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hayley Aug 31
anyone else read old chats with
people and realise how much your
relationship with that person
has changed and you're just like...
hayley Aug 29
the picture never changes
but the people in them do.
hayley Aug 25
once you cross the
line with me, things
will never be the same
with us. i don't care
how old it is.
can anyone help me think of another title???
hayley Aug 21
from my number one
to the one i can't even look at.
our friendship slipped
out of our fingers
all due to your
lies and fake personality.
hayley Aug 20
your name is constantly stuck
in my head. i always think about
your misdeed even in bed and
the warning signs that i wished
i had read earlier. it was a big mistake
on my end that i let my oblivious
self block out your fake side.
hayley Aug 20
you chose to be petty
and sensitive over something
that was sorted out,
yet you say that i'm
the immature one here?

your loss,

- ex best friend
i had a best friend. we were best friends for 3 years and i moved schools to be with her, big mistake. she started to get ****** over things like how i listened to the same music as her and she would get so petty over the smallest things. i just had enough of her crying over everything. it's her loss. i'm no longer her shoulder to lean on
hayley Aug 20
i often fall into a trap where
i become naive and fooled by
hayley Aug 19
there's something that
you don't know about me.

it may look that i am
satisified with life
but the inside is
a whole other story.

on the inside,
i am weak
i am insecure
i am hurt
i am alone.

i struggle with who to trust
because one day someone
could be my best friend,
then they become a stranger the next.
one day my best friend
could be listening to my rants,
then they are telling everyone about
my feelings the next.

i don't know who to trust because
these days everyone's shady.

i wish that i could have a friend
that would
not lie to me,
not keep secrets from me,
not leave me in the dirt,
not leave me thinking whether they
like me or not,
not be fake.

i want a friend that is
but unfortunately, that is no longer the case.

please let me know if you're
willing to do these things
because if you're not
then leave now rather than me
finding out you did something behind my back,
causing my heart to shatter.
hayley Aug 17
they say that "a good friend feels good for the soul but a fake friend is a toxic drain"
i had the faith to say
that my best friend was loyal,
that my best friend was trustworthy,
that my best friend had a pure heart and soul,
that my best friend would never talk about me behind my back.
i believed that i could trust you with anything
yet, i had been played.
little did i know that
my life was wrapped in a **** lie.

we went from talking
until 2 am,
to 2 hours a day,
to 2 minutes a day,
to 2 days ago,
to not speaking at all.
my heart aches to watch my you leave me so suddenly
however, they say that
everything happens for a reason.
my mind tells me one thing but my heart tells me another;
either i try to regain our friendship and get hurt again
or completely remove you from my life.
one day i miss you dearly,
another day i have nothing but hatred towards you.

at the end of the day,
you had betrayed me.
you led me into a revolving door of disloyalty and constant lies
where i was trapped.
nobody hurt me the way that you hurt me.
i constantly ponder to myself..
was i lying to myself that we were true friends just to sense happiness?
i would sit and smile,
pretending that everything was okay
but eventually i revealed what was really underneath
my fake smile.
you left me crying myself to sleep at night.
i had to lie in my bed,
and sob quietly
so no one could hear me.
then the next day,
i acted like i was completely okay.
two years of our friendship and time thrown in the garbage...

"the one i thought i trusted
ended up being the one who stabbed me in the back,
lied and became that person who they said they wouldn't be.
i've been so different and i've been at my worst
because I've had people use me,
lie to me,
stab me in the back,
and put me down to the dumps"
surprisingly, you were the one who quoted this.
you were the one who truly left me hanging
and put me down.
i feel so stupid because i let my naive and innocent side of myself take over me.
my introverted self gave you the freedom to do whatever you wanted with my life.
i was willing to do anything for you,
as long as i pleased you.
i went too far where i let you manipulate me
as if i were your puppet
where you easily controlled me through your fingertips.

every friend i made,
every person i spoke to,
every person i sat with,
whatever i posted on social media,
was according to your will and orders.
you taught me a life lesson:
i learnt that no one could
ever manoeuvre me the way that you did.
from my number one to the one i can't even look at.
our friendship slipped out of our fingers
all due to betrayal...
leyana Jul 21
I see a girl with an intention
In her eyes I see nothing but tension
So, I walk in front with great caution

She has a cruel heart
Who tear his love apart
Dashing forward like a dart

Her name stuck in my head
I think about her misdeed even in bed
Warning signs I wished I have read

An evil girl
With bad intentions
Please be aware of her possessions
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