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Spider webs
These weren't the walls
Before the fly
Sticking to my wings
Playing those strings
Of hungry
Sinking into fangs
I tried not to shriek
As you kept wrapping me
With your arms
Not in your arms
Battling your army
Caught me by wing
Sticking to your web
Spinning me
**** my ******* blood
Take everything
I knew I was your meal
To eat
You spun your web
And caught my wing
Before the fly
Charlotte loved the pig
Yellow moon
Stars frozen
Such a quiet night

The softest cheeks
We were shooting stars

In the scent
Of a flowers garden
She smelled like roses and cider

I took a bite of her breast
Inside her heart was…

Yellow moon
Stars frozen
Such a quiet night

The longest legs
On a woman

We were shooting stars
In a universe of flowers
Her heart was…


Her hair was dyed
Pink and bright
Her eyes cried
My kisses fell upon her neck
And her knees bruised

Yellow moon
Stars frozen
Such a quiet night

The feel of her body
On mine

What we were
I still remember
The memory
And how it truthed

Before the lie
Was consumed

Into the dark

The yellowest moon
Why did you make me write it
Pushing my pen because you want to fight it
You just want to see my ink spill
And my blood drip into the ink well
I dipped my quill in the bloodguilt
For every man I've killed his poor brain cells
With my alphabetical spells proped up like metaphorical discounts
Reasoning your doubts
With insurance that pays out
Go back to what I've written
And listen to your consciousness
Ask yourself the questions
There is an answer to every lesson
In the message you keep guessing
On each and every word I'm professing
You made me write it
And ignite it to the level
Of excited because you wanted to hear some
Rhythmic words delighted
Into Figments of imaginary
I wrote this down
Because you suffer from not knowing
Why is now
And you weren't cooperating
With what  you knew about
The blood spilling the inks mouth
So you could know how to bettter control your self
For who controls you
When no one knows who
You really are
We just want to be loved
Like our God
   From alone
   And darkness
We just want to be shone
   A light in this world
A heart to be hugged
We just want to be loved
Like our God
              For us
The gift  of his Son
   Eternal salvation
     Together as one

We just want to be loved

We are
JaxSpade Feb 12
There's no way I'm justified

Call me a racist
I don't like your flesh
                       Or Face

Is that the best you got

You hate me
For what I'm not

Like you

Why can't we all be the same
And get along

There's no way I'm justified

Judged by my race
Instead of human
The color of my tongue
                      In accents
The sound of immigrant
Screaming in a melting ***
Waving my flag
Instead of yours

I'm not justified
But I fight the war
For it is the privilege
Of the scar

Call me a racist
Because you are

Which side are you on

Standing in a Republic
With the love for a monarch

All this skin of religion
World renowned

There's no way i'm justified
But you are
JaxSpade Feb 11
Losing words
I've lost the few
That followed her

Buried in my books
Under letters and hooks
What could I spell

You left me hanging off an apostrophe
And out of context

No one could understand
Where my words would gallavant

Losing her
I've lost the words
The few that spoke

All exclamations questioned marked

Now what should I search for
Another alphabet

Somehow I'll figure out
How to arrange a whole new

Rough in draft
JaxSpade Feb 8
I keep on falling

Falling out of sunshine
   I found the darkeness

It all surrounded

And I started falling
Toward the hole

Downard spiraling
I heard you call me

But I was falling out

Falling out of sunshine
                             Into fault

Everything I wanted
Got someone else

As I was falling
         Falling out
And Everyone saw me
                Hit the ground

Now I'm crawling

In and out
Of darkness

With no one around

Some way out

I keep falling

Falling out of sunshine

                Into ****

And I'm burning


All I wanted
  Was your help

You gave me an apple

                            And I fell
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