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Lend me your ears,
So you can hear,
What I am saying to you
So listen up!!!

The voices in the masses speaks
In volumes so that you may peek
At this world around you
So listen up!!!

The voices of children dying one by one
From the barrels and bullets of guns,
They fall one by one like dominoes
And you need to listen up!!!

This inspires poets like me
To write the truth you see
And bringing to attention around you
Open up your ears and listen up!!!

Lend me your ears
So you can hear
What I am saying to you
So people LISTEN UP!!!
Soothe me
Groove me
Making my nature rise
Even in four-part harmony,
As the music rocks me to sleep,
And in that time of slumber deep,
The night's wonderful sounds so,
Sweet, tasty and even bold,
With that soft music serenades me
Oh so right and so deeply.
The night music has a flair,
For just soothing you and like the Staple Singers it will "Take You There."
Soft and sweet,
Sweet and softly but deep,
You make my heart flutter so,
Because that's the way love goes,
Soothe me.
Groove me,
Make my nature rise,
Even in four-part harmony,
As the music rocks me to sleep,
And that time of slumber deep,
Rock my world with your music
Sweetly, sweetly soothe me...
to Nelson Mandela

We say farewell to our beloved brother
Father Africa a loyal friend
Who taught us to get along with one another
Even until the bitter end.

he was our warrior for justice and peace
Our warrior for the betterment of mankind,
In the spirit that is good, we release,
His spirit as we come together and bind.

As the sunsets in the South African skies,
And over mountains high standing
We stand with lifted hard wave our goodbyes
To our warrior, our hero our friend.....
A poem dedicated to the great Nelson Mandela.
There's a place you pay
On these streets
And sometimes it's high
Like the cost  of dope
In order to **** whatever
That not right
Whatever that's deep in you
And cleans out what
Castor Oil only does inside
The body
But baby it sho'nuff
Will that's in the mind
If the demons are there
They'll feel it too.

Welcome to Ghettoland
Where dope runs freely
But for a price you pay
And pay dearly my friend.
Where your life out there
Is win, loose or die!
Chances are
You'll either lose or die
You'll sho'nuff die!

Where the hustlers hustle
By any means
And I mean any MEANS!
This is the place where
Street people call home away
From the home they came from
And street girls slinging pootang
You know
What's between their legs
In order to between the sheet or under a house or
Some alleyway to turn a trick.

Where Baby Mama's look for their
Baby daddy in order to get that
Child support
And support that child they left.

Welcome to Ghettoland----
Where you'll see burned out buildings
Just remaining reminders of
What was then and what is

Welcome to the "New Frontier"
Of an old idea
Welcome to Ghettoland!!!!!!!
Say it with soul
Say it loud
Then say it bold.
Don't let up
Just say it clear
Say it with soul.

Poets dream dreams
Under the summer skies
Summer sunset showing
Leaving questions why?

Then we dream in words
Because it's all we see
Say it with soul
Say it loud
Then say it bold.

Never mind who don't listens
Just speak your mind
Never mind who'll hear
This world so unkind.

Give them rhythm
Give them beat
Say it with soul
Say it loud....

Underneath the bright lit moon
And blanket of stars at night
Dream a dream with delight
Then say it with soul
Then say it loud
Dream if you can.....

Guide me to flights unknown
Then just let me dream
My face shinning as shown
I can say it with soul
Say it loud
Then dream.....
I won't stress
I won't freak out
And again being in a mess
All I can do is my very best---
Without all these feelings no doubt.

I cannot let stress
Bother me in the long run
Or burn me like the sun,
Or put me in an early grave
All I can do is my very best.

I won't let stress break me
Tear me down badly
Or make me go insane
No not on my watch
And not today.

I will survive
I will thrive
And I will make it
No matter what comes my way
And stress will not be part of my day.
24 July 2015
I use to hear them say
"Letting those golden moments roll on",
But how much longer of a delay
Or should I stay strong?

Either way the clock ticks in time
And I'm counting those moments
Or those moments I left behind,
I just have to just roll on.

Could you see the winter of our lives
Drifting like so like snowflakes
And cold you see now
And could you see not  sitting by but to survive
No matter what or whatever it takes
Time is measured one moment at a time.

If anyone should ask me
Where I am going and how far
Or will I set my soul free
Am I blue?
Blues in my soul
Carrying the weight of every burden
Of every man it ain't no blues.
My man ain't no good 'cause he stank blues,
My baby left me for another and broken my heart blues,
My baby left me and now she's trippin' blues,
My job is down sizing and I need another job blues.
I am so broke until I can't pay attention blues.
Bluer than blue than blue is blue.
The plain 'ole ****** me off blues!
The opening of a can of whip *** blues!
Another one of those blues!
The AH HELL NO blues!
The don't wanna hear JACK blues!
Blues Blues GO away
Come back another day!
Rain falls from above
But look I am still blue.
Am I blue?
Blues in my soul
Carrying the weight of every burden
Of every man and it ain't no good blues
No good blues at all.....
A poem when I was blue.
Enter: night

Bring on the night----
Where those dear play,
And where freaks come out anyway
Go ahead, bring on the night.

Bring on the night---
Where travel is often and much go,
Where the travelers are on the go,
So bring on the night.

Bring on the night---
The creature of the night reign,
As they come out like stars with flames,
Yes, bring on the night!

Bring on the night---
Of every drug dealer and dope head
The hookers walking like the dead
Yes, bring on the hight.

Bring on the night---
Every baby's mama hanging tough
Late night creepers who think they're rough,
Just bring on the night!

Late night watchers watching so,
Bring on the night!
Creepy crawlers crawling you know,
Bring on the night!
Day turned trippers,
Bring on the night!

Coffee drinking tippers,
Bring on the night!
That's right bring it on,
Bring on the night!
Bring it on!
Bring it on and on and on...

(C) 2002
Can you see me?
Skin dark,
Eyes brown,
Blood Red
Anger shown.
I am someone's
Son, nephew, grandchild
Even in a world so cruel
Where violence is everywhere.

Can you see me?
A man with a heart
Not my skin color
Or my class
But see me as a human being.
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