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ZL Mar 2022
Hands once warm and steady,
are now distant and heavy.
I crave to touch you ever so slight,
But I keep it contained with all my might.
Eyes once curious and brave,
stay dimly lit to soften my graze.
Heart so gentle and true,
now hesitant with loving you.
ZL Mar 2022
On Life support...
Greedy, I keep on breathing.
But, life is faster,
she keeps on leaving.

Heart keeps beating..
Like someone cares!
Where was this energy,
with the love I tried to share?

I'm losing and for once,
I don't care to win.
Do me a favor,
don't let me be BORN again...
ZL Mar 2022
Came on a mission
But every aim I'm missing.

Laser focus on the target.
B A N G, I'm H

Boom, that's it.   Level incomplete.

Human defeat.

Plan failed.
Condemned to Hell.
ZL Mar 2022
Dark as night
Blindly you fight.
Bright as day,
light is in your way.
Fragile as glass,
tarnished as brass.
Colder than zero,
trying to be a hero.
ZL Mar 2022
A three letter word awaits me,
they will pronounce it as four.
I waited for things to change,
confused nights standing at the door.
No glitz, glam, nor gore,
just ocean waves...
I'll be at shore.
Visit me again always,
because you never did before.
ZL Feb 2022
I've known hate,
more than I've known love.
When I die,
I will take your breath away
wearing a black glove.
I bled with shame,
Ate up pain.
When I die,
I'll forever curse your name.
Your rejection murdered my innocent soul...
When I die,
What's left of you shall also ... go
ZL Jan 2022
Nights reign supreme
As I obsess over your entire being.
Memories don't do any justice
As I recall sweet times between us.
Maybe it was real,
more than likely not....
I toss and turn burning hot,
waiting for the flashbacks
to finally stop. .
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