and even with a foot that has
never touched a shoe for life.
so come lil bird come down from the neverland sky
they will never know  how it feels to see  the world , and want to change everything from left to right, to see someone in pain and get their own heart ripped apart
or how a song can make someone feel alive
and how when  you watch a movie and for a day become the character u like
funny lil bird  how u remind me ....
and when you want ppl to understand you without words.....
watever lil bird jst come down from d neverland skies
Cluttered head of a lil bird
When you hear stories
about a crew, -Cheffin' it up,
know this...


Lil powder
Lil wa-ter
Lil Bay-ken
Lil Slaughter
Lil jackin'
Lil dealing
Paper stacking
**'s kneelin'

Come on out/for cryin' loud
Rattlin' the gatts/ruling the town
Make no amends/for being bad
Ya'll crew gone/wewan be sad
Wrappin' it up/bagging the dough

Who's laughing now?
This **** ain't funny.






Lil powder
Lil wa-ter
Lil Bay-ken
Lil Slaughter
Lil jackin'
Lil dealing
Paper stacking
**'s kneelin'

Schooling is out/thugger's is in
Fear what's up/these Boiz is down
All my boiz/some is Kin
Rattlin' the gatts/ruling the town
This here's dope/gonna lure ya'

We cooking something,
something, -here for yah.






Lil powder
Lil wa-ter
Lil Bay-ken
Lil Slaughter
Lil jackin'
Lil dealing
Paper stacking
**'s kneelin'





It aint the same everwhere
I know it took a man
To stand and stare
Down them gallows
In Zebullon county square

Lil Mae
age of 21  
saw her man with another
"I'm gonna make you pay"

now  some of you wanna say

"Lil Mae get a gun make that man pay"
To mad to see
to hurt to care
Lil Mae stormed her way down to
Zebullon county square.

Bobby Lee wasn't  a simple man
to proud to be dumb
could read and write
Yet he never let no one know

Bobby Lee workin late
bumped into a drunk,
back on that old alley

Bobby Lee took a beating by four whites
the blood poured out into the streetlight

Soon enough the sheriff came a runnin
"whats the matter here!!"
white men shouted
"the boy had it coming, he took my money
try to **** me, sheriff I had to do something!!"

12 days later 12 men had a shine
sentenced ***** Lee to hang
Saturday morning half past nine
sun be coming up behind him
so his shadow
would grow tall on that line.

Sun rose cool that day
Folks lined up to watch Ol
Bobby Lee pay.

Soon they all began to scatter
preacher man shouted
'"whats a matta"
Lil Mae had come with blade readied
for her last stand

"Preacher man" Lil Mae shouted
"you goin to hell, no doubt about it"
"Im gonna send you there by my hand."
silver plated blade glistened in the sky

"lord my soul , dont let me die!"

Blood sank  from the preachers throat
Lil Mae watched  til his last choke

Crowd screamed "NO!!" but it fell on Gods deaf ears

"Lil Mae" came her mans voice
"why you do it?"
She reckoned "I had no choice"
"I love you but you put me to it.
you and this preacher man ripped me apart."
Lil Mae's man stood in the middle of the square
tears draining life, sobs stealing air......

Bobby Lee innocent as he was
unwrapped his noose
and slowly walked away

Lil Mae stood her ground on them gallows
but it gave way
half pass nine
she fell in line
the sun made her shadow tall
dead before her body
went through the gallows fall
i havent ever written anything this long and i am sure it needs major revision its a song i hope but would like feedback.
sadgirl Nov 2017
After Danez Smith's Dinosaurs in the Hood

Let's make a movie called *Lil Peep In Heaven

Transpotting meets 8 Mile meets six xanax bars
There should be a scene where Lil Peep climbs up a few flights of Stairs and makes it to the pearly gates, because there has to be pearly Gates

Don't let Bella Thorne star in this.
In her version she tongue-kisses Peep,
Chews scenery in platform boots and bright pink
Ripped jeans. **** that, Peep has a tattoo removed
By a saint, his laser is proof of all that is good

I want a scene where Peep throws his pill bottles
At Ganesha, a scene where Allah tells Peep he'll
Rot in his grave forever if he doesn't stop
His antics. Don't let GothBoiClique hold a
Funeral for Gustav. I don't want any of that

Sentimental **** about love and how life is too
Short. This movie is about a man/boytoy/ugly and dying thing,
Restarting his life with all the real-*** gods and patron saints and
Of every religion and every afterlife

I don't want some funny, dreadhead living in LA with a tattooed stick And poke commanding presence. This is not a vehicle for someone to Play Peep, this is a vehicle for Peep to play himself.]
I want his *******, white or not, praying. I want them far from their Knees.

I want Lil Peep to ride in a Benz truck down from the clouds, Screaming with spittle flying from his mouth the entire time.
I want Layla to post another video of Gustav slapping pans together Like a child. And I want Peep to see it all.

But this can't be a death movie. This can't be a death movie. This Movie can't be dismissed because it's too dark, or that a dead man is Playing the leading role. This movie can't be about crying, or cause people to cry. This movie can't be about a long history of emo coming To an end. This movie can't be about dying.

No one can say Peep is a pill-popping ******* who deserved his death Who wouldn't say it to his cadaver. No big pharmacy jokes in this movie. No bar, capsules or gels in the heroes, and Lil Peep never dies & Lil Peep never dies & Lil Peep never dies. Besides, the only reason I want to make this movie is for the first scene anyway; Lil Peep climbing up the cloudy stairs, his eyes dilated & empty

                                   the heaven before him filled with congratulations
After Danez Smith.
Alexis J Meighan Oct 2012
"Tadpoles and Dragons"

Scared a lil, fear full a lil, I'm telling myself to try a lil
I wouldn't know the difference if I lie a lil
But first I'll curse
Eat dinner quench my thirst
Wash my flesh then cry a lil
Walk it off
Man up and face the mirror
flex the guns then sigh a lil
Strong and steady
Game face on I'm ready
Breath in deep wave goodbye a lil
Tell ya'll I love you in case I die a lil
Hear my theme song as they chant my name time for some hope time for some change.
I'm all hyped up I'm gone though I ask why a lil The next time we meet I'm gonna fly a lil.

Alexis J. Meighan
stefan badham Nov 2018
poor lil snowflake
poor lil snowflake
things so deeply felt
poor lil snowflake
always ready to melt
poor lil snowflake
well melt away lil snowflake
as I **** on you
read things properly, in their context, before getting your flags out and running crying and screaming to teacher.
Outofshell Angel Aug 2012
Lil eye,
lil eye,
do you see me
my cutey pie.

Lil eye,
Lil eye,
I love you so much
I can't deny.

Nerves connect,
Through time and space,
To behold
Of ones own place,
In my heart
You tend to lay,
That i promise,
My eye wont stray.

Lil eye,
Lil eye,
You are my baby,
My lil sweetie pie.
For my lil nugget/soybean
Did you ever hear about ******* Lil?
She lived in ******* town on ******* hill,
She had a ******* dog and a ******* cat,
They fought all night with a ******* rat.

She had ******* hair on her ******* head.
She had a ******* dress that was poppy red:
She wore a snowbird hat and sleigh-riding clothes,
On her coat she wore a crimson, ******* rose.

Big gold chariots on the Milky Way,
Snakes and elephants silver and gray.
Oh the ******* blues they make me sad,
Oh the ******* blues make me feel bad.

Lil went to a snow party one cold night,
And the way she sniffed was sure a fright.
There was Hophead Mag with ***** Slim,
Kankakee Liz and Yen Shee Jim.

There was Morphine Sue and the Poppy Face Kid,
Climbed up snow ladders and down they skid;
There was the Stepladder Kit, a good six feet,
And the Sleigh-riding Sister who were hard to beat.

Along in the morning about half past three
They were all lit up like a Christmas tree;
Lil got home and started for bed,
Took another sniff and it knocked her dead.

They laid her out in her ******* clothes:
She wore a snowbird hat with a crimson rose;
On her headstone you’ll find this refrain:
She died as she lived, sniffing *******
NeroameeAlucard Nov 2015
Lil ghetto boy
There's more to the world than the hood
There's places to play besides a broken down park
There's places where it's safe to go out in the dark
You can do anything on this earth
You can change the world forever

Lil Ghetto boy
There's more to read than reports of everybody getting shot
You shouldn't need to throw up a set to walk safely around, you should not
Don't let your beginning determine your end
Lil Ghetto boy, you have me as a friend
I promise this shall be the last poem of thee I've written of thee. And thus I have dedicated all the love I have for thee into this; in the hope that my heart has none of it left after writing the poem.

I hate the dreadful hollow behind the little wood;
Its taint of darkness dripping down like blood-red hearth.
A breeze of morning moves, that we love, has gone;
For a musk of the skies at dusk must have come down.

Come into the garden, my love, and play around with me;
For a bed of love daffodils is on high;
For a set of faint lights is now there to catch;
One breed of lights that we used to play with.
Bring my that green glass of paint, and draw by me,
While I rub thy dark hair on my lap, with my bronze fingertips.

Run around here, Immortal, and give me thy handsome hand;
Thou art the speed and pace I need here to stay;
Ah, I am not detached from t'is world, so long as I have you;
I am charmed, even in the darkest abyss of yon superficiality.
Thou art the fragrance of happiness found in decay;
Strength in the most diminished, and yet distinguished ecstasy;
A fable t'at becometh real in a flight of seconds;
A temptation no maiden heart canst afford to dismiss.
And look at me, now and then and all over again,
I wanteth to look pretty in my ruffle brown skirt,
Just like in my midnight gown on a flowery wedding night,
One t'at we shalt have above the sun, out of everyone else's jealous sight.

Let's dream t'at this delight shall ne'er wear out, and leave to us t'is nuptial potion;
I hath ideas for us and the most sensible of worldly notions;
Naughty as water ripples and the broadening green plantations;
I knoweth now where we canst go and hide our insightful destinations.
Thou wert always running in thy magical shoes,
And t'eir worlds of visions and phantom-like phantasies,
Like woeful but wise extraterritorial dimensions,
A forest of spells and love curses we never knoweth.
But worry not, my dear, for I shall hold thee in both portals,
I'll keep thee safe by my side, I'll keep thee immortal,
So that we are ne'er to be apart, in such a bright love like pearls,
And the petals of roses t'at ne'er swerve again from our fingertips.
We were always inhabited by our little jokes, and moved by an unseen hand at game,
T'at everything was too tranquil even for being a game as itself its nature,
And the whole little wood we were perched on was one world
Of fun shivers, wonders, and plunder and prey,
Oft' at midnight hours we looked at each other so kindly and peacefully,
With eyes mastered by love and tough loveliness,
Thou looked but wholesomely splendid in thy own questioning minds,
And thy brown hair t'at was turned about by solitary winds.
Ah, Immortal! Immortal, Immortal, my visionary love, my darling bird.
And yet, the night knew then, of our tricks and who we were, funny little liars—
Little liars t'at had but a tender love outta' time and space,
And such a gleaming love for one another,
We whispered, and hinted, and chuckled, with an aroma of love about us,
However we'd braved it out, we felt about it glad and not sorry;
We humans of a naughty, devilish, notorious, but sophisticated breed!

Come into the garden, Immortal, for the night bat now hath flown;
The one thou fear, my love, hath left us alone.
And forgive me for my rigid clauses to them;
For I want only to writ' of thee, my darling bud.
The planet of love seem't be on high,
Beginning to pick away its fruitful colours,
And make itself look petrified and stultified,
Like one from abroad, flown in as foreign woodbine spices.
Ah, as though t'is temporal world is not murky enough for us both,
That our translucent breaths are those who survive;
Who remain rustic in this unmerited ordinary world.

Come again, my love, my impeccable darling,
Let's witness what the sonnet's yet to sing;
All we need t' do is pick up a lil' wooden chair;
And breathe the swampy midnight air before we sit.
Here is my poetry, and I'th written it for thee,
Long like the satin seas, and red ribbons made of clouds,
I needst not say it but thou read still, my heart out loud.
Ah, Immortal, the golden gift thrown at one clean snowy night!
And t'ese hidden memories now shine out back again,
For the drifts of the earth we ne'er knoweth, indeed,
And thus who knoweth the ways of the world,
And the surreptitious moves its soil's done,
From morning to night, from one day to another?
Ah, who knoweth 'em all but the Almighty?
Our Almighty, our very Almighty;
t'at breathed into our souls such loving love,
And made for us t'is decent planet, many suns, and one fair earth.
Ah, Immortal, and thou art the son of literature He had to me,
A joy t'at my hands, as He told, outta rejoice,
A glory t'at my faith should find.
Ah, Immortal, thou art sweet, sweet, and too sweet!
Thy sweetness is but an avarice, one bold austerity to me;
Scenic in its grace—a graceful grace t'at is far too restless and undying!
Undying, unweakening, but strengthening, t'at it'll ne'er die!
Ah, for thy sweetness, Immortal, hardly leaveth me a choice;
But to move and fall softly again and again for thee like before,
And thy honey-coloured skin and charms t'at I adore,
Not his, who knows or feels any of me not;
Not him, who is neither courtly not kind;
Not there, who understands not how to write,
to read, nor even to sing.

All night hath the roses heard songs from thy Eolian lute;
And my unveiled violin, piano, and bassoon;
All shrieking and collating in one strange space.
But hear thou, my love, of my shrilling little voice?
An unheard, abashed voice that keeps calling your name;
Your coloured name, that smells like trust
In its euphoric aura and ecstatic plays.
Where art but thou, my Immortal;
That was so close and definitive to my heart.
Where art but our strings, and guitar cords;
That used to rock up our beneficent loveliness?
That kept our hearts in tune, when desperately falling in love,
Ah, I do not want to leave thee still in thy weird dance,
I want to keep thy heart beating with mine and stay in tune;
I want to run with thee into a hush with the setting moon.
I said to the playful lily, 'There is none but one
With whom my curious heart is to be gay.
When will he be free to catch up with me?
I see him day and night and in dreams of my poetry.'
And half to the rising day, low on the sand
And loud on the stone our passion too shall rise;
Keep us cheerful and our heartbeats warm.
O young lord-lover, what sighs are those
For one that shall ne'er be thine?
'But mine, but mine,' I swore gaily to the rose,
'For ever and ever, mine. Just mine.'

And the soul of our fragrant rose sings into my blood,
That Immortal and his lover shall ne'er be apart.
He'll wait for her at night, in one bloodless Sofia;
She'll wait for him 'till such stars fall asleep.
He makes her blessed even in her dreams,
That all the red roses and lilies stay awake to watch their joy.

Immortal and Estefannia, the happiest ones along those summer days;
Are a threat to those soul frayed and vitriolic;
Too stellar to them romantic and idyllic;
Proud and sturdy in their ascetic life.
The best of love of the world's missing beat;
Daintier than any of this summer's bitter heat.
How fate tests their love we shall ne'er know,
but their love stretches as distantly as it can.

Ah, Immortal, tells Estefannia I shall make thee flattered
In sleep, in peace, in conscience, and in hate;
I shall make for us joy though our stories may be late.
Thy eyes are brown, my love, one shade the world's never owned
And thus thy love is valid and new in itself, ne'er worn.

And I shall hear when thy lips wan with despair, I'll be there;
I'll stand there with my basket, a gift from one faraway;
But with a love neither placid nor drained;
Villainous as t'is world is, what a broken wordling;
Like a wailing starling, torn in its calls and frothy desires.
T'ere is no more signal for us towards t'is despaired world;
I shall take thee yet, through the curtains of such speculations;
For 'tis only thy pride t'at lives, and not one soul of thine lies;
And should thou remain alive, my love shall ne'er hibernate,
But sit and trust firmly in its wakeful sleep, grasping thee,
Grasping thee, my love, 'till exhaust allows me no more words,
'Till my own poetry disobeys me like a cloud of putrefied shadows,
Ah, but still, remaining a gross soulless apparition I may be,
With no apparatus trembling 'round beside me,
Wouldst I still saunter myself forwards,
And greet thee in t'at peaceful vineyard;
Play to thee a lullaby and witness thy dreams,
Rocking thee softly against thy own stardoms,
'Till rivers are awake again and alert t'eir inane streams.
O Immortal, it is for better and fairness t'at I love thee,
Ah, but which love is sweeter than mine, or stronger than ours?

For I trust t'at my love is hungrier t'an that of her yonder,
Ah, and t'an t'at loyalty and patriarchy of our sullen armies,
More striking than a ****** dame's pictorial tyrannies,
One too sweet-scented for a hidden mercenary,
I have heard, I know not whence, t'at it but happened to thee;
Thou wert away, thou wert not under my umbrella, beneath me!
Where is Immortal now, for I need to save him again;
My husband in nature, my lover and immortal darling and best friend!

For t'is world is but a holocaust for the believing;
T'ere is, within which, not one pyramid of truth,
For 'tis a place of happy misery, and too miserable happiness.
T'ere is no place like our little Sofia, t'at once we dreamed of;
Filled with rainwater by its armed forces of Bul-ga-ri-ya;
I shall wait for thee there, by the triple roundabouts,
I shall wait for thee before I pray, and seek help from Our Lord;
I hath written for Him warm praises and delicate triplets of words.
Immortal the delight of my life, the dignity of my love;
Immortal the ringing joy of my ears, the gallant sight of my eyes;
Immortal my darling, of whom I write and for whom I sing.
Immortal like the leaves of the suburbs, t'at turn red and shyly bloom,
One that smells like mangoes and two pieces of orange blossoms.
Ah, Immortal, with his sweet red-mouth when eating dangled grapes,
Immortal the beloved of my father, the moon-faced, merriest son of all!

Where is he now? My dreams are bad. He may bring me a curse.
No, there is a fatter game on the moors, perhaps I ought to look for 'im t'ere.
The devil, I am afraid, hath stolen him again away,
I hath seen him not for a time as long as this day's.
Immortal, I want thy bountiful smile, and see thee not ill;
Immortal, tell me t'at thou long for and love me still.

Ah, along those happy days, and fabulous morning thrills,
My heart leapt whenever it caught thy voice,
And thy sanguine embrace when such came near;
Days were but too advanced, I know, and men were tied to t'eir own minds;
But thou kept me calm, with such majestic love and lil' poems in thy hands,
For t'is world is yet too adamant in t'eir pursuit,
Yet I needed thee, and thou came along.
Long had I sighed for a calm: God may grant it to me at last!
Ah, Immortal, a naughty lil' breach of t'is world, and its affairs;
A lil' cuddle t'at laughed and darted merrily all through the night.
Would t'ere be sorrow for me, for what I was feeling?
I thought I sensed only love and none like hate,
For it all tasted sweet and fierce like neverending fate,
A fate t'at we both accepted in one force,
A fate too astounding from our courageous Lord.
I thought thou wert mine, and thou shalt always be mine!
And t'is swirling sensation, when I looked at thee,
Full of teary happiness and chaotic delights,
I did want not t' think of its possible ends,
Ah, violent as Shakespeare might've assumed,
But I wanted to relish and bury myself in it
For such memories of thou had desired.
Immortal, Immortal, and now thou art gone;
But when all t'is world does is to go flexibly round,
Where'th thou think our missing beats can be found?

Warm and clear-cut face, why thou came so cruelly meek;
A cute lil' wonder to my sight—and for my lungs
To breathe stupidly for now and again.
Thou, handsome lad, hath broken all slumbers
In which all is but vague and foul and folly,
Pale with the golden beam with one dead eyelash
Knifed by the contours on one's cheeks.
And t'ere is also, about, the remnants of one's blood,
Dried and unmoving in t'eir death, but too lifelike at the same time,
Smelling ***** like the air rifles t'at just brought 'em all to death.
Death, ah, living t'is life without thee is like death;
All is clueless, breathless and sightless,
All is burning me strangely and from within,
Luminous, gemlike, dreamlike, deathlike, half the night long,
Growing and fading and growing and fading like an edgeless song,
But all too disobeys me, and disappears again as morning arrives,
Mocking me again while showing off its cloud wives.
I am trapped again now, in t'is wonderless dream of thee;
Which is more buoyant and febrile, unfortunately, than death itself,
One darker than even a tragic tear of one thousand years;
Like a heartbreaking scream or shipwrecking roar,
I am walking in a wintry stream all by myself,
And where is my Immortal—for he is not by my side,
He doth not witness the emerging of such sunshine—ah! It is t'ere today, quite early,
One t'at sets t'is darkening gloom all away, and thus we are all born free,
Free, virtually, both our hands and slithering eyes,
But still thou art not 'ere with me to witness t'is joy,
Thou who hath gone and withered like a pale blow of smoke.
Ah, Immortal, but may I hold t'ese rainy memories of thee still;
For t'ey all scorn and spurn as though I am ill;
I who loveth thee sincerely 'till the very end of time,
I who loveth thee with all the clear and vague powers
with which my very soul hath been endowed,
I who loveth thee like mad, I who loveth thee purely without hate;
I who virginly loveth thee like I doth my own fascinated fate.

Lay again, my love, on my longing lap,
I'll sing to thee one favourite lullaby,
And a basket of cherries t'at we picked nearby,
We shall enjoy t'is merriment before I let you sleep.
I shall let you sleep on my lap—a pair of skins t'at love you,
Love you as much as my other skin doth,
A heartbeat and pulse t'at breathe together
And want thee t'at madly, now and forever.

I found thee perfectly beautiful, my Immortal;
Sometimes thy eyes were downcast,
Spiritual in some ways,
And 'twas like thou wert thinking, my love;
Thinking of the upsurging stars above—and t'eir ******* secrets, beneath.
Ah, Immortal, even the vilest idleness cannot be against my love for thee;
My sparkling stars, and the affirmation traced along my heart is about thee;
All about thee, until t'ere is but none left of me,
Thou art the juice of my soul—far too ripe for someone else's heart!
And one, thou art more delicate than the crescent moon we hath tonight;
More shimmery than its ***** and rays of twilight,
Ah, Immortal, how the heavens hath descended thee onto me;
Thou, my love, art the last life and love of my thorough entity.

And t'is poetry shall be thy last enchanting lullaby,
I hope thou'lt sing it when midnight's swollen and sore,
Hurting thee to the pipes of thy very core,
But let's forget not t'at we once knitted awesome stories,
A chain of moments t'at lasts forever, ever, and ever again.
Ah, Immortal, we are back in the afternoon now,
We must though 'tis bluntly hard to say goodbye,
Of which hearts are unsure, but yet must lie,
I shall cry out my last beating love for thee,
But thou dwelleth in what I see, and thus ne'er leave me,
Like a fallen star t'at wants to rise but ne'er doth,
Thou art still the leaf my autumn tree hath sought;
And thou art the shine to my balmy rootless night;
Thou art the apparition t'at appeareth and teasest me after nightfall.

I'll wait for thee again in slippery Sofia,
And my love shall re-unite again with its winds;
Its walls, its havens, its barns like a spellbound purgatory;
For if I am bound to thee, in love and hate and rage and agony;
I'll write thee poems 'till even the universe is asleep.
I'll be cold like thy saluted Bul-ga-ri-ya;
I'll hold thee with 'till the last drops of my sanity;
Ah, Immortal, and in yon high-walled garden I still watch thee
pass like an authorial star;
Thou art as graceful as my own kind-hearted light;
For sorrow cannot even seize thee, my leading star!

Say love not when I meet thee again one day;
For t'ere is no more a desire to learn or admire,
I shall carry my knigh
Ston Poet Dec 2015
/Uhh, Lil Mama.. (Stop playing around wit Dat2)/2
Lil mama stop playing around wit Dat *****,..girl(give it to me2) girl..just give it..(to me2)..Yeah you got a man, but he won't ******* like I will, Noo, he can't treat you like I can,yo, Yeah, so stop playing around Lil Mama,..(stop playing wit that *****3).., Aye, Lil Mama stop playing around with (that *****3)..

/Uhh, stop playing wit that *****, stop playing around wit Dat *****,..(stop playing wit Dat3)..*****/2..
Uhh, Yeah you gotta man, but he won't  ******* I will,..Uhh

Yeah you gotta man, but he can't ******* (like I can2).. Aye,..Uhh,..he don't treat you right so Babygirl why you with his lame ***..(girl,..let me get that *****,Yeah3), Aye, Yeah you gotta man,..forget his ***, leave him at the curb like garbage.., he won't treat you like I can, Noo he won't ******* like I will, (Noo, he can't..2)..beat it up like me..(Noo, he can't..2) I can baby

Uhh, (stop playing wit that *****3)...(give it to me, *3) me..Aye
/(stop playing wit that *****
3)..lil mama/2
Girl let me have it, Yeah
Baby let me get it

Yeah you gotta man, but he can't ******* (like I can
2).. Aye,..Uhh,..he don't treat you right so Babygirl why you with his lame ***..(girl,..let me get that *****,Yeah3), Aye, Yeah you gotta man,..forget his ***, leave him at the curb like garbage.., he won't treat you like I can, Noo he won't ******* like I will, (Noo, he can't..2)..beat it up like me..(Noo, he can't..2)..but  I can baby

Uhh, Lil mama stop being so depressed, stop being so sad, why you so mad, you wouldn't be like that if your chilling wit me..real ****,for real baby, Yeah, need to stop..(stop playing wit that *****
2)..(let me kiss it2)..,Yeah , Baby you can lay across my chest, while I smoke on a doobie, Shawty you don't even gotta inhale it, second hand smoke yeah, Shawty, let me enter in ya..Yeah
Uhh,..just being around me is an natural high baby,..(I'm not gone play around
2)..wit yo feelings, Imma play wit that *****, Babygirl, let me play wit (Dat *****2)..ain't no fussing daily, wit me, Noo baby, we just making love (all day2) (so2)..(stop playing wit that *****2)..give it to me..,(stop playing wit dat *****3)..give it up baby,to me..stop playing around baby,..

Imma (beat it up
2) like eggs in the morning, Imma (eat it up,2).. like a cookie,Shawty you don't gotta have a nasty attitude all the time, ****, stop playing wit that *****,stop holding back from me, I just wanna make you smile, Uhh, I wanna make you moan baby, so stop messing around, come on baby, what's wrong (baby2)'s that **** ***** you be wit, you act like you love him, but you don't need him, you need (a real g3)..a (***** like me2)..for real baby,..So (why you playing2)..(stop ******* around now baby2)..girl, stop ******* around wit me..Ohh, ahh, Ohhwoah..Uhh..

Imma give you my all Fo sho, we gone ball Babygirl,  Imma give you everything that you want & that you need, for real..(baybe2)..what yo heart truly desires is a real *****, like Young Ston, baby, (come on2)..bring that ***** to my home..Ohh, ahh, Ohhwoah..Uhh..
Babygirl, (stop playing wit Dat *****3)..Uhh, need to (stop it2)..stop playing, wit Dat *****, come on & (give it too a real g2)..Uhh..

/(stop playing
2)..wit that *****/2
Ohhwoah, BabyGirl.. (Give it to me
3)..forget that ***** you been wit, **** him,, leave his ***..(give it too me*2) me
Nyx Jul 2018

Piercing blue eyes
As though you can see the truth
A wide boyish smile
Barely at the prime of youth

Brown freckles that cover your face
I could trace the constellation
A void of stars coating the night sky
Creating whats deemed a wonderful sensation

On your 18th birthday
A year away from now
We shall cook ravioli together
You said you would teach me how

You wear fingerless gloves
Each and everyday
They double up as mittens
"I love them"
I would always say

Warm and cozy
Far to large for my hands
But they fit yours perfectly
Then again they are made for a man's

I'll still call you Smol boy
Even though you tower over me
I'm sure your use to it by now
After all I'm pretty crazy

Pure black coffee
With no sugar at all
A little bit of milk though
8-10 teaspoons if I recall

Too bitter for my liking
I'll have enough sugar for the both of us

You're an insomniac
Barely 2-3 hours a night
Its quite concerning
But you say your alright

I know your a lil over the edge
you're a fair bit mental
But your a dear friend of mine now
I'm sure you're actually quite gentle

I'll support you still
Even though I've barely skimmed the surface
There is still much more to uncover
And sure I'm a little nervous

Even maybe a little scared
But you're my Lil ravioli boy
So there is no reason to fear
Try not to be coy

I'll be there for all your sketchy antics
And all the mental breakdowns
And I hope you will be there for me
When my heart occasionally hits the ground

Though whatever happened through this
All the highs and the lows
I'll stand by you through it
No matter how steep the road

Lil Ravioli Boy
peggy Nov 2014
Lil Bug living your life on a lifeline
running around getting food to survive
now you're going around not knowing your fate
or if you'll make it home cos you know you're not safe  

anything & everything is the enemy
when it looks at you, first thing that comes to its mind is "time to eat"
in a split second you are devoured & its the end

so Lil bug be careful, there's a hand & someones feet
when they see you all they think about is that "it's time to ****"
you are not safe Lil bug in this big world
that even human beings have difficulty living in

but you are very brave cos you swallow your fear
and face the world as it is
like a soldier in the battlefield
you are ready for anything

so Lil bug go on living your life
cos Lil bug we only survive here on earth by faith

SP. Radebe
Jason Schnepper Mar 2015
I like the way that she walk
the way that she talk
***** little mamma let them
******* drop
tell me me what you want
I tell you what i need
Lil sugar and some honey
be sweet
then she dropped to her
mother ****** knees
I was like ****
She was like No
And before I knew it
She was ******* me..... **** girl
I like the way that she walk
the way that she talk
***** little mamma let them
******* drop
tell me me what you want
I tell you what i need
Lil sugar and some honey
would be sweet
Then she got on top
of me.
took my gun out
my holster
saddled up and
Road me like a john deer
I was like holy ****
the way she
was moving her
up and down
side to side and
all around
making every inch
I was about to
*** then she
she said hold up boy
I ain't done with
then she broke out the whips
and the ***** pinky cuffs
bound by love ball and chain
I knew I was ******
***** lil mamma
Tellin me
what she want
what she really need
I like it rough *******
are you tough enough for me
***** lil mama tellin me what she want
what she really need.....
Sakura Mar 18
When the life was bitter
She was sitting beside the grim reaper
When her end was near
There was nothing to fear
This could be her last lunar year
The day she might disappear
Would anyone even care
Pale face,cold feet,red dress like she was a chandelier
"I like this place and could willingly waste my time in it",said Shakespeare
A lil bit of kindness
A lil bit of apathy
A lil bit of patience
A lil bit of love
Could make her feel a lil less lonelier
A lil bit of all
A lil bit of all
But the pain of never healing wounds she could not bear
But one could feel all those emotions because one was alive
So to get rid of her fears
She was ready to disappear
As she said,"Au revoir"
JaxSpade Mar 2020
There was a lil love left
When she kissed

And he felt a lil drip
  of It

It was in her spit
When she licked
His tongue
Like a lollipop
Does a kid

She was so eager
To receive his pleasure

And all it took
Was a lil love here
To make it grow

She had a lil love left

And it was better than anything
He'd ever had
or felt

So he gave a lil more
And it added to hers

And now it seems

They can't make
       Anything else
Romali Arora Apr 2016
Why cnt women be a lil more like men
and men lil more like women
Why cnt the two sexes travel a lil more
And reduce the distance  
Why can't we be a lil more of the good we are
A lil more of what we want to be
And battle a lil more
To be the change we wish to see
We always keep complaining about how our better halves can be so ignorant or so possessive or so controlling or so insecure or why can't they love like us and care like us? But do we ever take the efforts to find a common ground and make the relationship worth it instead of just expecting the other to walk 99 steps while we just manage to hardly crawl not but a single step?
Saint Jimmy Jun 2017
Lil' blonde she devil,
With eyes that steal the souls of a thousand men.

Lil' blonde she devil,
With a sweet embrace, through cowardice she was sent away with sadness on her face

Lil' blonde she devil,
Always crossing his mind, reminding him of mistakes made,

Lil' blonde she devil,
With an angels smile, now she's gone, and so is her smile
I ******* it up, it could've been great,  I panicked and it fell apart, you have to appreciate the sheer cowardice from me, but if she ever does read this, all she needs to know is that she's still on my mind and in my heart
Ston Poet Jan 2016
You could be..(Yeah you could be2)..anything.. You could be, can be anything..Uhh,Yeah..(You could be..You-can-be-anything2)..You could be..(Yeah you could be2)..anything..just put yo mind to it dawg..You could be..(Yeah you could be2)..anything..just (put yo mind to it..2)..Yeah..Yeah,you-can-bee..anything.. Yeah you could be..Yeah you can be anything.. put yo mind too it dude..( can bee2)..anything...(Yeah you could be2)..(Yeah you can be anything2)..just put yo mind too it dude...Yeah put yo mind to it dawg..Cuhz, (Yeah, you can be2)..anything, just (put yo mind to it2) yeah dawg..You could be..(Yeah you could be2)..anything..Yeah..(you can be anything, Yeah2)..just..(put yo mind to it dawg,Uhh,Yeah,Aye2)..Cuhz,..(Yeah you can be2)..anything..Uhh

So let them busters & clowns joan they don't know what's best for you,Noo, they just jeaslous they just wanna be you, Yeah they don't know..(nothing2) *****,There's no right or wrongs, its just opinions..Uhh, so **** em,Yeah **** em lil one stay strong.. My lil one stand tall, my lil one work hard at what you want, because my lil one you can ball..Yeah, when life gets tough & stressful, don't give up at all, just pray to God, even when life is feeling good, you still gotta pray & Thank him, be grateful of your opportunities that come & always keep yo eyes open & peeled because these haters be watching & they gotta alot of demons in their spirit, controlling they mind..
So they will try some ignorant dumb ****, just cause they hate They own life, & take yours so be mindful..real talk..Uhh

Rest in peace Lil Snupe,..R.I.P Chinx & Doe B too..Yeah life is rougher for a real one, especially when the world population is filled wit rat & snake *** ******, ****, Imma just stay strapped up like a lesbian, or Armageddon is tomorrow,Uhh..**** the evils of this world, Noo I won't bow down too em, Imma OFTR Soulja, so that means I'm ready for whatever man, Imma always speak my mind dawg, you can hate it but most respect it because it's blessing, real talk..Yeah..
Ayo, Imma always stay true to myself man, no I ain't nothing like these Devil worshiping faggets,Naw man..Uhh, yall fans of the wrong agenda, ,they selfish, they all some backstabbers.. like Judas..
Yeah, you could be anything ,that you wanna be, but don't try to be like them,man, these ***** made, so called entertainers distracting us from Satans plan of controlling this planet man, they thinking its all fun & games now homie untill they get terminated on judgement day when Jesus comes for all of the real ones, I'll bet they'll be regretting while they burning up in the pit of non stop falling...
so just aim to be yoself man, Yeah,Yeah because Yeah man..

You could be..(Yeah you could be
2)..anything.. You could be, can be anything..Uhh,Yeah..(You could be..You-can-be-anything2)..You could be..(Yeah you could be2)..anything..just put yo mind to it dawg..You could be..(Yeah you could be2)..anything..just (put yo mind to it..2)..Yeah..Yeah,you-can-bee..anything.. Yeah you could be..Yeah you can be anything.. put yo mind too it dude..( can bee2)..anything...(Yeah you could be2)..(Yeah you can be anything2)..just put yo mind too it dude...Yeah put yo mind to it dawg..Cuhz, (Yeah, you can be2)..anything, just (put yo mind to it2) yeah dawg..You could be..(Yeah you could be2)..anything..Yeah..(you can be anything, Yeah2)..just..(put yo mind to it dawg,Uhh,Yeah,Aye2)..Cuhz,..(Yeah you can be2)..anything..Uhh

My ***** do what you wanna do dawg,Yeah do whatever pleases your heart, ***** you can go far, just put yo mind to it dawg, stay focusing my *****, don't  stop, don't ever let no ***** *** hater block yo shine run they *** over if they get in the way...Like Ray Lewis would do, Yeah **.., ***** my offense, is my defense,too..Uhh,you gotta reach high like you picking up sativa plants from the ground,..Uhh
Yeah you gotta (reach high
2)..don't keep no fishy ****** or untrustworthy **'s around ya...stay by yoself if you have to & always stay down dawg, no matter how much the evil offers you..forget them earn yo own income,Yeah dawg climb your own mountain, & call up to God only ..Uhh

Yo dawg, digg this, I heard money brings alot of trouble & drama but that's only if you allow it too man, so don't think that way dawg stay indulging in the positive things living brings to you..Yo, do yo own thing my *****, Aye, don't worry about tomorrow, but think forward, yeah plan yo future out, don't be so simple minded dawg, be yoself at all times, don't follow others, Yeah be a leader my *****..Cuhz, you can be anything, Yeah you can be anything that you want dawg,..believe in the words of this song, my ***** this is more than rap or a poem, this is scriptures, Yeah you gotta always have faith & hope, believe in yo self if nobody else won't..Uhh

***** you gotta..(dream4)..,my ***** you gotta..(believe3)...*****,Aye always keep (thinking3)..about who you wanna be..(Yeah2)..forget the haters put em underneath ya, man they just ***** they don't got nothing else better to do than make yo life miserable but you are way stronger than they are..I said ***** reach for the stars..reach high..(Yeah2)..because you can be anything , Yeah dawg, Yeah.. You can be anything..(Yeah4)...(you can be anything2)...that you want..
Dream..Believe...(Dream & believe
3)..,put yo mind to it  dawg..Yeah
/you gotta..(Dream & believe2)../2
Cuhz, you can be anything that you put yo mind to mane..(Yeah2)..Aye

So let them suckers say what they wanna say about ya, **** em all & go get yo paper,prove them lames wrong my *****, stay in yo zone *****..Uhh, you don't need no friends, you don't need a **, all you need is God & yoself dawg,you gotta stay strong, you gotta believe Yeah you gotta dream, Yeah you gotta believe, Yeah you gotta..(dream
Because you can be anything,..Yeah, Cuhz, you can be anything Yeah you can be anything.. (You gotta dream3)..,Yeah put yo mind to it mane..Aye..
(reach for the stars
2)..Yeah..(reach for the stars*2)..Yeah reach for the stars..dream big dawg
Yeah..Young Ston Poet..OFTR..Aye
Candy Flip Jul 2018
I'm just a lil baby cutie patootie
I wanna **** my thumb like I'm smoking a doobie
I eat all the munch, then I screamin for more
Then when u turn around I gonna **** onn the floor.

Poopy poopy ****, I wanna **** on you.
Open ur mouth, I give you something to chew
But you won't get mad and you won't scream,
Cos I'm just a little baby *****, that's me!

uh huh

lil baby *****
lil baby *****
I'm just a lil baby cutie patootie

lil baby *****
lil baby *****
I'm just a lil baby cutie patootie
Anthony Collazo Sep 2019
Lately I've been losing sleep,
counting sheep ain't helping me
my OCD is killing me,
with late night things,
I barely blink,
cuz all I think.
it's coming soon
It's coming quick
I can not snooze
My eyes will squint
I might doze off, a lil bit.
But that's just it, a lil bit.
It's always just, a lil bit
A lil smidge a lil bit..
It's always just a lil bit.
Read it like a slow song emotional song.
Quentin Briscoe Mar 2013
To much attraction..not enough reaction...but don't reactions cause attractions...or just irritations...scratching the surface until one bleeds...and not healing the wounds that one all essences the soul should stay strong...if the skin, muscles, and bones stay where they belong...but sometime the shift just a tad..altering the soul you once had.

Looking for my number 2.....cuz my number 1 died a long time ago... not she was gettin old...but you...can do what you gotta do to stay brand new...bend over a lil touch your toes... stretch a lil and build strong bones...she forgot to change it up.. after the first time i tore it up.. so eventually the wounds wouldn't stop she had to resort to cheating...

So As i tip toe through the valley of death I shall feel no evil...But im jumping off buildings back flipping blinded like evil Knievel... i shall look death in the face and all who oppose my GOD shall fear his a dead man i'm for I oppose him daily...And his cries to save me i only hear faintly....but nevertheless he calls i fail to answer but scurry along blindly in to eternity...

i lost my touch, no longer Im i in reach... some body save me.... My body is queasy...and my mind is wheezing... for air....and if I dare....ask why... i only get questions as a reply... is there any help out there?????

why cant i have what i want when shes soo far away...I see her every day in my own special way...My dreams can suffice but only for so long...It wont be to long till i just cant go on...Warm embraces are needed to reassure my freedom..Cuz with out them im a slave to this lust demon...but once she surrounds heart can love freely...and live to survive another day

Still looking for that smile I cant find...and grabbing for that hand i cant touch....feeling incomplete even tho love stares me in the face...its not filling the void.... I'm reaching back for what I let go, letting go so i can reach back...but then there was a reason it lost grip and slipped....

I'm back on the scene like a river flowing stream...I got the sprinkles to make the donut cream...but I don't eat em only learn to treat em....But if they taste good I guess I gotta feed em....Food for your thought wax on wax off...The Kabasa is guaranteed to knock your socks off..

lonely!!!!!!!! but only sleepy.... sad but happy.... Open today closed tomorrow....never look back but im stuck lookin backwards....Hummm this is what happens when you go into withdraw... I depressed...

lonely in the bed with songs in my head....visions of maken love with a body so soft...but when I open my eyes its just a pillow at myside...Time to let it go and free up some room...So may be when I open my eyes I can be holding on to you....(thought)....

Shortly and swiftly I'll drift in to be forgotten by those drove into insanity..but remembered by those who still live with humanity...So this death ain't hard to see..Only easy to envision.. destine since the beginnin...ever since we... started sinnin..I can see the future comen and still Im not running....

Why cant you just chill and relax im not here for all this bs.... but you buggin trippen...Im crazy from the words that u shitin... **** now Im all lost for tonight straight up Im lookin for some *** for tonight..since you wanna go there Im trying to... take it a be ******* cuz now i really don't care~!!!

I wish i could be so tender now... but i dont think I know how now... I'm just tryin chill to save us from future ill...It not like i want this cup to spill...Why cant strings be missin why must i be attached...Honestly i can love you but im just not ready for that...Actions of haste leave me with sour we just became ill.. because you forgotten how to chill..maybe i wont cry, but i will if we die.....

Goodafternoon cruel world how you doin, how you livin...been kinda crazy since i walked in the beginnin...but to you dear world leave my skin and my sin...Cuz where im trying go that stuff cant get in...Well in any way Im still lookin for that somethin, but if it dont come im i can go back to loven runnin!!!

Almost time to become a legal man...a lil wiser and smarter at playin my more foolish girls...nor foolish boys and there lil worlds...well maybe a lil fun...but making sure i get it done..almost time brand new to the game like Sir'Siah.......but hopefully by the end of the night ill be hearing Jeremiah.....
A piece I wrote a while back. A bunch of small poems in one, from a set of 10 that I want to make my first book called The to be continues....... I don't really think anybody is going to sit here read this but I hope you enjoy something from it. If I get enough views I might post another teaser. (Sir'Siah -my baby cousin)
Ma Cherie Sep 2016
I love you onion
I'll tell you why
in part because
you make me sigh,
you are everything to me
the song my Mother sang...
a whimsical, sad
and poignant little tale
I hear you crooning
& the radio tuning
my Mother knew me better
than I'd like to think,
singing ...
Lonely 'Lil petunia in an onion patch
a bittersweet memory
of all the saddest words
that I have ever heard
the saddest is the story
told me by a bird
tears fall from a pungent smell
when I cannot forgive,
say you'll never tell
and in tears of laughter  
when I'm tickled
seeing the inchworm
in the shape of a finger
a moment comes,
  I stay
and linger
climbing like a spider
singing me a verse
Spent about an hour
chatting with a flower
and here's the tale he told
as you're peeling layers,
& hearing prayers
revealing honesty
and depth of flavor
intoxicating waifs
I sniff and savor
kept safe
by a sturdy skin
cooking you
I start, begin
chopped fresh
and finely diced
or maybe
even thinly sliced
for summertime
franks, not the
Ballpark kind
these I doubt
you'll ever find
homemade baked beans
that you adorn and grace
a smiling sweet,
lil' onion face
everything made
from scratch
gleaning my
lil' onion patch
in toasted rolls,
whole grain mustard
potato salad...
best I can recall
my Mother
took the time to make
in everything
she cooked and baked
you're in all my memories
though you're in so much more
I've never shared with you
this love I have before
Onions are adaptation at its finest
fresh, sauteed with butter
translucent sweetness
Elevating anything you touch
they cry, and laugh
and give so much
dried, grated..slightly dated...
even hated, chopped up..
or roasted, grilled...
so very skilled
any way you slice it
even if you dice it
differently delightful
and delicious
smart for recipes,
even onion haters
appreciate the graters
sometimes your in  disguise
a lovely found
& welcome surprise
must be
I have something
in my eyes
as the flower
continues to sing
a joyful gift
my onion brings
familiar sounds
songs I sing
petunia continues
who put me in this bed
I'll bet his face is red
I call him down
with every teardrop that I shed
  then she said
if only I had him here
I would take him by his ear
and make him share my misery
I'm cooking homemade
onion chips,
rewound on old-time family clips
recall the fresh-squeezed lemonade
while we're sittin' in
the cooling shade
a memory of you replayed
so very glad you came & stayed
  sippin' slow brewed iced tea
my lil' onion friend and me.

Cherie Nolan© 2016
For my Mother - used to sing me lonely little petunia inan onion patch
Smile everyone! Beautiful here!
Femi Sep 2014
they told her to live a little
and she did.

a lil ****
a lil squeeze

pop a pill
cop a  feel

for some liquor
boys could freak her

a lil ***
a lil head
now she dead.

they told her to live a little
so she did.*

she didn't know better
she was just a kid.
butterfly Apr 2017
sweet lil memories taste like honey
how sweeter they could become
if only they could never be ended
yet simply they're as fleeting as the day

sweet lil memories built from years devotion
packed with suns and rains - in silence resonates
those film strips are made for memory sake
be reminisced by those  sweethearts --- apart---

lingering sweet lil memories in mind --- nested--
arouse the mind -- so highly addictive
light up my face on rainy days
i sleep with it day and night
i sit with it or
dance with it
until my last breath say goodbye

if sweet lil memories give me heartache
i better let it be in the deep sea
so i won't be crushed by its weight
maryJAEne Dec 2013
Tony Story
Tony killed his ol’man Ty for a whole brick
Lined’em all up and gave’em the whole clip
Said he wasn’t eatin he wanted his own ****
And not to mention Ty was ****** his Ol’*****
But Ty wasn’t a shoota, that ***** just sold bricks
And Tony he was reckless he never had no picks
Tony was like the Alpo, Ty was the Lil Rich
2 ****** with a dream that plotted on goin rich
Started as a team but Ty had got on stiff
Jealousy the reason that Ty got left all stiff
Got Tony at the viewin, Ty mom cryin to’em
He hug’er, he tell’er who ever did this he gone do’em
From there it was a silence, she aint condone violence
But they killed’er only son, so when he said it she just nodded
And he told’er that he got’er, grimey at its best, Like tony had a cold
You feel the slimey in his chest. YES! He had the nerve to carry the casket
Strapped up before he went, he had to carry his ratchet, he nervous, walkin
Like he tryna carry’em faster, ***** even grabbed the shovel tried to burry’em faster. Next week he at the mall, Rolly on his arm, 2 bad ******* with’em laughn havin a ball. Seen Ty cousin Paul, Paul couldn’t believe it. Same ***** ask’em for
A front last weekend. Walk around the mall Louie on, Bags Nimen, With the gold diggen ******* Lil Ki and Bad Trina. He dap Tony up, Tryna cap tony up, in his head he thinkin how he gone CLAP Tony up. But Tony he aint worried cause he strapped Tony up, 7 days of runnin he already turned it up. He got Pauly burnin up, he ready to Ride, He know Tony a killer, but he ready to die. AHHHHHHHHH, smell the death all in the air, Pauly thinkin bout puttin a check all on his head, but he cant, cause Tony he done killed his first cousin, if he let somebody else do it, it wont mean nothin. He wanna see’em bleedin, he wanna see’em gaspin, wanna watch’em die slow like he sufferin from cancer. Feel like Tony did it but he ont really know the answer, so he gone let it burn, until it get confirmed. Couple months fly by, Tony on the high rise, started flippin chicken now he got them chickens in like Popeye. Pauly still getting it, he always been a top guy, he aint really club but tonight he gone stop by. Seen Lil Ki & dem, it was 2 or 3 of dem, standin in the line he said ima pay for me and dem. Pulled his money out, started countin it and teasin’em, you know Ki gold diggen *** wanna be with’em. Slid up in the club told the waiter give me 3 of dem, bottles of that ***** now Ki just wanna leave with’em. He said where ya phone at? She said where you gone at? He said ima slide out, She said ima ride out. Told’er friends call yall tomorrow when I get to my moms house. They got right up outta there, took’er to his side house. Soon as they got in the crib she just blew his mind out, waisted off them bottles Pauly boy she on a nod off. But Pauly he aint goin sleep, grabb’er phone up off the sheets, took it to the livin room her messages he going through, scroll up to Tony name he text’er whatchu doin boo, she text’em back im in the crib, he text’er back you comin through, she text where im comin to? He text back 1022, Woodstock in North Philly, take the E-way to the Zoo. She said that im comin now, Look at here what Pauly found, got the drop on Tony where he live now its goin down. Couple weeks later Pauly on Woodstock, sittin in his many van, Tented with his hood cocked. Tony just rolled up Pauly got the good drop, 44 in his hand bout to make the hood ROCK. Tony slippin, Pauly all dippin, walk up on his car like what’s POPPIN lil *****. Tony lookin shocked, his glock was in his box so he couldn’t grab for it, Paul said that’s ya *** boy. He said you still need that work that you asked for, Dropped it all on his lap it was 4 in a half raw. Tony he lookin crazy he know that’s the last draw and Pauly just let it go, put its prains on the dash board. POW!
Julie Grenness Jan 2016
Fractured Fairytales, Part Two,
A sordid little tale for you.......
Stranger Danger!
Stranger Danger!
Lil' Red Riding Hood,
Alone in the woods,
Stranger Danger!
Stranger Danger!
Who is this stranger?
It's the Park Ranger!
Is he up to no good?
Prowling around in the woods?
Stranger Danger!
Stranger Danger!
Lil' Red Riding Hood,
Alone in the woods,
He's thrown away her phone,
Now Lil' Hood is not alone,
Now he's up to good,
Bad news for Lil' Red  Riding Hood,
Stranger Danger!
Stranger Danger!
Bad Park Ranger!
Stranger Danger!
He's turned her into a ****,
Now he's got her up the duff,
Stranger Danger!
Bad Park Ranger!
Now she's a single mother,
Should have had a better mother,
Letting her walk alone in the woods,
Bad handsome Park Ranger,
Stranger Danger!
Stranger Danger!
A sordid little verse for you,
That was Fractured Fairytales, Part Two.
Feedback welcome, Fractured Fairytales Part One, was the tale of Cinderella and her handsome fella!
SimpleWritings Dec 2018

Mhux dejjem naraw għajn b’għajn
Imma nħobbok

Naf li dejjem pruvajt mill-aħjar li stajt
Biex tagħtini dak li int qatt ma ngħatajt

Imma sfortunatament mhux dejjem irnexxilek
Il-Mulej mhux dejjem provdilek

Jien qatt m’għidtlek meta nqasstni
Meta bin-nuqqas tiegħek warrabtni

Qatt ma ridt niksirlek qalbek
U ngħidlek li ħadd mhu qed jisma talbek

Imma iva Ma,

Għaddejt minn ħafna u int ma taf b’ xejn
Alla ħares tkun taf kif u x’ fatta u fejn

Bħalek Ma,
Għaddejt minn dak li m’ għandu jgħaddi ħadd

Ġarrabt id-dlam
U bkejt fis-solitudni

Imma issa Ma
Sa fl-ahhar...

Inħoss li sibt il-kuntentizza
Inħoss li qbadt it-trejqa li qed nibni jien

Ma rridx nibqa naħbilek iktar
Għajjejt nigdeb u nħaref

Allura għidtlek

Ma flaħtx inżomm iktar
U għidtlek

Kienet diffiċli għax kont beżgħana
Imma ridt naqsam din l-aħbar ferħana

Stennejt li ser tifhimni
Stennejt li xorta waħda ser tibqa tħobbni


Ir-reazzjoni tiegħek ma kienetx dik li stennejt
Ma kienetx dik li f’ moħħi pinġejt

Għalfejn Ma?
Għalfejn ma tridnix?
Għalfejn mhux taċċettani?

Għidli Ma

Lil min inħobb ma għandux jaffettwa kemm inti tħobb lili
Lil min inħobb ma għandux inessik li jien xorta waħda bintek

Mara offritli dak li dejjem fittixt
Mara għallmitni nagħraf x’inhi l-imħabba

Mara urietni kif jidher id-dawl fost id-dlam
Mara qed tgħini nsir inħobb lili nnifsi

Iva Ma

Inħobb mara
U mhux raġel

Għalfejn qed tħares lejja b’ dak il-mod Ma?

B’ ħarsa ta’ diżappunt
B’ ħarsa ta’ diżgust

Bintek għadni Ma

L-istess b-i-n-t li kont tgħannaq miegħek
Meta kont tħoss li d-dinja qed tikrolla

L-istess b-i-n-t li kont tiftaħar tgħid li hi tiegħek
Lil kull min taf meta tilmaħni fost il-folla

Ħobbni Ma

L-istess għadni
Biss, ħrigt mill-moħba

This poem is written in Maltese.
ioan pearce Mar 2010
lil jack horner sat with a *****
in fantasy islands delight
pulled out his ****, wanked in a sock,
then it was time for good night
between the *******
of *******
Marj lie large
men who praise

Marj’s cleancornered strokable
body      these men’s
fingers toss trunks
shuffle sacks spin kegs they


      the world has
these men’s hands but their
bodies big and boozing
belong to

the greenslim purse of whose
face opens
on a fatgold

hoorah for the large
men who lie

between the *******
of ******* Marj
for the strong men

sleep between the legs of Lil
wordvango Oct 2014
          lil' buttercup
a water crowfoot
              lil' feet in the stream
             thread like under water
broad and food for
            the frogs
who feast on you
            like Hebrew characters
at the Last Supper
            diminutive but stout
when you hold a buttercup
           up to your chin
and see the glowing.
liz Jan 2019
sister sister
spends her time
wailing "mister
won't you be mine?"

poor lil sister
she doesn't see
the way his eyes gleam

mister mister
he's a real mean man
beneath that smile
is a nasty plan.

lil sister, please run away
or mister might just
ruin you today.
so weary of staying wary

I can hear him,
Hear him long 'fore I sees him.
Can hear him stompin
Stompin 'cross the ceilin
Of the earth like he mad at the world.
Mad at us for just bein.
Rain Man stomp so hard
he send the wind runnin
runnin hard runnin mad
kickin up dust an' pickin up leaves
Screamin at the top of her lungs
Pull down ya garments
and shut up yo hatches.
Call in yo chillun's 'cause
Lawd I declare
The Rain Man comin'
I can see him now
sees him off in the distance.
Talltoweringhulk of man.
Skin real dark.
But not that ******-baby
kinda dark what look
like somethin dead been
drug through the mudndipped in tar
with fat uncooked sausages for lips
like they got in the picture shows
an shoppin books.
Nah this that pretty kinda dark
Night sky kinda dark
dark so deep
ya get lost in it and find God there too.
Yeah, he got that pretty dark.
But he got them eyes,
them pretty white eyes
sparkle so hard like God
plucked the North star and the Pointer star
right out the sky and stuckem
in his face.
His hair, thick black coils of hair,
grow like kudzu stretch down
his back and move in the wind like
snakes with minds of they own.
He turns his head backnforth
sendin them vines
stretchin stretchin to forever till
they snap back,
snap back so hard they like to
split the air with fury
that shook me to my soul.
I can feel him now
feel him as he wraps me in his arms,
what seem to be made of steel, and
pull me into that chest made of
mountain stones firm
firm like the earth I ain't no
longer standin on 'cause he
picked me up clear off my feet
no connection to the ground but him.
I wrap my birdy lil arms round
his neck and bury my
bony lil fingers in the
layers of his hair.
I can feel the warmth
roll offa him in waves
waves like the ones cornfields
make when they kissed by wind,
or maybe even waves like them from
the sea as they reach out for land to
save them from drownin just 'fore
they fall back into the sea, I just
know that he feel good.
I can smell him,
smell every bit of him as I
bury my head deeper into his neck.
He smell warm like the earth,
like red clay smell after he and sun
done made out all day, warm like a
man smell after he done spent
all day hunch backed starin
at the earth tryna trick her to
give'm just a lil somethin to eat.
Even his clothes, holey rags they are,
smell like smoke but not that
cold angry smoke what come from the
factory, not that black stuff what
puff itself up to block out the sun
like he mad at her for shinin so pretty.
Nah, his smoke smell like that soft
gray smoke that drifts lazy-like from
daddy's shed after he done bled a
pig for us to eat during winter.
His smokeyness smell like earth.
I can taste him
taste every memory of him
as I kiss blindly startin at his
neck workin my way up
tryna find his mouth.
Every inch of his face taste sweet,
like the caramel candies them old
ladies at church carry round in they bags,
made even sweeter by the salty tang
of each bead of sweat as it tumbles
down his face and drips on my blouse
stainin the pretty lil flowers.
All I know is he taste good.

— The End —