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Void is the Earth with no life
There was no form thereof.
Then with His Mighty voice,
He spoke with great power
And with His love
"Let there be light..."
Thus there it was
In the beginning.

Copyright (c) Kenneth R. Jenkins
That's the skin I am in
My skin that I am in.
Look real close
What do you see?
A human being in the skin I am in
In the skin I am in.
My hair may have braids,
Corn rolls, picked out , picked over
**** bald headed,
That's the skin that I am in.
No matter where I am from
That's the skin that I am in.
Take a closer look at me
And tell me what do you see?
A human being in the skin
that I am in
That skin I am in.
and they took up wings to fly.

Please, don’t cry for me,

You don’t need to shed a tear,

Just put those tears in a bottle then set it free,

And let it sail to the nearest ocean far away.

Please, don’t cry,

For each tear are the glorious memories

Of you, my darling daughter and me,

And from the distance you’ ll hear Moonlight Sonnet.

Don’t forget me and keep me in your memory,

The good and the bad that know best,

And keep us in your dreams as you rest,

As you lay your head on that pillow of love.

Sweet dreams to you

As we fly away to our distant home far away

Keep us in your thoughts every day,

Good night and sweet dreams.

...and they took up wings to fly.

In memory of Kobe and his daughter
to Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen

The common man gets up in the morning
To work in. order to feed his family,
The common man struggles to make ends meet
Not letting his family go hungry,
The common man prays for his family daily
From any hurt harm or danger
That's what the common man does.

The common loves his wife and kids,
Holding things together everyday.
The common man works sunrise to sunset
Does what he can in every way.
The common man is peaceable to his fellow man
Not in war with his neighbor
Being the kind of man who loves----
Yeah, that's what the common man does.

The common man believes in God
And all His wondrous things He do,
Prays with his family daily
He tries to be true,
True to his family and his God
That's common man as you see
And that's what he does.

Now that you know what is a common man,
And what a common man does and do,
I guess you can see my point of view
Then clearly understand
About the common man.

In case you haven't seen one
Look around and take a good look----
And you'll surely fine and understood
The common man and his purpose
Yes that's what the common man does.
Just because you are young
Doesn’t mean much to some
But because you are black
It means nothing!
Somebody killed another child!
Somebody murdered another child!
Why are questions unanswered
Challenges unchallenged
Lives taken away
And hopes seem like it’s gone.
The Joshua Generation depleted
A future uncertain unless—
Yes unless we arise and say
Enough is enough!
When are we going to stop
Violently killing our youth?
Sending lambs to slaughter
A nation that study war
Can’t stop young men
From dying on our streets.
Why in the hell is this so?
RIP Trayvon 2013
In memory of Trayvon Martin
In your eyes

I see a different light

Maybe another you

Perhaps something about you

I see a certain you

A far side of you

The best side of you

And that's all I can see

Of you from inside out

Outside in...

(C) 2006
Gloomy skies with dark clouds above,
Where rain was every where
And I am here lying in bed
Sleeping, slumbering into a dream
Unknown journeys of twist and turns
Then suddenly awaken in reality.

Alive thanks to God
Could of laying in my grave
But writing these verses
To someone today.

As I look out to these gloomy skies----
I am reminded of myself
Those days of uncertainty
A big question mark in life
But those questions will come later
In answers that will be answered---
In due time
Yes in due time--
Even as I look out those gloomy skies
I can see sunshine in the mist of mess
And where brighter days came and made
A difference  to others.....

16 Jan. 2015
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