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Alexis J Meighan Sep 2014
The dream

Remember- Martin Luther King-

"Let freedom ring"
He grace the world with a vision.
"Free at last"
He sang of the goal to the crowd

Remember -Agathe Uwilingiyimana -

The "content of our character"
Has come to judgment
But these character are just fools on a stage

Remember -Abraham Lincoln-

King's dream would come to a peak
But 2chainz, kim, minaj  TO and those unlike him
Would push it over and watch it crash on the buffs below

Remember -Medgar Evers-

Even Langston, wondered "what is a dream differed?"
Mahalia Jackson screamed for Martin to "tell em bout the dream"
But as Marvin proclaimed "we still don't know what's going"

Remember -John Fitzgerald Kennedy-

Obama made it in but the walls of the house he resides are far from the gleaming white it claims to be.
Blackened by the administration before him, the walls just too dingy to overlook

Remember -Fred Hampton-

He said "america gave us a bad check" and the march to washington would be how its cashed.
We all saw Barak at the teller endorsing but in the end the long fall of that tall horse was the goal of the fairest man.

He wanted every valley exalted.
Instead ******* God father pizza man makes a fool of the process, and a kid with a hoodie take the hit, just like Emmit Till, a school full of babies take the hit, Twin towers in new york takes the hit, theatre full of batman fans take the hit, but guess that's living the dream.

Remember- Harry and Hariette Moore-

Malcom says by any means
Even Jimi Hendrix sang for us to grab the machine guns
"Fight the power!" Be a public enemy. What ever happen to all that?
A fist in the air and a call for unity use to use to get us up in the morning
Now this ***** running around with a helmet and some horns telling these skanks he's the flavor of love.
Ya I'll pass on that
And go with the labor of love and survive with a better understanding of what life is.

Remember -Benazir Bhutto-

Mya Angelou was a ****, *******, stripper, and thief before she  new "why the cage bird sing"
Even today with all her enlightenment she ask where is Dr King's dream?

Humans have come so far so fast but judgment and common sense still elude our sophisticated lives. What once was a dream is indeed a reality to most but that's only because the play ignorance to the issues that still plague our nation and that dream we chase is littered with little nightmares.

Remember -Emmit Till-

Lincoln started the process J.F.K started the process, M.L.K. Preached the process, Medgar Evars tried to beat the process, Malcom X was betrayed for the process, Agathe Uwilingiyimana stood up for the process,Benazir Bhutto took a chance on the process,Fred Hampton died in the process,
Harry and Hariette Moore burned for the process,
Emmit Till was tortured in the process.
All believing the dream would see them survive.

-Remember the future-
Alexis J Meighan Sep 2014
2 addicts in conversation

I've always said the act of love itself from unrequited to world wind is a drug that claims more addicts than all narcotics combine. From the rush to the withdrawals. tears and anticipation to the eruption of having it taken from you. This love drug leaves you a fiend even if you've never participated in its consumption, you pursue, hunt, track and lose your mind for the slimmest of chance in its acquisitions.
Let's take a hit together now and forever. As friends, lovers, partners, and unify.
I feel you! I hear you! Where siblings of the same needle in its lust and retrieval.
Alexis J Meighan Sep 2014
Lol Failure

Too much time to change your mind on the way down. Plus your scared of heights

Bandages and shoe laces stop that ****. hide it with tattoos on the wrist

Too violent, big mess, GSW fail now a vegetable and someone's burden

A lynching? Quit it! KKK gets no favors

Peace and quiet in the car, garage door closed. Then your favorite song comes on. Took too long after all. Don't you drive a prius?

Like you don't know how to swim. Sharks don't live in lakes

Nissan, lexus, most new GMC all have auto detection braking. Get back on the side walk dummy.

Too high of a tolerance you druggy and every Corner has an ER. Now your on the list with diarrhea

Police knows the world is watching they'll pepper spray before they draw now. Now your blind and got your *** whipped with a. Night stick

Honey? Bears? Really?

Circuit breakers homie! Now you have soggy toast.
Smile and shovel the pastries maybe you'll get lucky and cholesterol will stop ya.

Insensitive? Yes,but none the less,
Guess That's my LOL Failure.
Some times. We have bad days. Looking back, some times they're funny
Alexis J Meighan Sep 2014
Its just ink.

Though I lay it down
They say I lay it down
From the depth of my inner
To the facade of my smile
Matters not if in the end its just ink

From the thick of its grip
No gripe that it fits
Its said I laid it down
God knows I ache from its motion
But crushed I am that in the end its just ink

I think of all the glamour
Inhale every scent she wears
Tear apart my heart to get the darkest crimson
Mix it in the well, they say I's lays it down
Brand it in my skin. But to her its just ink

Its a link, a moment of some progress
The greatest of our progress.
She said I laid it down, but we both shared the  crown
And though just a granule on the shore
An annual creed of "Adore", not sure
Why its just ink

We watched the moon sink behind violent waters
Every night from the window, broken clouds soar with loud hues of pink and purple
Not every moment is a high hurdle to scale, its why the pen sets sail,ill will, I lay that down
Good moments are grand ones, so why those ascribed only known as just ink?

Just think.
A past where ballads were written on the battle fields
Pledge our allegiance now to a flag that waved under duress
Love stands grander a chance by that test
A scream is like cannons while a tear is like bullets
Hit the page and leave holes. I bared arms now I lay them down. These wounds no longer just ink.

When was the last time you opened your mailbox, looked on the sink, opened your bag, checked your pocket and found this weird thing? Like some sort of envelope with paper inside, and inside the paper was a message hand written with pen paper or crayon **** even a quill of sorts dipped in a staining source to produce a hand written letter addressed to you? Save the trees yes but also save the art of records and formal acknowledgment. Come on people grab your pens and lay it down
Alexis J Meighan Sep 2014
Holding the apple of Eden

What if the apple of Eden had a label?

What if the user indication had included a health warning to the 14th century Europeans?

What if the apple of Eden was clearly marked
And even though it is the purest of organically grown

What if you would have known,
That the man who proclaimed "I have a dream" would catch a bullet with his face:
Jim jones would allure a thousand to their death, hundreds of babies in Jonesville
London would burn
Solomon's tower would crumble as the wall of Jericho did
Chained slaves would be thrown over board
Tutankhamin would have his head split at the age of 13
The twin towers?

What if fair label practices forced it to divulge:
Pass-over inevitable
Holocaust to be expected
Possible genocide
Surgeons general warning: ALL ALIVE WILL DIE

What if it were you, my wife, who reached out your hand and held the devine fruit to feast upon?

I'd be 1st to bite.

    -Alexis J Meighan-
Alexis J Meighan Sep 2014
Cradle You

Safe, weak, vulnerable, all the things I feel when you
Place your hand upon my chest.
Your cold soft hands lead by your big warm smile
It reminds me how it feels when it's mended.
Play with me, then lay with me and use it to cradle your head while you rest.
With my arm around you, I want you to feel safe, weak, vulnerable, but knowing
The worst of it, like the day, has ended.
This is just a pattern of LOOOOOOVE for love
Alexis J Meighan Sep 2014
Bad Poet

***** words
Naughty words
Bad spelling
Grammar like diesel fuel spilling from a rusty ship

      .Period; semi something *astrik and the word ****
Sometimes I curse just to make a sentence worse
Make love and make references to it, now watch the flowers die.  so many lines in there context make truth, argue then make-up and make love once more, keep it to my self, and watch the flowers bloom. I don't even know what ****- §- is.

Bad poet
Sleepless words
Lower case nouns
Then there's this thing §, what is that?

       I love the sound of my own voice? No not really. Though I love to read my own words. Follow them with my fingers and trace their outlines like they were your naked body, hoping the words grant the same feelings as your flesh. The feel of your skin and innocent smile is like a blank page waiting to be defaced.

Bad Poet
Poor choices
Stained paper
Even as the pen dances on the lines in jest its heart is pure in its passion and love for both the words and you.

Bad Poet
I parallel
I parallel
Space and
What's your mirror?
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