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ky Jul 19
I'm so sick of people
pretending they want to
stay in my life
when they really don't.

So if you don't want to
treat me well,
then you can just leave
—because I'd much rather have
a few true friends
than a bunch of fake ones.
Wipe those ***** on your mouth.
Bitter people will always be entitled.
Envy, that's what you feel right now.
The worst is you keep eating it all.
How fool are you?

And to you my friend,
You always idolise your best of friends.
Aren't you worried about something you don't know?
The rope you keep pulling on is the one who cut you slowly.
Do you think you deserve it?
Well, Indeed!
You deserve what you tolerated my friend.

Ohh! Look at those best of friends.
The one is pulling her up while the other one is cutting her down.
How shameful are they?
Ahhh! I really enjoyed their fake laughs.
It makes me shivered!
How fool are they?

© Unatnat03
RV May 2021
I helped her,
I helped her all I could.
She never did the same in anyway..

I helped her
I helped her every time she complained
I tried to remove her pessimistic personality
I tried to bring out her shine

But all she did was forget the friendship..
and drained my soul.

i've learned that friendships like this aren't really friendships.
wizmorrison Dec 2020
Why did you leave, my good friend?
I miss your poisonous voice
that is swimming in my thoughts.
Why are you disappointed my dear?
Isn't it enough to intimidate
Every inch of my broken nails?
Frommy dark poetry collection Coffin Of Thoughts. Visit my wattpad account @WizMorrison
Erica Girone Jun 2020
You need to watch how you spend your time
Putting others first and leaving yourself behind
Ignoring red flags and misreading the signs
Granting others serenity only to lose your own mind
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