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Dondaycee Sep 2017
I just wanted freedom,
I’m not talking about rights, that’s irrelevant.
We just wanted freedom,
As in the youth wanting better ways for development.
I’m speaking on the behalf of those unaware of their intelligence,
Those who discovered their element but kept the closet shut.
Afraid to offer the clothes on their back,
They’ll say it’s confidence we lack,
But here’s the ugliest fact,
We don’t open doors with skeletons.
Unless it’s Halloween, where dark and light are in resonance,
Yin and Yang, beauty is ugly and ugly is beauty, humorous medicine.
I have a testament, that if the morals in this holiday were a measurement of 365 days, it would be evident according to my estimate, that unity and love would be proper etiquette, excellent because even the dark would be perceived as heaven-sent.
The terms evil and hell would then be indefinite allowing a person to open a door with a skeleton as a cause without the effect being bedevilment.
That’s freedom.
Some have it in the day, most find it at night.
It could be with family or with friends.
A celebration of a season, or a reason to escape a thing we call life.
A venting conversation after empty bottles,
A sleep over when home is hostile,
They say happiness is in the moment,
I say that moment occurs when you’re no longer in a position to fight,
For a home, a place of comfort and acceptance,
A place where your company is appreciated,
We all need love, that warm feeling we get when standing in light,
Or the uplifting vibrations when the environment opens up, and you’re no longer forced to sit tight but now have the opportunity of standing up to take flight.
We deserve some freedom.
I used to feel alone,
With awareness that term became solitude,
I can’t crave attention after joining the mission,
I had to look in the mirror,
“Keep it together” said Kyi,
“Because this is a solid move”
But but, I’m losing my friends.
“You’re choosing your men.”
“A positive team,
Because that’s what knowledge do”
“Here’s a time reference using latitude.”
“Move forward, chase the rabbit food,
Clear vision with a positive attitude.”
“Moving West to east may feel like you’re leaving things behind,
But understand earth and understand time,
We circle back around, think of a birthday, there will always be a time when you're gonna look back at you.”
“That’s a rapid move.
These are states of Matter, going from solid to gas,
A caged bird ready to fly, that’s a cockatoo.”
“Atoms aren’t alone, eventually they meet others,
There’s a bigger picture, that’s a molecule.”
“Don’t feel alone, atoms go through solitude when there’s a column move, solid to gas-”
-a solid move-
“- but in our case, a change in longitude,
Because we’re shifting our consciousness from 3rd to 5th dimension.”
I understand the magnitude of the mission, that’s why we made this decision,
No need to crave attention when acting with promptitude,
Like minded people will act as a molecule and help constitute  a solid move in longitude, breaking the physical is an important attribute, analytical travel route, an atom moving towards freedom in its absolute-
“Knowledge acting as carrots, erasing ignorance, clearing the vision for an Omni move.”
The conscious battles to become the subconscious, the freedom to be all of me instead of part of me, that’s a body move.
Freedom is all I wanted,
Freedom is all we wanted,
Being labeled Millennials was the outcome,
It’s not life but these systems we’re trying to out run.
They look at suicide like, “What went wrong?”
“She looked so happy…”
Or “How did he feel alone.”
Freedom is when you have a home,
If I’m talking and you’re listening, that’s being heard,
But if you can’t understand it, there’s no meaning in the word,
That’s a failure in communication, standing without a herd I’d still be on my own.
If anything, the previous generations don’t understand emotions,
Feeling empty is indeed a deep feeling.
They say there’s not much in the bottom of the ocean,
I say dive,
“But Daycee we can’t the pressure will crush us.”
Now you see why suicide is chosen,
We dive, looking for something we know is there, unaware of the pressure, we get crushed by our own emotions.
These are powerful feelings and thoughts,
We see the insanity and what was lost in erosion.
Try to understand us, don’t try to change us, just like those whom predates emphasize, “Don’t blame us.” We must change a system that caused the previous generations to be broken, if anything our generation is bringing hope in, refusing to be above or below one, our words if anything are the greatest ever spoken,
We need people to understand us, not just listen, because these systems aren’t working,
Einstein said “A problem can’t be solved with the same consciousness that created it”, so don’t point fingers at us saying “Millennials” and that we were always given ****, when we’re the group that gave a **** about the world and the people that hated it and attempted change by not doing the same thing over and over again, innovative because we’re some creative kids,
I hope this is provoking because ****** we are special, specifically chosen,
To bring back balance and unity in consciousness that the ignorant and insane broken,
I am here to bring freedom,
Because freedom is something we all need,
The millennials are here to bring freedom,
Because it’s the one thing we all see,
The brothers and sisters we lost heard it call from the bottom of the sea,
Our ancestors want us to bring back freedom that was lost in waters but remained in gene,
Freedom is a kingdom we’re bringing where all is free.
Jason L Rosa Feb 2017
When I heard what you were about, i was a skeptic,
thinking you were not real.
The night I finally met you, a zealot;
you satisfied all i had to appeal.
"A meat market" the audience proclaimed,
"place of synthetic bliss!"
But I know the truth about you now,
your passion exceeds a ******'s kiss.

You are the ultimate comfort,
you are the place where the love is free.
Where the youth go to stray from the world,
anyone who has felt you would agree.


so much energy within your walls,
you sweat with our testimonies.

Light House Aug 2016
Black birds flew, across a bright blue sky...

Not lions, but batta
of once-solitary animals --
the remaining tigers --
had proven to be social.

Although gradual, they did emerge
– together – as if contractual.

But their reaction was only natural,
even for such animals of predation
-- of blood --
of relation.

Salvation - they found
through alleviation of self,
via a translation of feelings –
the very same vibrations
that they all felt.

The same inhalations, the same exhalations --
the same preservation --
they all had longed for & sought.

They awoke together constituting a tribe
-- a risen nation -- built upon foundation
far stronger than *pride

Engineered to escape dismay & damnation
through an ambush on heart ----
                                                            ­ attacking "the inside."

From the swamps & the grasslands,
from thick, rainy woods... even down
from the mountains -- they had prowled --
but now stood.

Each - tall, on all-fours.
Diligently, through liberality --
patiently, through humility –
after having followed a trail dotted with notes of morality -

vague striping had now arrived.

Forced to decamp -- to leave --
in a moment - from a moment,
from a place - to a new place,
from home - to a strange place...

had to move on - to relocate,
to a new home – collecting (recollecting) -- like lost pages --
together, through the author's life & death – forever,
                                                     as one total tome.

Rather resettle in ferocious & muted memory.
Rather stay (in silence), in caskets
– with all of their wishes -- boxed into a dream -
they awoke, increasing their probability
of survival, of stitching torn seams.

Nectar perfumed -
performing magic – making real such a thing,
re-revealing things wrongly assumed --
saving them within their tome,
rather sealing them within a collective tomb.

A treat for rusted senses – the smell of something so sweet.
Vague striping -- once-hardly seen -- now certain,

these r --- (@) --- ys

shined as one streak.

Beasts of orange, white, & black
were accepted by tiny, black & yellow machines
-- striated from dark to light -- the last remaining colony.
The grist of surviving bees had “stood" back in return – buzzing, hovering.

But they had not drawn their lances (or one single line).
They formed a union -- committed to peace --
allowing all sexes to live - all males & females to bee
equal, as if all seen
through one, shared set-- the same set – of eyes.

For here -- in this saved-life -- even in death, no more would die.

Neither workers now born,
nor just one queen.

The colors bled together so --
each sides' striping now ran so deep.
The sides intersected, came together so --
each color was forced to bleed...

                                                       ­     ...out & die;

                                                           or together so -
                                         alternatively, as a whole,
                               they all could decide
                      to breathe.

                                                    *­Black birds flew, across a bright blue sky,
mimicking the colors below –
the honey gold & tiger’s eye.
Ran through it once. Apologies for any errors.

All of my love,


I would also like to thank Papaya for aiding me with this. Any work connected to or following my piece "The Confluence of Tigers & Bees" shall share credit due with this author. I advise you to check them out.
Light House Jul 2016
I know all of you,
probably just as much
as I know myself.

I see all of you,
just as much
as I see myself;

just as I cannot see myself.

I do not know if I can ever know anything.
I cannot look into any of your eyes.
I cannot look into my own.

I am only left to feel....

I do not know myself.         I do not know you.
I do not see myself.              I do not see you.

I am only left to feel....

& through feeling,
I know that I love myself.
...Through feeling,
I see myself.

I am only left to feel....

I am only left,
seeing & knowing you.

I am only left,
loving you --                  all of you.

I am only left...
to love.
I love all of you.

ALL of you, as well as you-all.

You people are amazing. Each and every one of you all. All of my friends, all of the other writers I have yet to meet, all of the ones I will not meet... all of the ones who do not write, all of the ones who share sharp & contrasting perspectives, all of the ones I hate, all of the ones I wish did not exist....

                                 All of you.
                                    I love each & every one of you
I just wanted to say this.
Sorry for imperfections.
I know I can do better.
I am sorry I have not.
My time & self will be dedicated this weekend,
to all of you. Thank you all, so much.



Means a great deal to me that this one made it as the daily. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, everyone.
Cweeta Cwumble May 2016
i want to feel the rush,
the tingly fireworks under my skin,
the buzzing sparks of awakeness.
i want to feel the bubble burst in my chest.
i want to dance. i want to ride the music
like a rollercoaster,
i want the thrill of the next drop,
the next wave of euphoria
pulsating through my veins
like electric current conducted by
all the goings-on around me
i want your energy and my energy
mixing together in the air around us
like a glittery galaxy milky-way aura,
a sanctuary of our own vibrations,
a place where our hearts are huge
and our egos small.
a place of peace, of love,
of unity, and respect,
of higher elevations
and acceptance for all.
can't we just do drugs?
Quills Apr 2016
It's not just music, it's a vibe
And when that bass drops, we come alive
With the synth and the snare
We are all transported there
Our minds are in the DJ's hands
Our bodies are slave to his beats demands
This is our one true escape
And it's entwined with his soul into a mixtape.
Tommy Johnson Apr 2014
Hey man
You looking for a boost?
Some bud? Molly? *****?
I gotch you
Let's be out

Let's look forward, shifting eyes
Thick blunts, welcome to The Court of Miracles
Where no ones ever dry and everyone's good

The whole place was flooded with music
Pounding, pulsing, entrancing
thump thump thump thump
Laser lights flashing neon colors
Multicolored creatures of night dancing to the whimsical noise

The DJ was young
Attentive to his machine that dispensed exuberant sensate explosions
Rocking back and forth, flipping switches, turning knobs
We are, we can, we will live forever
Then it all went silent and the whole place shot out with a feeling of anticipation
The bass caused everyone of us to vibrate and pick up the vibrations of one another

Hey bro
Take this
Nerves become fervent

Now meet my other friend
Mind is widened
Now you're candy flipping
Hippy tripping

We met a girl
Her dad was a record producer
She was way out there
She was out of her head

We met an artist
He used different types of wood
And carved shapes and patterns in to them
Then painted it with acrylics
Then smashed it with a sledge hammer

People bought it
He was brilliant
He was ******
I was dazzled

She tasted like *****
He tastes like cigarettes
***** devils
Looking for a time

I saw veterans from Iraq letting loose
Thank you
A sea of sweaty smiles going for miles
Under a baroque moon

Sleeveless shirts
Minuscule skirts
Beads, glow sticks

Under one universe
Dedicated to this single moment
And what it means to us
One mind
For equal freedom
Becky Littmann May 2014
Straight to the eye
Tears fall without the sound of a cry
Cursing & swearing worse than a sailor
Profanity yelled at its loudest to the savior
" ******* *******....**** IT!!"
****, I should sit
The fast lane
To becoming mentally insane
I've heard the rumors said
Round & round they're quickly spread
I'm crazy....oh ya??....plain mental!?!
Why is everyone so **** judgmental?
I'm still exactly the same
Nothing's changed, nothing's to blame
Actually..... I'm doing really, really well
But don't think all my secrets I will tell
That will never in a lifetime happen
So please, continue to only imagine
You'll never really know the whole plan
But I am only human
Therefore my happiness will only increase
& I'll continue to keep my peace!!

— The End —