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Noah Ducane Apr 2021
Not that I was born for you
I'm certain
And you don't say
But in the end, move further away
And we two ships pass in the night
Unseen to each
And if I could have been made beautiful as you, I would have
I would give all my long nights
And all the me there is to give
To be the sun just slowly falling
On the softness of your face
Noah Ducane Nov 2020
You are so sweet and simple
And perfect every minute
Perfect when you move your hair
Perfect when your hands go up
to cover your face
Perfect when you close your eyes
Or shut them
And incredible when you say things
And incredible when you don't
When you stumble
And when you slur
Your ugly laugh
And your bruises too
Listen you really have to know
What a miracle it is
To see you move
And you are life and music
Noah Ducane Nov 2020
All paranoia and panic
In a world so hungry
A fork and knife ready behind each pair of eyes
How many butchers behind every hello
When I step forward
Will they have their nets waiting?
With crooked smiles thank me?

And you know how cookie-crumble I am
Each cut felt so keenly
Each sting swallows me whole

And baby don't you know
You give a little of yourself up
Each time you step outside?
Like the moment you came out from the womb
You sacrifice a little safety for freedom
And the chance to be hurt
Hurt like any other degenerate
Hungry like the rest
Hungry and never safe
In the hands of *****

Cold boys like us may find any excuse to complain
To claw our own eyes out
Thinking how lucky we each are
To never meet
Noah Ducane Nov 2020
When you are always going
On, where you once had known
You are sealed by your smile
And feel so close to the cold
The wind behind the window
The voice inside the voice
Or the eye killed by the eye
Do not say nothing
But silence speaks loud
And can follow you down
or in silent dignity remain
Like life's last flowers
always growing
into the sun
on and on
on the going away
that is just passing for
a shadow
that falls into light
forget the world and like the morning
sink to swim back up again
Noah Ducane Sep 2020
To say, “I’m sorry” to the air

the thin air, against the weathered stone

cold as bone that you are always

never permitted to speak again

to move those saintly smiles through

and through you are grinning at the void

and lost, where I will not meet you

because I was lost in myself

enough to forget you

and no simple word in sadness will meet those muted ears

or sun swim in those stony eyes

to be closed like a book once read

never opened again

no more soft words to follow

no more aches in your ache-beaten back

you have fallen to the side of sleep

and only dreams of silence will take you

far from me, and my endless apologies

like fire in the sea

I will pray to the wind
and find flowers
for my failure

In all our million days

dusk to dusk

like an open wound you will smile again

and like death itself be forever.
Sometimes "I'm sorry" comes too late
Noah Ducane Jun 2020

I always

think of the perfect thing to say

long after I said something else


I don’t have the strength to get better

and it takes the world to change

one person

give someone an inch

and they’ll take a mile

Sometimes I feel like no one at all

I hide from the eyes of others

to feel at home with myself

sometimes I feel scared

when I know

I don’t know


at all
Noah Ducane May 2020
If only you could see
behind the simple words
worlds waiting
for you to come play

If you unticked your time
to sail in rhyme
you'd see oceans waiting for you

If you breathed in
careful at the close
and savored each moment
like a full-course meal

If only you paused
at wordy pages
and welcome them in
like new friends

You'll find a place
a saving grace
from the world around
you'll built yours within.
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