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wizmorrison Aug 2021
Running thoughts like water
Is flowing off my fingers,
It taste sweet like a candy cane of Santa’s sack.

My pen bleeds sugar
And I know it’s all because of your smile,
I’ve wrote poetry even without a rhyme.

My palm releases warmness,
I’ve written words from my lips
As remembering your sweet embrace.

If only I could dance,
I would love to do that
But all I do is to write with a pen on my hand.

My mind is singing lively
While hugging your gift Teddy
In the middle of the night while everyone’s asleep.

In my blank notes under my lampshades,
I am writing a poem for you,
A poem talking about your greatness.

I have lots of masterpieces in my pocket,
All thanks to you as my fuel,
I’ve written books because of you and only you.
I'm back!
wizmorrison Mar 2021
The ink?
The ink is the tears
For a mourning writer
Who found refuge in writing.

The ink,
A black stained scars
From a writer's heart
Who carve their thoughts in blank pages.

The ink...
It serves as a photograph
From a writer's mind
Through pen and paper.

The ink
Is like a paint,
The brush is the pen and
The canvas is the paper.
An ink is always be a part of us writers.
wizmorrison Mar 2021
Crowds are everywhere,
Busy transportation,
It's about to rain;
I'm still walking alone,
I don't have any idea
Where to go—
Raindrops started pouring,
What do I do now?
Where do I go?
My home is gone,
They leave me at six
What do I do in this busy street?
A short tale of a homeless kid in the street.
wizmorrison Mar 2021
Terrified eyes looked into mine
Bloods dripping through my knife,
I shook my head and back out,
It was over,
I can never recover,
Few minutes you close your eyes,
You never breathe nor you cried.

Believe me when I say this,
I am not bad,
I am not bad,
Just confused all my life,
I am afraid,
Yes I am!
Please don't be frightened,
I am not.
I am not mad at anyone,
Can't you see I am just hurt?

Is it my fault to drag you in a hole?
I heard your screams,
I saw your hand waving,
Suddenly you came unannounced,
Saying I am a monster,
No I'm not!
I am not bad!
I am just confused all my life,
I've been living in a lie,
I've been locked in a pitch black box,
Is it my fault?
No it's not.

Cold blood stained my hands,
My sniffs turn into loud sobs,
I throw myself to the ground,
I scream in the top of my lungs,
Your lifeless body beside me,
Seems whispering in my ears;
Blaming me for the sin I didn't do
I never killed you.
| March 19, 2021
wizmorrison Mar 2021
The bags under my eyes
Can't support the weight
Of stress I carry everyday;
The bags in my eyes,
Can't carry the heaviness
Like my world is tumbling down;
When does my bridge fall down?
Retrieved from my Coffin of Thoughts in wattpad @WizMorrison
wizmorrison Mar 2021
You tore me into pieces,
You tore all even my last pages;
You leave me nothing
But a bleeding heart,
You leave without turning back
And took the last piece in my lungs.
Hi, it's been a while. It feels good to be back.
wizmorrison Dec 2020
I'm dead but alive,
Some people buried me
Behind the graveyard;
They destroy my name,
Now what happened to me?
I'm walking naked,
I face people without a head.
From Coffin Of Thoughts
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