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Aug 28 · 181
wizmorrison Aug 28
Running thoughts like water
Is flowing off my fingers,
It taste sweet like a candy cane of Santa’s sack.

My pen bleeds sugar
And I know it’s all because of your smile,
I’ve wrote poetry even without a rhyme.

My palm releases warmness,
I’ve written words from my lips
As remembering your sweet embrace.

If only I could dance,
I would love to do that
But all I do is to write with a pen on my hand.

My mind is singing lively
While hugging your gift Teddy
In the middle of the night while everyone’s asleep.

In my blank notes under my lampshades,
I am writing a poem for you,
A poem talking about your greatness.

I have lots of masterpieces in my pocket,
All thanks to you as my fuel,
I’ve written books because of you and only you.
I'm back!
Mar 28 · 196
wizmorrison Mar 28
The ink?
The ink is the tears
For a mourning writer
Who found refuge in writing.

The ink,
A black stained scars
From a writer's heart
Who carve their thoughts in blank pages.

The ink...
It serves as a photograph
From a writer's mind
Through pen and paper.

The ink
Is like a paint,
The brush is the pen and
The canvas is the paper.
An ink is always be a part of us writers.
Mar 28 · 342
Homeless Kid
wizmorrison Mar 28
Crowds are everywhere,
Busy transportation,
It's about to rain;
I'm still walking alone,
I don't have any idea
Where to go—
Raindrops started pouring,
What do I do now?
Where do I go?
My home is gone,
They leave me at six
What do I do in this busy street?
A short tale of a homeless kid in the street.
Mar 28 · 130
No, I'm Not!
wizmorrison Mar 28
Terrified eyes looked into mine
Bloods dripping through my knife,
I shook my head and back out,
It was over,
I can never recover,
Few minutes you close your eyes,
You never breathe nor you cried.

Believe me when I say this,
I am not bad,
I am not bad,
Just confused all my life,
I am afraid,
Yes I am!
Please don't be frightened,
I am not.
I am not mad at anyone,
Can't you see I am just hurt?

Is it my fault to drag you in a hole?
I heard your screams,
I saw your hand waving,
Suddenly you came unannounced,
Saying I am a monster,
No I'm not!
I am not bad!
I am just confused all my life,
I've been living in a lie,
I've been locked in a pitch black box,
Is it my fault?
No it's not.

Cold blood stained my hands,
My sniffs turn into loud sobs,
I throw myself to the ground,
I scream in the top of my lungs,
Your lifeless body beside me,
Seems whispering in my ears;
Blaming me for the sin I didn't do
I never killed you.
| March 19, 2021
Mar 28 · 88
Frail Soul
wizmorrison Mar 28
The bags under my eyes
Can't support the weight
Of stress I carry everyday;
The bags in my eyes,
Can't carry the heaviness
Like my world is tumbling down;
When does my bridge fall down?
Retrieved from my Coffin of Thoughts in wattpad @WizMorrison
Mar 28 · 436
wizmorrison Mar 28
You tore me into pieces,
You tore all even my last pages;
You leave me nothing
But a bleeding heart,
You leave without turning back
And took the last piece in my lungs.
Hi, it's been a while. It feels good to be back.
Dec 2020 · 129
wizmorrison Dec 2020
I'm dead but alive,
Some people buried me
Behind the graveyard;
They destroy my name,
Now what happened to me?
I'm walking naked,
I face people without a head.
From Coffin Of Thoughts
Dec 2020 · 112
wizmorrison Dec 2020
He grabs her pulse,
Pushed his long sharp nails
To her chest,
Pulls out her beating heart;
She's screaming for help
But he just left—
She thought that he loved her
But look at what happened to her,
She's now cold and alone,
Can she find her way back home?
From Coffin Of Thoughts
Dec 2020 · 188
wizmorrison Dec 2020
I lost my fight,
I release my fate,
Now I am gone cold
Lying on a steel bed;
I will never cry again,
I will never slit my pulse,
No more blood stains on my sheets,
No more smacking on my head—
I was once in a battlefield
But I never win the fight,
Now I am cold
And forever will close my eyes.
From Coffin Of Thoughts in Wattpad
Dec 2020 · 98
wizmorrison Dec 2020
They'll come only to my tomb
Only in the time of needs,
They only know my existence
Only when they feel so empty.

They'll just visit my grave
Only when they are lonely,
They only know my worth
Only when the world turns them in.

They will become my ally
Only when they can rely on me,
They will leave immediately
Only when sweets melts in bitternes.
Dedicated to the fake people out there who wears sheep skin even though they're a lion.
Dec 2020 · 132
wizmorrison Dec 2020
I was walking in the busy street,
I shout and shout,
I shout so loud,
No one notice my presence,
No one heard my screams.
Coffin Of Thoughts
Dec 2020 · 164
wizmorrison Dec 2020
I can see blood scattered in the road,
I can see myself lying there
Whilst covered in red liquid;
Crowds are going crazy everywhere,
I can here their screams,
They talk so loud as they panicked hard;
Tears of bitterness sprout within me,
Why do people cares when it's too late?
Coffin Of Thoughts
Dec 2020 · 301
wizmorrison Dec 2020
I'm dead but alive,
Some people buried me
Behind the graveyard;
They destroy my name,
Now what happened to me?
I'm walking naked,
I face people without a head.
Coffin Of Thoughts
Dec 2020 · 196
wizmorrison Dec 2020
Sometimes I was afraid of my own reflection,
The monster before me keeps judging me intently,
It keeps on mimicking me
But there are times that it's mocking me.
From Coffin Of Thoughts in Wattpad.
Dec 2020 · 685
wizmorrison Dec 2020
Becareful from the people in front of you,
They are nice but secretly hiding a poison behind.
Beware of the people in your back,
They might push you straight to the graveyard.
Wattpad's Coffin Of Thoughts.
Dec 2020 · 251
wizmorrison Dec 2020
I grinned while seeing your grave,
You are now buried there alive,
I can hear your screams in my head,
See you in hell, my old good friend.
From my Coffin Of Thoughts in Wattpad.
Dec 2020 · 214
wizmorrison Dec 2020
Pulled out the strings together,
Tied all the coffin tighter,
Pull the trigger many times,
Blood! Blood! Blood!
WizMorrison's Coffin Of Thoughts.
Dec 2020 · 167
wizmorrison Dec 2020
Why did you leave, my good friend?
I miss your poisonous voice
that is swimming in my thoughts.
Why are you disappointed my dear?
Isn't it enough to intimidate
Every inch of my broken nails?
Frommy dark poetry collection Coffin Of Thoughts. Visit my wattpad account @WizMorrison
Dec 2020 · 242
wizmorrison Dec 2020
Sticky red blood in my foes
As I cut their flesh off,
Smelly rotten red liquid
Paints the white canvas in the room.
This is from my Wattpad poetry collection, Coffin Of Thoughts.
Sep 2020 · 94
wizmorrison Sep 2020
I decorated a drawing in my room,
Her cheeks are white,
Her eyes are dark brown,
Her lips are in the color of ruby.

Her gaze is really something,
Her nose is like bleeding,
Her dress are worn out,
I sometimes look and doubt.

I dream last night,
She screams so loud,
She cries for help,
No one was there.

No hands lift her up,
She's in so much pain,
She begged once again,
Every ear are now deaf.

I woke up wondering,
I looked closely to her,
She seems okay,
Who knows what's lying there?

The next morning,
I don't know where my drawing is,
Not a single trace of her,
Was I lost her?
Hello, I'm back! I think I forgot about my account here so I decided to check it out and yeah, I'm like a sleeping ugly poetess and now, I'm back on sharing you my fave thing to do, WRITING POETRY!
May 2020 · 250
wizmorrison May 2020
After a long years you’ll end up saying why me?
Of all people why me? Yet answers will just flee.
Pretending to be all right you let your tears fall
And let yourself get drowned in the stormy rainfall.

They will tend to push you off with a ****** words
You are trying to fight among those huge wave forms,
Do not just get tired of throwing breads unto them
But just do not let them hurt you just stand up firm.

When someone criticizes you do not feel mad
Just do not stop listening, dear never get tired,
When someone say bad things to you feel it at heart
Do not say a lot just show them you didn’t hurt.

When there are rumors and gossips about you spread
Dear, never to show your flaws instead cried out loud,
Do not simply let them wreck your life’s cursor
Look forward, someday they’ll bow and says your honor.

I know wind is still here and he will wipes your tears
I know that our lives is not about happiness,
The tighter you hold the rose the more pain you get
Believe in yourself and one day they will regret.
Just keep going. Stay on your lane. There's a brighter future awaits you there.
Dec 2019 · 106
wizmorrison Dec 2019
Do you really fear the darkness?
The roar of the storm?
The slash of lighting?
The clash of thunders?
Go face them, Darling,
Go fight them!
Be strong, Darling,
Be brave again!
Go hungry and cold like a polar bear,
Go fish like a stork.
Your feet and palm will thicken,
Your beauty will fade,
You’ll grown haggard and weary
But I’ll assure you,
You’ll walk like a man!

10:38 PM
Dec 2019 · 147
wizmorrison Dec 2019
I am attached with sunset,
I am attracted with the bay,
For the blood of wanderer is on me
And my soul is in the sea.

There is beauty laid there,
With a pebbles and sands so precious,
My heart has gone aboard its view
For the island of beauty and blues.

I must sail again tomorrow!
With the pretty sunset I must be,
Sail down on the waves of travels
In the wonder of the sea.

Nov 2019 · 230
wizmorrison Nov 2019
Bulb tickles in the darkness,
Its light are tinkling in shadows,
Up, up, up above!
It shows high and swim in the dark,
It lights up the darkest day you ever have.

Oh, after a long time sleeping I've finally made to go back here. I miss writing at HePo and it feels good to be back.
Aug 2019 · 172
wizmorrison Aug 2019
Oh buwan,
Nagtatanglaw sa kadiliman,
Kasabay mo ang mga bituin,
Tila isang mga pangarap—
Ngumingiti, nanghahalina;
Oh Buwan,
Ikaw ay kakaiba,
Tinutugtugan ka ng gabi
Isang musikang kinakanta ng mga kuliglig;
Ang sarap matulog sa iyong mga braso
Liwanag na mula sa iyo
Ay tila kinukumutan ang kabuuan ko.
Aug 2019 · 155
wizmorrison Aug 2019
Isang gabi,
Tila puso niya ay umiindak
Kasabay ng mga patak ng ulan,
Binabasa nito ang kalupaan,
Nagbigay ito ng isang musika
Na sinasabayan ng mga bituing kumikislap,
Mga ngiti sa labi'y kay tamis
Gustong-gusto niya
Tila nasa isa siyang panaginip.
Aug 2019 · 978
wizmorrison Aug 2019
Pinagmamasdan ko siya.
Nilapitan ko ng dahan-dahan.
Inamoy-amoy ang kanyang buhok.
Kinuha ko ang kanyang mga damit.
Hindi ko mapipigilan... siguro nasisiyahan lang akong malaman na akin lang siya.
Hindi siya sumigaw, hindi nanlaban.
Nakaupo lang siya pero nakatungo.
Ako ang una mo ako rin ang panghuli.
Ako lang dapat, wala nang iba.
Wala na siya...
Siguro nasobrahan lang ako sa selos.
Kaya ngayon wala na siyang emosyon.
Aug 2019 · 102
wizmorrison Aug 2019
I am a black ink from a pen
That stained in a crumpled paper,
A dark marked within the infinite—
I am a black ink from a pen
All that is left is mistake and dirt,
My bone cracks,
Hurt curled from within—
The pain slowly kills my writings
But I continue to write still—
Maybe the answers just hiding
Somewhere between the lines.
If only I could have asked him—
Instead, we only fight with knives,
Cutting each others flesh,
Hurting each other until we bleed—
Now guess, his surname is death,
And I can't find places to hide,
So please let me hold your hand,
Let my breath taste like summer
For I am just a black ink
A dark mark
That he forgot and left in the dark—
I'm just a tired writer,
He had all the strenght,
I am nothing like him,
I can't even repent.
I know I was meant to learn
From the mistakes I've made,
But all I do is burn them all
And made a facade words—
I can't change the world,
I couldn't even change his heart,
Just a stupid woman that loved a guy,
Now a black ink, a dark mark.
Jul 2019 · 173
wizmorrison Jul 2019
“One day he just came
We shared moments together,
We have laugh and play
And he told me he love me
More than anybody else.”
Jul 2019 · 205
wizmorrison Jul 2019
“Beautiful fairies
In the fantastical word,
Girls ask if you’re true
They wish they can see you once
Dancing, singing and flying.”
Tanka Poem
Jul 2019 · 259
wizmorrison Jul 2019
“If there’s a compass
That finds my fate, can I ask
Where is it pointing?”
Jul 2019 · 152
wizmorrison Jul 2019
“Once a false hope came,
He promised me everything—
It hurts ‘cause he left.”
Jul 2019 · 156
wizmorrison Jul 2019
“The jungle forest—
Lives Willie, the bear monkey
And he has sharp teeth.”
Jul 2019 · 98
wizmorrison Jul 2019
Today is the last day
But our friendship will be forever,
We will be apart
But you’ll always in my heart.

Another chapter is ending
But another story will begin,
Another page is turning,
A new page to write in.

We can go and move,
We can let go or hold on,
But the memories will stay,
It will stain in gray.
Jul 2019 · 7.9k
BUWAN by JK Labajo: Inverted
wizmorrison Jul 2019
Ako'y sayo ikaw ay akin
Ganda mo sa paningin
Ako ngayo'y natatakam
Dugo mo ay matikman

Sa ilalim ng puting ilaw
Sa dilaw na buwan
Papakinggan ang iyong sigaw
Na nasasaktan

Ayokong mabuhay kang malungkot
Sigaw mo'y musika
At gilitan ka hanggang sa dugo'y maubos
Halina't sa akin sumama

Sa'n kaya?

Sa ilalim ng puting ilaw
Sa dilaw na buwan
Papakinggan ang iyong sigaw
Na nasasaktan

Ang iyong ganda'y umaabot sa buwan
Ang tibok ng puso'y rinig sa kalawakan
At bumabalik
Dito sa akin
Ikaw ang gusto
Ikaw lang ang gusto kong patayin
Dala ko'y isang matulis na panaga
Ibig kong ika'y akin nang hatakin

Sa ilalim ng puting ilaw
Sa dilaw na buwan
Papakinggan ang iyong sigaw
Na nasasaktan

Sa ilalim ng puting ilaw
Sa dilaw na buwan
Papakinggan ang iyong sigaw
Na nasasaktan
Jul 2019 · 90
wizmorrison Jul 2019
I kissed her passionately,
She didn't respond to my kisses.
I hugged her tightly,
She just let me be.
I whispered I love you,
She didn't answer me.
I slowly stroke her hair,
But still her eyes are closed.
I let her lie in my bed,
And I lie down beside her.
I hug her and whispers sweet dreams,
Still her eyes are close.
I felt her cold pale body
And kissed her good night.

5:44 pm
Jul 2019 · 94
wizmorrison Jul 2019
I know wind is still here
He caressed my cheeks
And wipes away
My tears.

I have a wish
That no one tell,
'Till I spoke
So you could hear.

Look into my eyes
And you could see,
How my burdens
Gets heavy everyday.

I'm weary,
I fell, I cried, I crawl
And I yell...
How disgusting!

My backbone cracked!
My head is now bowed,
My heart bleeds
A thousand blood.

I shout from the dark,
They push me back,
They go for rush
And put me on a trash.

I grew up in prison,
Jail is my home.
All eyes are in me
Every mistakes they'll see.

My only wish
Is to be free
That have a life
Like them.
Jul 2019 · 1.1k
wizmorrison Jul 2019
"A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z"

A- anhin ang pag-ibig mo kung mag-isa ka nalang lumalaban?
B- initiwan na niya ang pangako ng walang hanggan.
C- are, meron ba siya nito? Pinaramdam ba niya ito sa'yo?
D- arating sa puntong makakamoveon ka rin.
E- wan ko sa'yo ba't ka pa nagpapakatanga.
F- unny, dahil sa sense of humor niya nahulog ka.
G- inawa mo na ang lahat pero hindi pa rin sapat.
H- inigit na niya ng tuluyan ang pagmamahal na itinarak niya sa puso mo kaya masyadong masakit ang nadarama mo.
I- iwan ka man ng lahat sa mundo, subalit ang Panginoon ay laging nariyan para sa'yo.
J- ust cry. Dapat **** ilabas yan at huwag kimkimin.
K- ahit anong mangyari may nagmamahal sa'yo; pamilya mo at si Lord.
L- ahat ng sakit at hapdi na iyong natatamasa ay may hangganan.
M- aging matatag kang harapin ang pagsubok ng pag-ibig.
N- aisin **** huwag tangayin sa baha na gawa ng iyong emosyon. Lumaban ka.\
O- nly you. Wag kang maniwala. Hindi ka nag-iisa.
P- atunayan mo na hindi siya kawalan. Na kaya mo kahit wala siya sa tabi mo.
Q- ueen, ikaw raw kasi ang reyna ng mundo niya pero salawahan siya. May Emperatress pa palang nauna na mas mataas pa sa'yo at mas mahalaga.
R- espeto, kung meron siya nito, seryoso siya sa iyo.
S- a tingin mo minahal ka talaga niya?
T- iwala lang, wag umasa.
U- nawain mo sana na pag pumasok ka sa isang relasyon hindi ka naglalaro lamang. Unawain mo na sa pagmamahal hindi puro ligaya lamang.
V- ase, yan ang turing niya sa iyo. Nilagyan ka lang ng bulaklak pero hindi pinapalitan ng tubig hanggang sa nalanta ka sa puso niya, in short sa simula ka lang niya minahal pero kalaunan wala na siyang pakialam.
W- ag ka nang magpakatanga next time. Wag paulit-ulit kasi pag nasaktan ka nakakasawa na rin minsan pakinggan ang salitang "ayoko na" pero ang totoo, tanga ka pa rin sa susunod na pag-ibig mo.
X- ylophone. Parang paulit-ulit na pinatugtog ang puso mo at pinupokpok kaya masyadong masakit para sa'yo at paulit-ulit **** mararamdaman ang tugtog ng hapdi at kirot na dulot ng pag-ibig.
Y- ung pangako niya sa'yo balang araw tatawanan mo na lang.
Z- ipper your heart kapag nakamove on ka na. Muli itong magbubukas sa taong... muling mananamasa at mananakit sa puso mo este magmamahal pala sa'yo hanggang sa iyong pagtanda.
Now you know your ABC
Let's play words
And sing with me.
Jul 2019 · 459
wizmorrison Jul 2019
A- Akala ko hanggang dulo ang ating mga pangako.
BA- BAkit tayo humantong sa ganito?
KA- KAhit kunting pag-asa, wala na ba talaga?
DA- DAting tayo ba ay tuluyan mo nang naiwala?
E- Ewan ko ba, sa isang iglap lang nawala ka na sa aking mga kamay.
GA- GAgawin ko naman lahat pero ang hirap nang mag-isang lumalaban.
HA- HAnggang kailan ang sakit na itinarak mo sa puso ko?
I- Isang kisap-mata lang nawala kang parang bula.
LA- LAhat ginawa ko at lahat binigay ko sa abot ng aking makakaya.
MA- MAsakit isipin na hanggang dito nalang ang ating pangako sa isa't-isa.
NA- NAnaisin mo pang lumayo kaysa manatili sa tabi ko.
NGA- NGAyon nasasaktan ako kasi nga mahal na mahal kita.
O- Oras na ba para bitawan ko na rin ang ating nakaraan?
PA- PAra saan pa ang aking ipaglalaban kung ikaw mismo ayaw na?
RA- RAson, paulit-ulit kong tinatanong pero iniiwasan **** sagutin.
SA- SA tingin ko tama na ang pagpapakatanga ko sa iyo.
TA- TAma na siguro ang aking pagpapanggap na okay lang ako.
U- Umaasa akong makakamove-on na ako kahit ang totoo matagal pa yun.
WA- WAla nang rason para mag hold-on pa.
YA- YAri ka sa akin pag naka move-on na ako, who you ka
Jul 2019 · 151
wizmorrison Jul 2019
Nang makilala kita
Walang pagsidlan ang aking saya,
Sa tuwing kausap ka
Ako nama'y tuwang-tuwa.

Ngiti mo man ay ‘di ko makita
Sa panaginip ko ito nakaburda,
Yakap mo man ay ‘di ko dama
Pagmamahal mo sa akin ay nakapa.

Ang boses mo'y hindi nakakasawa
Sa puso ko anong aking ligaya,
Nakakaaliw ang iyong pagkanta
Sa tenga ko'y nakakahalina.

Hindi ako nagsisising minahal kita
Sa piling mo ako liligaya,
Pagmamahal mo sa puso'y baterya
Nagpapangiti at kumukumpleto pa.

Mahal, alam mo ba?
Mahal na mahal kita,
Ikaw sa akin ang nagsilbing tala
Liwanag mo naman ang aking sigla.
Jul 2019 · 176
wizmorrison Jul 2019
Alam mo bang minsan na kitang naging paksa?
Ikaw ang laman ng tula kong may pagmamahal,
Hinugot ko sa puso ko ang mga kataga
Dahil para sa akin ikaw ay lubhang mahalaga.
Maraming salamat sa iyong pag-ibig
Para sa akin ikaw ang tala sa kalangitan
Hindi man kita abot sa aking mga kamay
Sa puso ko at isipan ay naririto ka lang.
Jul 2019 · 105
wizmorrison Jul 2019
Pakiramdam ko ay langit
Sa piling mo, anong aking ligaya.
Pakiramdam ko ay idinuyan mo ako
Habang kinakantahan ng awiting iyong paborito,
Pakiramdam ko ang saya-saya ko
Sa pagmamahal mo ako'y iyong napaamo,
Ikaw ang nagsisilbing liwanag sa kadiliman ng aking daan,
Kung ikaw ay mawala, kalahati ng puso ko ay iyong dala-dala.
Jul 2019 · 67
wizmorrison Jul 2019
From the earth I fall to the deep, deep valley
And come ashore like a running boat
And take away from place to place.
'Till I came to the lonely land and
I make it shine!
I make it bright!
It's so sheen like a morning star
Then I made a rainbow towards the mountain ranges
And a cool that flows from the mountain snow.

Oh, how I love my paradise
So wonderful, peaceful, colorful and beautiful!
The words that comes to me
It's so sweet like a honey bee!
Oh, how I love my little paradise

From the dark I fall like a star at evening
With a twinkling light that snugs my heart.
The ****** of the bell from the church that I have heared
Give light to the whole street.
I made a light
I make it bright
It's so sheen like a morning star!
I saw a star
A falling star
Towards the moving clouds
Until dark lights up
And the sun begins to rise;
Birds were singing, waters are splashing
The morning scent smells so good and new.
Suddenly the church's bells are calling
Ding... ****... Ding... ****...
Ding... ****... Ding... ****...
'Tis a sign that everyone are starting a new beginning
Jul 2019 · 55
wizmorrison Jul 2019
The morning is a
Blissful day for me,
It is the brightest
In all my way.

The evening gives
Peace to my mind,
The twinkle of the little
Star snugs my heart.

All things on Earth
Are precious and meaningful
And beautiful,
It made my eyes enjoyable.

Flowers, butterflies and sun
In the morning
The twinkle stars and moon
In the evening gives beauty on earth.

The cool rivers that
Flows from somewhere,
The fresh air all around
Gives comfort in me.

The beauty in the earth
Can be seen from somewhere,
It’s all God’s creation so
We shall praise his precious name.
Jul 2019 · 8.7k
wizmorrison Jul 2019
Wika ko ay siya ring wika mo
Tayo ay mga kapwa katutubo,
Pilipino ang ating sinisimbolo
Ano man ang ating kulay at anyo.

Wika ay pagkakaisa ng bawat isa
Pinagbuklod-buklod ang puso’t diwa,
Bukambibig ng maraming dila
Sa pagkakaintindihan siya’y itinakda.

Wika natin ay dapat na mahalin
Hindi natin dapat alipustahin,
Ito ay karapat-dapat na galangin
Ating ipagmalaki at ating tangkilikin.

Wika ay siyang sagisag ng ating bansa
Na binuo ng mga  mamamayang bihasa,
Dilang bihasa sa paggamit ng wika
At mahilig sa mabulaklaking salita.

Wika ko ay siya ring wika mo
Bumubuhay sa ating pagka Pilipino,
Pinapatatag ang ating hukbo
‘Yan ang tibay ng Filipino!
Jul 2019 · 25.0k
wizmorrison Jul 2019
Sa paglipas ng panahon
Mundo ay tuluyan nang nabago,
Kabataa’y apektado
Sa bagong lipunang minulatan.

Kabataan noon ay respetado
Hindi matitigas ang mga ulo,
Laging magalang sa ama’t ina
At sa mga nakakatanda sa kanila.

Kabataan ngayon ay babad sa social media
Naaapektuhan na ng teknolohiya,
Sa gawaing bahay ay tamad na
Kung utusan mo ay sisigawan ka pa.

Kabataan noon ay naglalaro pa
Ng patentiro, tumbang preso at iba pa,
Kabataan ngayon ay puro gadgets na
Nilalaro at kanilang libangan.

Nalulungkot akong isipin
Pero ‘yan ay ating yayakapin,
Nakikita ko rin na hindi lahat
Pero karamiha’y nailamon na ng makamundong gawa.

Kahit sa paglipas ng panahon
Mundo ay nabago,
Malaki man ang agwat ng pagbabago
Natutuwa akong may ibang kabataan pa rin na may mithiin sa bayan.
Jul 2019 · 239
wizmorrison Jul 2019
Kaygandang pagmasdan ang kalangitan,
Punong-puno ng kumikinang na yaman.
Nandito pa ang nakakabighaning sinag ng buwan,
Na siyang nagtatanglaw nitong gabi ng karimlan.

Kaygandang pagmasdan ang iyong mga mata,
Punong-puno ng pagmamahal at pag-ibig sinta,
Nandito pa ang nakakabighani **** ngiti
Na siyang nagbibigay ilaw sa puso kong ikaw lang ang minimithi.

Kaygandang pagmasdan ang kalangitan,
Punong-puno ng mamahaling kayamanan.
Nandito pa ang buwan na nagtatanglaw
Nitong gabing musika’y nag-uumapaw.

Kaygandang pakinggan ang musika ng gabi,
Kasing ganda ng busilak **** mga ngiti sa labi.
Nandito pa ang mga yakap **** nagbibigay saya
Nitong damdamin na mahal na mahal ka
Jul 2019 · 65
wizmorrison Jul 2019
When I look at the sky
I silently smile.
When I was a child
I thought its color is white.
I mock at myself
Thinking the clouds is the sky.

10:32 pm
Jul 2019 · 71
wizmorrison Jul 2019
If it rains,
I found wisdom and knowledge.
I become a poet;
I write my mind,
I draw my imagination.
It’s like music,
I found peace.

12:07 am
Jul 2019 · 220
wizmorrison Jul 2019
Ako ngayon ay nalugmok
Sa sulok nagmumokmok,
Malalim na mga sugat
Sa kahapo’y idinulot.

Ako ngayon ay lumuha
Ngunit hindi ako kawawa,
Tumulo lamang ang luha
Babangon rin ng kusa.

Ako man ay nadapa
Iginapos sa tanikala,
Araw man ay mawala
Sisikat pa rin sa umaga.

Ako ngayon ay gagapang
Papalayo sa pampang,
Lilisanin ang hinanakit
Sa dibdib na kay sakit.

Ako ay magpapaalam na
Sa mga sugat na alibugha,
Magpapatuloy na ako
Kakayanin ko ang mga ito.
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