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Quentin Briscoe Sep 2023
I say the drunker the better...
the easier the turth ..
theres no concious holding your words to roots...
See we like to speak lies
cuz they look like butterflies..
but the reality is that
that once was a ugly fuzzy catapiller
crawling along
but you doctorted it up hid the turth for a while
and made it look better then what it really was..
so the drunker the better the uglier the words...
the sweeter the wine the prettier the birds...
Quentin Briscoe Jan 2018
Ten little
Nine little
Eight little .......

Seven little
Six little
Five little.......

Four little
Three little
Two little.....

With a mind..
You ain't think about me..
Thought I would run..
But you ain't seen what I've seen..

I'll be the One..
That entices the other 9...
To Fight back..


Call me Nat

As I place the burner to your throat.
And watch all that talk choke
I just wanted to be free
But you couldn't leave me be..

So now its

One little
Two little
Three little......

Four little
Five little
Six little......

Seven little
Eight little
Nine little.......

Ten ******

Whipping that ***!!!
Quentin Briscoe Nov 2017
I empath...
In paths
Cross paths with your path..
Can't hold the weight...
Of your freight..
And the pain that I take..
For I care like you care..
Yet what I bare you can't wear..
How unfair..
I can't leave my weight upon your shoulders..
To fester in your dreams at night..
So who cares..
When your awaken in the middle of the night
By someone else's nightmares paths
Of pathological Struggle...
Become pathological..
The internal bleeding..
Of a empath..
Turns them psychopath..
The opposition.. For balance...
The mental.. Is like a dental ****..
Flexible protection..
Until it meets a sharp end..
And Then......
Depression seeps in...
And it'll take more than kumbaya
To regen..
Its the like sin.. I can't escape..
When its wrapped around your neck like a cape..
But what saves you from yourself..
When you need help..
From every one else..
You see I empath
In path with you...
Do you empath
Or bring me down too..
Quentin Briscoe Sep 2017
In our last episode many moons ago..
Our young hero burned into the sun..
Or so it seemed..
I Jumped in the light of a Flame.. I was consumed.. The darkness over came this superhero dude... Turning him full cycle .. Full ******.. Pressed in a Deep state.. Full idol..
Forgot how to fight back.. Forgot what gave me my power.. In land full of fake light.. I gain my powers from the Son.. The One... So I'm walking out the flame.. Clearing out the smoke.. Back in tho the shine.. Back to saving folk...
Well.. Back to all the girls.. Back to night time... I'm just a Psychosuperhero... Trying save the World...

Quentin Briscoe Mar 2016
Dear journal,
I wake up every morning hoping to be the man I would find worthy enough for my mother...

Dear love,
This is for you...

Dear Lord,
I don't know what's in store for me, but you can see my heart... I pray that you guide me in the direction that leads to Your Will.. I ask for peace and comfort, strength and understanding....

Dear self,
It will all work out. It is in his Hands
Quentin Briscoe Jan 2016
From your eyes I see my soul...
For you look past my skin..
Connected at the roots...
Between God and Men..
I believe we can survive..
From the fruits you will supply..
For your soil is rich..
And you wings say you can fly..
You've already blessed me
beyond what I can feel..
This is an angels destiny..
I believe that you are real..
I believe
I believe in something still..
There was a time where I lost hope..
But that wound you have healed..
Connected beyond the flesh..
On a different conquest..
I can make a change..
I can be my best..
From just your love on my side..
I feel so alive..
For I can see my soul in your eyes..
And it tells me We'll never die...
Quentin Briscoe Dec 2015
I'm sick... With a sin...
I can't get rid of...
I'm so deep pressed
With a weight I struggle to lift
I lie to myself...
In a bed of thorns ..
I am the rose ...
Waiting to be killed
I'm the name
Of Love....

Or ****..
I don't know the difference any more...
I thought I found heaven..
But I realized Im still alive...
Or maybe I been closed my eyes...
I just never made it to the sky......

A PsychoSuperhero
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