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Imran Islam Sep 2023
I want to know, how are you doing?
Do you know, how I have been?
I haven't heard from you for so long
I can't sing any more love songs!

Without you, baby, I am so alone!
I can't believe you are gone...

Do you smile there in heaven?
I miss you twenty-four seven
Do you fly with the angel wings?
I still cry with your wedding ring!

Baby, I can't cross my lonely door,
Without you, I can't walk anymore!

In my blind eyes, you were light
In my chest, you were the heart.
How can I enjoy the morning ray
With your memories, I die every day!

I can't look at your image on
Without you, baby, I am done!
Imran Islam Aug 2023
Something has been changing
inside me
since I met you,
Feeling you within
makes me smile
as I melt into you!

Iโ€™m falling in love with you,
you may know,
you feel that,
Iโ€™m losing myself
to find a safe place
in your loving heart!

Day and night,
in peace and in strife,
I just think of you.
I can't tell
when you entered my dreams,
when I fell in love with you.

Let's enjoy
the midnight moon up close
and count the stars
Let's walk together
for the rest of our lives
and wipe our tears!
Imran Islam Aug 2023
Look in the mirror
and smile a bit more
She's my love!
Look into my eyes,
you'll trace a grinning face
She's my dream!
Feel me inside,
there I'm looking for your love
Listen to my heart,
it's breathing your name

Your face is lovelier
than the moon
Your eyes are more beautiful
than the stars
I won't gaze at the moon
when you look at me
I won't count the stars
if your eyes beckon to me

Let's walk by the lake
and lose ourselves in romance,
Let's share our thoughts
and leave behind our loneliness,
Let our souls find a place
that's full of love and peace!
Imran Islam Aug 2023
You have come to me
after so long
I feel like singing
a happy birdsong

I lost myself,
I have forgotten my pain
I am mesmerized
to see you again!

I found the love
that we had before
I saw the moon
at my longing door

You made me happy
with your sweet voice
Your return surprised me
and giving rejoice

I melt into your eyes
this monsoon evening
I'll hold the night,
so the morning's not nearing
Give my love back
to make a beautiful life
Do you long for rain
or wish to be my wife?
Imran Islam Aug 2023
I want those days back
in this monsoon rain
Let's walk barefoot
on the street again

I miss your teary eyes
in this lovely rain
Let me touch you
to forget my pain

I dream of you
in this cold air
Let me feel that
we are together

I long for you
with my tears
You're in my heart
and will be here

Darling, I miss you
on these rainy days
I draw you down
on my blank page

I do remember
your rain-kissed face
If you leave me alone,
don't forget our days
Imran Islam Aug 2023
Melting my heart
as you speak in smiles
I sense your mind
as I gaze into your eyes

Cooling my sight
as you dance in the rain
I find the moon within you,
without a stain

Flying my soul with yours
as you are divine
I feel the peace in your heart
as if it's mine

Flowing the spring's wind
with your scent
I always catch them
through your deep love

Falling the monsoon rain,
it now falls for you
You melt me within,
because I love you!
Inspired by the words "Melting My Heart"
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