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Oct 2015
Freedom gives us……

poetry and the ability to make music,
you just have to ignore the discrimination in them,
Freedom gives us the poetry that helps your thoughts become real,
even when you hear poems that remind you of the hell we’re living in,
Freedom gives us soldiers to fight our wars,
even though they don’t always come back,
Freedom gives us faith to stand tall on,
if you don't mind people killing each other over religion,
Freedom gives us happiness,
and every now and then a glimpse of hell.
Freedom gives us the right to do whatever you want,
with some murders and don't mind the gun shots.
Freedom gives you a free voice,
if you don’t mind a war because of different opinions,
Freedom gives you the choice to believe in heaven,
though hell proceeds to make sure it’s all around us,
Freedom gives kids the right to be in themselves,
even if kids are bullied daily,
Freedom gives us the the right to think love exist,
you just have to ignore all the hatred people show towards one another,
Freedom gives us the right to believe there are good people in the world,
even when sometimes all you can see is the air filled with blood,
Freedom gives you the right to talk about whatever you want wherever you want,
just not in school as if **** and drugs are trigger words that might remind kids of reality,
Freedom gives us the right to go to school and learn,
just not about the real world,
We learn that ****** are only in the dark alleys and white vans.
no one ever told us they could be the ones in our home,
our neighbors,
our friends,
They make it sound like a fairy tale “the princess always gets saved”,
I guess I was just too broken,
showed too much emotion so they didn't need to save me,
Freedom gives us choices,
Fight back or stay quiet and I chose to fight back
I didn't need a prince charming I SAVED MYSELF, came clean as people called me a liar
Because I denied a little girl her ******* fairy tale,
Freedom gives us the right to feel powerful,
they forgot to mention how fast it can be taken away.
I am waiting for people to understand that we created hell,
which means we can get rid of it.
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