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Sakura Nov 11
I'm insane
Yes , I'm not in the right state of mind
I wanted to **** myself yesterday
I want to **** someone  today
All i see is death
all i see is pain
The world is so dark
So does my soul
I'm breathing but I'm dead inside
I feel no sympathy
I feel no mercy
This is my reality
I feel no passion
I feel no emotion
This is insanity
And i am insane
I am a  psychopath
But i haven't lost it all
Am i  sane
If i say ,i am still breathing
Am i sane
If I say , i haven't killed myself yet
Am i sane
If i say , i haven't killed God yet
The agony of losing loved ones
The agony of life long sufferings
The agony of all the failures
The Agony of all the regrets
I feel numb, disappointed, and lonely
And It's making me insane
You Know That Being Happy Is Easier Said Than Done
 happiness is just too much work
And I'm too lazy to work on it
Are these the signs of being insane
Or am i still sane
Standing still with all my insanity
my sanity is in that
I haven't screamed yet
I haven't cried yet
I haven't killed somebody yet , haha
I'm struggling to stay sane and not go insane
Can i ask you...
What makes a difference between being sane or Insane?
Sakura Oct 21
Sing me a lullaby so that I can sleep for eternity
So that my tired soul can rest in peace
So that I can avoid the eternal pain of this life
Will you sing me...
Will you sing me a lullaby so that I can sleep for eternity
My soul is wounded and
Body soaked in blood
I witnessed a massacre of happy moments
I witnessed a massacre of dreams
I witnessed a massacre of human beings
I can't sleep bcz i have nightmares
In my eternal sleep i want to avoid it all
In my eternal sleep i want to live the life of Riley
The world is so dark and it's the right time to fall in a deep sleep in a bed of roses
So that I can rise and shine again someday
So will you sing me tonight
Will you sing me a lullaby so that I can sleep for eternity?
Sakura Oct 18
Please, i can't breathe
I can't breathe under the weight of your sins
I'm hungry because you snatched my land
I'm thirsty because you adulterated my well
I'm poor because you robbed me
I'm dead because you killed me
You , yes you are that devil
You are that sinner
You Bloodthirsty people are heavier than people who are thirsty for life
Your sins are heavier than our hopes for living
Please , I can't breathe
I can't breathe under the weight of your sins
Please loose your grip
It feels suffocating
I can't breathe
I can't breathe under the weight of your sins
I'm caught in the devil's grasp
Please , help me
I can't breathe
Humanity died under the weight of atrocity.
Sakura Oct 18
When I open a door with  eyes closed it always take me by surprises
I either fall down in a deep pit or i fly high in the sky
I might not know
Until i open the door
Until i open my eyes
But I wonder....
I wonder..
Would i be able to open the door with my eyes wide open
Would i be able to take a step ahead with my eyes wide open
Would i be able to enjoy those surprises
Would i be able to know if  i were going to fall down or fly high
Would i be able to know what do i like more
Whether it's falling down or flying high
I might not know
Until i .......
Until i take first step
if i am scared to open the door
I close my eyes
Open the door
Don't step back
Go ahead and enjoy the surprises life has to offer me
Sakura Oct 18
Death,the end of life
Is it the end , i doubt
It's the eternal truth
that can not be denied
that can not be avoided
Death,where we all end up underneath some sheet
Death,the never-ending sleep
Death , it's peaceful
Death, where your soul leaves your body
And ascends to a higher reality
Death, it's the end of an identity
What remains behind it
Just Remains the reminisce
Remains the memories
Remains a cold soulless body
A body that will rot away  or turn into ashes
soul that disappears in a split of a second and finds the path of eternity
The soul that is eternal
Leaves behind the reminisce of the past
The person who used to be someone's parent , child , lover or friend doesn't exist anymore
They are just a memory now/
In a split of a second...
Death , it's a path to an endless road of rediscovery
Death , a path towards reincarnation
The beginning of a new journey
death,it means just leaving the stage long enough to change costume and come back as a new character
Death,the next great adventure
Another journey of mortality
It's not the ending, it's the beginning of a  new journey
An endless journey between mortality and immortality.
Sakura Oct 18
When we first met
When i looked into your eyes
Your eyes...
Your bright blue eyes...
They were like ocean
I felt so mesmerized when i saw my reflection in your eyes
It felt like i was floating in the Pacific Ocean
I keep imagining...
About your blue eyes...
Your eyes deeper than Pacific Ocean
When our eyes first met
It felt like the waves of the ocean touching the shore
Your smile was like the cool breeze over the ocean
Someday i wanna meet you like the Baltic sea and the north sea meet in the gulf of the Alaska
I wanna stare into your bright blue eyes all day long
Your eyes...
Your bright blue eyes...
I can see the whole sky in your eyes
I can see the stars , the moon , and the sun reflecting into your eyes
The bright blue eyes.
Sakura Oct 18
every night when i sleep
I have nightmares that make me weep

Every night i find myself walking around dead bodies
Every night i find myself running away from some killer
Every night i find myself in a warzone
Every night i find gallons of blood
Every morning i shed tears
It's a nightmare...

I feel tired of running away from the darkness
It's just a horrible place with screams at times
is it my own voice that i hear...
I want to get up , but I'm a prisoner of my own dark world, in my nightmare...

I find a light, so far away, but as i reach it, i wake up, its another day. And my nightmare world is gone, until the last ray of light, then maybe into that world, ill have to make another stand, and begin another night.

— The End —