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wizmorrison Sep 14
I decorated a drawing in my room,
Her cheeks are white,
Her eyes are dark brown,
Her lips are in the color of ruby.

Her gaze is really something,
Her nose is like bleeding,
Her dress are worn out,
I sometimes look and doubt.

I dream last night,
She screams so loud,
She cries for help,
No one was there.

No hands lift her up,
She's in so much pain,
She begged once again,
Every ear are now deaf.

I woke up wondering,
I looked closely to her,
She seems okay,
Who knows what's lying there?

The next morning,
I don't know where my drawing is,
Not a single trace of her,
Was I lost her?
Hello, I'm back! I think I forgot about my account here so I decided to check it out and yeah, I'm like a sleeping ugly poetess and now, I'm back on sharing you my fave thing to do, WRITING POETRY!
wizmorrison May 29
After a long years you’ll end up saying why me?
Of all people why me? Yet answers will just flee.
Pretending to be all right you let your tears fall
And let yourself get drowned in the stormy rainfall.

They will tend to push you off with a ****** words
You are trying to fight among those huge wave forms,
Do not just get tired of throwing breads unto them
But just do not let them hurt you just stand up firm.

When someone criticizes you do not feel mad
Just do not stop listening, dear never get tired,
When someone say bad things to you feel it at heart
Do not say a lot just show them you didn’t hurt.

When there are rumors and gossips about you spread
Dear, never to show your flaws instead cried out loud,
Do not simply let them wreck your life’s cursor
Look forward, someday they’ll bow and says your honor.

I know wind is still here and he will wipes your tears
I know that our lives is not about happiness,
The tighter you hold the rose the more pain you get
Believe in yourself and one day they will regret.
Just keep going. Stay on your lane. There's a brighter future awaits you there.
  May 15 wizmorrison
I wish that I could
write happier poems.
I wish that I could
be a happier poet.
I know my work is gloomy
and I tend to repeat myself,
I wish that I could
make the reader smile
instead of feel my pain.
I really wish that I could
write happier poems,
but it’s just not in me.
I wish I could do so much more with these words. I wish I could be happier.
wizmorrison Dec 2019
Do you really fear the darkness?
The roar of the storm?
The slash of lighting?
The clash of thunders?
Go face them, Darling,
Go fight them!
Be strong, Darling,
Be brave again!
Go hungry and cold like a polar bear,
Go fish like a stork.
Your feet and palm will thicken,
Your beauty will fade,
You’ll grown haggard and weary
But I’ll assure you,
You’ll walk like a man!

10:38 PM
wizmorrison Dec 2019
by Wizards_Pen

I am attached with sunset,
I am attracted with the bay,
For the blood of wanderer is on me
And my soul is in the sea.

There is beauty laid there,
With a pebbles and sands so precious,
My heart has gone aboard its view
For the island of beauty and blues.

I must sail again tomorrow!
With the pretty sunset I must be,
Sail down on the waves of travels
In the wonder of the sea.

wizmorrison Nov 2019
Bulb tickles in the darkness,
Its light are tinkling in shadows,
Up, up, up above!
It shows high and swim in the dark,
It lights up the darkest day you ever have.

Oh, after a long time sleeping I've finally made to go back here. I miss writing at HePo and it feels good to be back.
wizmorrison Aug 2019
Oh buwan,
Nagtatanglaw sa kadiliman,
Kasabay mo ang mga bituin,
Tila isang mga pangarap—
Ngumingiti, nanghahalina;
Oh Buwan,
Ikaw ay kakaiba,
Tinutugtugan ka ng gabi
Isang musikang kinakanta ng mga kuliglig;
Ang sarap matulog sa iyong mga braso
Liwanag na mula sa iyo
Ay tila kinukumutan ang kabuuan ko.
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