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The hurting you feel is the pride of your love,
If this is what you want
I’ll love in silence
When drunken pain burns the flame
I’ll find my tears, and keep it pure,
You be the love sicker 
Writing will be my best companion,
Like a wolf howling at the moon,
I’m condemned to poetry,
My love will culminate and live forever
In the light of separation!
a dark and sticky net
is catching all my words

i see some flying in the night
but they are too absurd

so i wait and wait and wait
until a worthy phrase

forms in that nowhere place
and emerges from the haze
I hear the early singing bird
and I'm feeling the rising sun
Where is my sweet son,
Wake up and get off the bed
The morning will be broken
Get up, It'll be broken soon!

After the morning prayer
You'll be home, my dear
First of all, read the Scripture
in your melodious voice,
Then draw your minds
and read other books.

If you can, remember the God
in the morning and evening.
When you raise your hands,
Then pray for yourself
and ask Him -
'Lord, make me a good person'.

Let stay in your pious heart
the fear of God and the truth.
Keep smiling on your face
and try to forget all the pain
My wish, you'll be best man,
Don't worry if I am so hurt!
The hearts of the believers never shake
and they never hide the truth over fake.
They exchange their lives
to takes success.
They don't wish thanks for the good work!

They keep studying the Holy Scripture
and lead their lives in the right way,
They do not fall into a trap twice, later.

To follow the command of God
They melt down like a candle!
True believers never lie a word.

In the caravan of the heavenly light
They come together without any doubt
And the believers just bow to one God!

The believers don't get bored in the mission
and call others towards the holy book.
They don't deprive away anyone's rights!
Make me a traveler on the way to the holy lands,
I lost my torch; Lord, show me the right ways
And keep my mind very pious to you always!

In this dark world full of faults
God, raise your fears in my heart,
Let my head bow down at your feet!

The path that's my eternal address
That should not be unknown to me
Make my caravan peaceful and bliss!

Give me good knowledge, oh merciful God
Put the holy light on my heart in this world
Let me be a follower of the holy messenger!
When we can see each other again?
I wish you don’t love me,
I feel at peace when you don’t love me,
I feel quite when I don’t talk to you,
I’ll never ask you again for love,
Love is too painful,
I don’t want to hurt you,
I had opened my mind to whom
She has forgotten me now!
My heart has broken into pieces
But I'm still dying in a fake dream.
Does bee sip on the fallen flowers!

You're happy to break my hopes today
I have lost my soul mate and I fly alone
If you will leave, why did you love me?

I have never thought of this danger
I'm embarrassed with an untold scar
I feel loneliness, but you aren't here!

Stay far away and you always be happy
I made a mistake with you like a *****
I'm used to the pain of separation lately!
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