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Imran Islam Mar 1
I do feel so empty
I do feel so distant
I know I'm not pretty
but I'm so different

I am very lonely
I am very hesitant
I know I'm not jolly
but I'm so tolerant

Maybe I am not holy
and I have no talent
I know I'm so silly
but I'm so persistent

My voice is not pitiful
and I don't look elegant
I know I'm not beautiful
as you really want

I know I am not lovely
and I am not insolent
I know I am so ugly
but I try to be innocent

I know no one loves me
not even my parent
All are devils around me
and I am  the opponent
Imran Islam Feb 22
How could you leave me alone
We had been together for years
How could you hurt me, baby
When my eyes are full of tears

We were a beautiful pair
No, no, it's not fair
I can't believe
We're no longer together

How did you forget me
Could you let me know
How happy you are now
I want to know

I can't see you around me
but always feel you inside
Each path reminds me of you
How long we walked side by side

Do you look the same
in the heavenly showers
Have you kept your name
as the divine flowers
Imran Islam Mar 2022
Let me stay some more days
I have left some promises
Let me live some more days
I have left some dreams!

Let me gaze upon your smile
I have left a few days to die
Let me be free for a while
One last time I want to fly!

I have replaced my heart
with your memories
Now they work for me
like the live scenarios.

I have lost my soul in you
and forgotten me, darling
I open my eyes to you
and I do this every morning!

Even then you leave me alone
then I have no complaint
just let my soul pray for you
with the early sunshine.

Could you listen to me just once
before saying goodbye
Would you  give me one last chance
before winging to the sky!
Imran Islam Mar 2022
Dying is easier than the hurt of your silence
Blaming is more painful than the clearance
I can't deal anymore with my broken heart
You have done your job, let me do my part!

I promise you, I won't bother you anymore
If I am so hurt, I won't knock on your door
I want you not to be harassed by the broker
Listen to me, I'm so pleased with your favor.

Touch me once and feel how I'm burning up
When you're gone how will I pick your gifts up
Please, forgive me if you don't see me around
My soul will fly with what I have already found!
Imran Islam Feb 2022
I can't stop my tear
I can't overcome my fear
I'm burning in a flare
but not you, my dear!

I can't think of my past
I can't help anymore
I can't deal with my abuse
but at the suicidal door!

What's wrong with me
How I became your options
You sip me like a bee
and play with my emotions!

Why society is the issue
Why my family is selfish
How could you blame me
when you made me ******!

You threw me into the darkness
and took my breath away
Now I want to be stainless
Now I want to be sinless
Please, give me a new day!
Imran Islam Jan 2022
You still live in my broken heart
then who comes into your dream
I have prayed for you, darling
but someone else won the game!

How will I walk by the ocean
without you in the rain,
How can be I healed, when
your love turned into pain!

Today you have left my hands
one day you will forget my name
I'll always paint your memories
tho' you've drawn me in the blame.

You'll remember me in teardrops
while I'll be dancing with the stars
then I will give you my happiness
and make you smile from Mars!
Imran Islam Dec 2021
I fall for your beautiful eyes
when they're shy like a wet rose
I melt in your happy smile
because it never draws a close.

I feel sipping your sweet voice
when you speak to me,
It fills my heart with the love
as the rising tide does the sea.

I feel pretty romance for you
in the dusk at the river
when I walk side by side with you
in the light cold shower.

Your hand makes my dreams divine
with the warming touch;
Darling, I want you to be just mine
because I love you so much.
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