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Sep 14
I decorated a drawing in my room,
Her cheeks are white,
Her eyes are dark brown,
Her lips are in the color of ruby.

Her gaze is really something,
Her nose is like bleeding,
Her dress are worn out,
I sometimes look and doubt.

I dream last night,
She screams so loud,
She cries for help,
No one was there.

No hands lift her up,
She's in so much pain,
She begged once again,
Every ear are now deaf.

I woke up wondering,
I looked closely to her,
She seems okay,
Who knows what's lying there?

The next morning,
I don't know where my drawing is,
Not a single trace of her,
Was I lost her?
Hello, I'm back! I think I forgot about my account here so I decided to check it out and yeah, I'm like a sleeping ugly poetess and now, I'm back on sharing you my fave thing to do, WRITING POETRY!
Written by
wizmorrison  22/F/Elm Street
(22/F/Elm Street)   
   BR Dragos
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