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JaxSpade Jul 2020
Straight lines
Curved into scribbling
Painted in pictures

                         My blurry eyes
Couldn't comprehend the size
        In feature

The crooked
And Nations

Lie in the sketches

       While sleeping dogs
Dream with their *******
The wise disappear
      In the ignorance
Delivered by witches

  I realized time
Was just an hour

To fulfill a prophecy
Known by the ages

And the last time I checked
I couldn't read the gauges
                           I studied the manual
But I couldn't comprehend the pages

Straight lines
Scribbling books
     For the stupid

                 I qualified
As the dumbest guy
To ever be evaluated by humans

My first strike
Was I couldn't think alike

And the second strike
Was the fact that I didn't care
About another mans skin type

Strike 3
Was I believed in a G
That would save me
From the worlds crazy

                              I said
You can walk a straight
Crooked sometimes
                And if you
Scribble your graffiti
On the worlds cities
With spray crayons

That's who you are
                         I Am
Says green eggs and ham
Share our delicious
Because sometimes
Are straight lines

Our crooked
JaxSpade Jul 2020
I lost the war
   All my fight

Was conquered

  I considered
To live where
Where my death

I was a ghost
In a phantom host
Gliding into the center
                      Of a joke

I started the whole world laughing

But the joke was on my passion
I started a prayer
           And found
the joke was on me askin'

I lost the battle
My body was dragged thru the shrapnel

And I drowned in the fear
Of having to live where
                   It happened

The toll of my flesh
           Paid the ash
           The cost of my token

For the wages of sin is death
            I know I owe
But the Savior does the work
       While I rest in the hoping

Perhaps I lost
    But He won
    What he wanted

I just wish I could've lived
                      Yet I couldn't

I lost the war
       A soldier
        Fighting for the life
Of my dissipating vapor

I had to escape here

           From the pain
The selfishness
And never-ending hatred

I bid my farewell
    To the hellfire
  I was left
To burn in

For God so loved the world
     He sent a boy and a girl
To be harassed
       By demons

I started a joke

                  But the Devil
Delivered the punchline
JaxSpade Jul 2020
In God we Trust

The Way
The Truth
And the Life

The Red
The Blue
& The White

A Nation born under the light
Together we fight
Onward Christian soldiers

On the 4th day of July
JaxSpade Jun 2020
This is just spit

It's nothing poetic
Just my saliva
In one foul drip

This is pure mucous
A slime excreted
From a knows

It's the phlegm in my throat
Spewed in ridiculous notes
Everything I wrote
Is a slippery *****

And you've just been slimed

By this poet
JaxSpade Jun 2020
That memory again
Stalking me
Why can't I forget
the way I used to feeL

I just can't forget
How soft feminine


             It me


I felt like I used to
The minute I saw this woman
Similar to whom my love knew

In my memories...

I just can't escape
What I erase
Every time it draws on me

Those kinna eyes
The red in her lips
And the way her hair falls

Those memories you buried in the past
This woman may look like what you used to have
But have you noticed

She's not...

The same kiss
And her heart beats
A few seconds less
As you caress the scent on her neck

You remember
What you keep trying to forget

You've been

Searching for someone
Just like her

But different


You feel
Like you used to love

Over and O'er
Repeated in scent
That memory again
Tattooed on the eye of your lens

And you realize
With real eyes
I am talking to myself again

I've been calling myself you
When it's me in truth
I've gone completely mad
Thinking about...

That memory

the way I used to feeL
JaxSpade Jun 2020

I dreamt of checkers
I was in a fast car
And my wings
Were feathers

Black and white squares
Waved at the caroms

Yet I soared over the errand

And the flag fell
Like the shadow
Of my bearing

Where am I now
What game is in play
And is it my turn

It's your second

I said this to myself
My self too said I
I couldn't believe
My mouth

What was it hearing

Blame it on my ears
For believing
The Truth
Nibbling on my lobes

It wasn't a dream at all
Where did I find these thoughts
Driving my car

Faster than I could go

I had to stop
Because I couldn't go

So I flipped
All the caroms

Off the board

And I drove myself
Somewhere crazy

With nowhere to go
JaxSpade Jun 2020
I never understood
Why some things
And others won't

What happens when
You see something
You've never seen before

The way some things
And how others work
I never understood
Or could

Because my comprehension
Is at the level
Of what I don't know

Someone told me
I am" just a man
I said you're giving me too much credit
With that charge
I told "I Am

Sometimes I feel like an animal
Or an altered beast
But I'm actually lower
Than the level
Of the least

As I try to increase
I actually decrease
In years
What I say please
And Thank you for

Some things
And others dream
While the Truth is found
Wherever it sings

I never understood
Why things some
And others would
Because I'm just too dumb
For my own good

You didn't have to agree with me
But you did
And when they came to get me
I never understood
Why you told them where I lived

When they knocked on my door
I told them I never understood
Why some things

And others won't
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