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  May 6 Imran Islam
Maria Mitea
in a drop of honey. meant to be. to be lost.
although. it seems. the moment has passed.
in reunion. the candour of the words touches our breath.
there are not many thoughts to see.
the fateful meeting. shared without being.
during another equally fateful meeting.

you're right. i still wonder where you are.
from whose sleep you are born in blue mornings.
flowing appearance disguised in the bird thrill.

the green eyes. thirsty eyes want you
- greedy seekers for physical existence.
while the heart is a master on the other side of the hours and days.
piling them against the walls of fleeting sleep.

a memento. about how far we have come to forget.
and how much we hold on. on the line of the palms. deviations from the sun's rays. forced into curves of smiles. what breaks the skin. in the flesh. i'm not alone. when it hurts. the gates of heaven open the perplexity.

in bewilderment you remind me. who am i.
Imran Islam May 5
Happy birthday to you,
Barbara, happy birthday!
Let your pretty face smile
every night and everyday!

You're a heavenly restless soul
who lives in everyone's heart!
You are the wings of an angel
who brings peace with voice art!

Who can stop loving you?
Who would leave you alone?
No one can hurt you;
You are a message of heaven!

Stay safe and fight to live long
This community needs you!
God won't call you before long
'Cause every soul loves you!
Happy Birthday to you, my friend Barbara
Imran Islam May 4
God, no one else is precious like you
even no one else is generous like you!
You are the one and only forever!

You keep gold under the soil
and save the crop in its veil;
You give honey in the flower.

The moon and stars kiss the night
The morning sun blooms daylight;
God, you roll the waves in the river.

You swing the clouds in the skies
and blow the winds in the trees;
Lord, you float the ship on the water.

God, you rush the heavy rain down
or raise the long drought often;
You make the morning dewy in the winter.

The sweet waterfall in the mountains
The full moon and pretty moonshine,
Everything is yours, Lord, you have no partner!
Imran Islam May 2
Do you still read my poems?
Do you still think of my words?
Do you still walk alone in silky hair?
Do you still talk with a sweet smile?
I still miss you with tears in my eyes.
Your love still wakes up in my heart!

Do you still enjoy the morning rays?
Do you still paint the evening sight?
Do you still sing in the tune I did?
Do you still dance barefoot?
I cry for you and I blame myself;
I still have pain from your departure!

How beautiful the dewy mornings were with you
by wrapping us together hidden in a shawl!
How sweet the spring afternoons were with you
by breaking every bond in love!
Maybe raindrops make your shiny face shy
and my thirst still sips your drawn love.
I can't think of your sudden separation!
  Apr 30 Imran Islam
Maria Mitea
Halfway between past and future,
Life and death, singularity and universality,
The eye is looking through the clepsydra of time,
The Absolut,
- I am the only one twisting the strings of conflux,
The Eternal tells,
-All things from today and tomorrow already happened,
It is all in vain, don't even  bother,
There are even memories of
The worlds that haven't been born yet,

Tying to suspend time,
When the days and nights are unchanged
From the beginning of the world.
Imran Islam Apr 29
I would better go home
where lives my mom,
I miss my green village
there I find my early age.
Let me go home betimes
I'm dying for my mom!

Oh, fresh morning breeze,
Make my friends happy
I will join them soon
at the river bank bridge.
Oh, busy city streets,
Lemme walk way of home!

I'm thirsty of freshwater;
I'm looking for the river
where I swam earlier
with boundless pleasure.
I wanna be lost in the grove
where wild bird has freedom.

Oh, my heavenly village
I wish your morning flower
I'd talk in local language
like the villagers do forever.
Let me walk on dewy grass
by the growing farm.

Let me go back home
My dreams live there
Let me meet my mom
who gave me nature.
Let me go there early
where I am from!
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