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Jessica Pfeiffer Aug 2014
Why do you have such a high expectation?
Is this what you want me to become,
will this make you content,
do you know by asking this I will start to go numb,
that even so I will do this with no argument?
Jessica Pfeiffer Jul 2014
Freedom, sweet freedom,
I wish for thy.
My masters are cruel and mean and sly.

Freedom, sweet freedom,
Oh how I wish to be my own “man”.
I wish for wages and clothes, instead of doing my master’s evil plan.

Freedom, sweet freedom,
I can almost taste it when I am with him.
Not suppose to help him, I am not, but if I don’t his future is grim.

Freedom, sweet freedom,
I found in a form of a sock.
Master was tricked, it was quite a shock.

Freedom, sweet freedom,
though life is great now, it still is not fine.
No one wants a house elf that has demands like mine.

Freedom, sweet freedom,
An old man was so kind.
He gave me a job and pay and time off to unwind.

Freedom, sweet freedom,
the dark lord is back.
I will do all I can to help my young wizard friends counterattack.

Freedom, sweet freedom,
I think my time here has to come to an end.
Glad I am to leave in the arms of my friend.

(Rest in Peace Dobby)
Wrote this on another site, thought you all might like it as well. :)
Jessica Pfeiffer Jul 2014
Name in which I hid behind.
Lucy a girl who had daddy issues and like me stood to fight.
Guy a boy who saw the future was undefined.
Jessica Pfeiffer the person no longer afraid to hide what she wrote and is ready to take flight.
I wrote this a while ago and I am finally read to share. Hello everyone my name is Jessica. :)
Jessica Pfeiffer Jul 2014
To help and not gain
Though not done often as should
When done, BIG thumbs up
Jessica Pfeiffer Jul 2014
Unwritten laws/rules
Standards of society
Brake them and chastised
Jessica Pfeiffer Jul 2014
Big red button screams at you
“Push me, I dare you!”
Yes I know I am a human but I have this love/ hate relationship with humans as a whole. This is one reason in which I love humans.
Jessica Pfeiffer Jul 2014
Words can cut like knives.
Do you know how deep they cut?
I’m afraid to ask.
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