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16h · 23
Will we?
By the shore.
Where we met.
When the water
s w e p t
our toes
and you
s w e p t
my heart.

On that bench.
In the park.
Where the wind
b l e w
my hair
and you
b l e w
me kisses.

Will we ever
do that again;
the things that we did then?
Will we ever
be called
or is it now
just a you
and a me?
17h · 47
If you want to...

If you want to, then you will.

~ A fellow pianist

It was said in Russian, but I tried my best to translate it.
Зла достаточно;
любви нет.
Но знаете ли вы,
что любовь это наш свет?
Хватит делать зло, делай добро.
Сделай это, чтобы всем
не только для моих русских друзей, но и для всех, кто может понять.
Not only for my Russian friends, but for everyone who can understand.
20h · 31
A Flying Dog
I dreamt of a flying dog.
This poor puppy
had a unique talent;
it could fly.
But it was
to show the others,
it was shy.
It was afraid
of what the others would reply.
Inspiration came to this puppy
when it saw a
flock of geese
fly by.
The poor puppy
covered its head with its paws,
and started to cry.
And that's where I come in.
I walked by
and say this poor puppy
standing by.
"Go on, little puppy,
go on, fly!
The puppy tried,
and flew with the geese,
and it was the most beautiful scene!
I felt so special
helping someone get somewhere
through there dreams.
The puppy flew,
as did my heart.
A true dream that inspired this poem.
21h · 150

Other days,
I put my
in the fridge.
Or is it just me?
2d · 95
No words
There are no words
in any
that will help me describe
I think I will have to make
some new ones
in order
for our conversations
to continue.
You are too good for any words!
3d · 342
Four Letters
It's only
four letters
put together to make
a word.
Living this is like a living in
a different world.

No sorrow
no pain;
no worry,
no blame.

It's only four letters,
spelling out

L     O     V     E

yet its outcome
is strong and more than enough.
And you can make it happen and pass in on to others.
4d · 310
Nothing Better
There's nothing better
in the evening,
thinking about you.
At night,
dreaming about you.
In the morning,
waking up
remembering you.
6d · 238
Dark eyes
Through your

dark eyes

I could practically see
the future.
I prefer not to
look into them again.
6d · 117

I'm not perfect.

My life has some typos.

Sometimes I might write
instead of

But let me tell you
a quick little
fun fact...
well neither are you!

Sometimes you might write
instead of
None of use are perfect, but we are in our own little ways! So don't judge others just by what you see.
7d · 82
▶️ Play the   moments   

             ⏸ Pause the    memories  

                        ⏹ Stop the   pain               
                                       ⏪ Rewind the   happiness
7d · 113
Perfect Circle
expected me
to be a perfect circle.
With no sharp edges or rough
corners. I'm sorry, but I'm not perfect
in the way that you want to me
to be. I am perfect
in my own
All of us are!

When life shuts

a door...

open it again.

It's a door,
that's how they work.

Mar 15 · 325
I'm retired.
I was tired yesterday
and I'm tired again
Mar 15 · 73
The Moon
moon shows
the way without asking
for anything in return.
It is a great
With some help from the stars...
Mar 14 · 270
Talking to yourself
advantage of
talking to yourself
is that
you know at least
somebody's listening.
:)  Yes, I talk to myself. Sometimes I need expert advice!  :)
Mar 14 · 99
Still Tense
I was
from the start.
Inside my chest was
a fast beating heart. I was
worried that you wouldn't like
me, even though I arrived ten minutes
early. I was thinking about the best way to
greet you, and then suddenly began to think if
it was a bad idea to wear blue. I didn't even notice
when you appeared, and you must have thought I was
so weird! I stuttered on my first sentence that I had planned for
so long, and I instantly felt as if I did everything wrong. "I'm
sorry." I whispered. "You're doing great!" Did he really
say those words? "Sorry, I'm just a little nervous."
"Don't worry about it." he said as he put his
hand on my shoulder. "You'll do great, I
know you will." he said. "And I know
this because you're
If you're curious about the format, usually when I'm nervous, I think about stairs. I know it doesn't look like stair too much, but here it is! Please tell me what you think, is it too much rhyming, do you like it? I love hearing from others, whether through comments or messages! :)
Mar 13 · 68
Inside my head...
pokes me in the shoulder with a sly smile
You're home alone. Should we do it? Oh, who am I asking, let's do it!

N-n-no thank you.
shakes head
What if someone finds out? Do you even know the consequences!?

Oh, you be quiet!
yells and pushes
No one's ever going to find out anything! Do it, you'll feel so good!

Well, yes, you will feel good.
smiles and giggles
Real good, in fact. Remember what you felt like last time you did it?

I don't know.
frowns and shrugs shoulders
You don't want to lose your life or the things you love, right?

_ Conscience:
No. Stop. You know the consequences, and last time, you just got pure lucky that no one found out. Do. Not. Do. It.
Think about yourself, about your family, about the things you love. Do you really want to lose them, do you!?

Ok! Ok! Stop yelling at me, all of you!
hands on my head, confused and frustrated
What am I supposed to do when all of you are yelling different things in my face! I don't know; I don't know!
Just a script of what's going on in my head. I don't know what to do!!! Feel free to give feedback, whether through comments or message!
Mar 13 · 115
Special Friend
I did
not know
what special
I owned.
All until I lost you,
then I truly saw your value.
All of your words
came true,
and without you,
my life
became blue.
Mar 13 · 119
Sounds like a fantasy




To me,
it sounds
like a

Though I hope it's not just a fantasy!
Mar 13 · 77
Sun Rays
Yo are
in your own ways.
The sun
can't be so big or
so bright
if it didn't have
all those little rays.
My point being, you are who you are and you add up to what we are. Each and every one of us can do something great if we come together and try.
No one
is ever


We just all have
different levels

What do you think?
Mar 12 · 193
Messed up the first time

so just because I messed up
the first time,
doesn't mean I'll mess up the
second time, too.
Just give me
a chance
and I'll show you.
You judged me by my
first impression
and that's not always
the best.
I guess
the first time,
I was nervous and
a little stressed.
Mar 12 · 334
Question to the Stars
will I ever shine like you?"
I asked the bright night stars.
The stars


and answered
in response;
"It you desire it,
then you shall.
I remind myself
of the words
the stars gave me.
I will try my hardest
and hope that
I can join them and together
we can be.
Looking up to the stars...
I am currently
under construction.
Thank you
for your patience.
I know
I'm not always the easiest
to deal with,
but in my defense,
teenage years
aren't always the easiest
to go through!
For all those who deal with me on a daily basis.
Mar 10 · 59
A 'Cell Phone'
I finally realized
that people are prisoners
of their phones.
That's why it's called a
"cell" phone.
Wow! I just realized this! And it actually makes sense! :)
You've made me
and made my day.
are the reason
I'll be smiling
Mar 9 · 135
Truth Hurts

but sometimes,
the truth
I did not
mean to scare you
with these words.
it's just the way
the world
Luckily, sometimes the truth doesn't hurt too bad.
Mar 9 · 816
Bloom in the mud
Be that
one flower that
in the mud.
You can't always
where you want to,
but you can
wherever life puts you.
Mar 9 · 52
I'm sorry.
I think you've
make my day so bright,
I going to have to
wear sunglasses
so I don't lose
my sight.
There really are some special and bright people our there!
Mar 9 · 88
A Great Listener
She sat

right down

and listened to everything
I had to say.
Not once did she
show any sign of wanting to
go away.
She sat there and listened not making
            a noise. And when I was done              
                   talking, I knew that talking                  
                               to her, I had made                                  
                          ­                    the right                                                
Turns out my dog is a great listener! :)
Mar 8 · 76
Little White Lies

out of my mouth they
just  f l y .
I don't know why,
it's not like I try.
But I guess
in my mind,
I have a whole supply!
Use some here
                               use some there,
I use them everywhere.            
Will they harm me,
I don't know.
But I think I should stop,
I mean, they're just little lies?

I was just think of lies and decided to make this, I don't really know if it sounds the way it sounded in my head. It sounded pretty good in my head. :)
Mar 8 · 439
Daisies and Sunshine
I'm not
looking forward
daisies and sunshine.
The only thing
I'm looking forward to
is the
of your
Mar 8 · 130
Judge me so fast
I don't know why
you think
it is
to judge me so fast.
For you haven't
even read my first page,
yet you already
Mar 7 · 130
I thought of you
I thought of you
only once
I just never
stopped thinking.
Mar 7 · 204
We are poets
We are
no matter what others say.
or age
does not
come in our way.
We will write
what we feel
and sooner or later,
these wounds
will heal.
We are
We are poets! Write on! :)
Mar 6 · 965
Every road
Every road
has its puddles.
Every person
has their troubles.
Every life
has its struggles.
No matter what you face
in your path,
you can still rise up
like an
Go on! You're strong! :)
Mar 5 · 96
No one should have to
No one
should have to
live to

hear your arguments,

see you hurting others,

feel the pain you give,

see the results of your yelling,

cry themselves to sleep,

feel like their voice is no enough to be heard,

feel like they are not good enough to be noticed.

should have the same chances
to be who
and what
they want to be.
And everyone should experience and remember a great childhood.
Mar 4 · 114
U n t i l   h e   p r e s s e d   t h o s e

s i l k y   k e y s ,

I   n e v e r   k n e w   t h e

e m p t y   s p a c e

i n s i d e  o f   m e .

T h e  m o r e   h e   p l a y e d ,
t h e   m o r e

I became.
The space in me
was no longer hollow
and soon began
His music filled my soul like air fills my lungs.
Mar 3 · 527
Two Apples
A little girl
has two apples in her hands.
"Can I have one, sweetie?" her mother
asked. The girl looked at the two apples
in her hands and took a bite out of both
of them. The mother tried to hide her
disappointment of what her daughter
had just done. The little girl looks
up at her mother and hands
her one of the apples.

"Here mommy,"
she says,
"This one is sweeter
Sometimes things are not the way they look. Don't judge by what you see just on the outside.
Mar 3 · 198
Miss all the fun

Follow all the
miss all the

Break those rules!
Mar 2 · 47
Clean its self
Why can't the house
clean its self?
It seems to get *****
by its self!
I am not a big fan of cleaning...
Mar 2 · 95
It's like you know!
It's like you know
when I need a
b i g smile
and a
good laugh!
You are always there for me
when I collapse.
True friends...
Mar 2 · 228
I feel safe
telling you all o

BIGGEST worries,
d a r k e s t  memories.

Because I know that you
will love me
no mater what.
Mar 2 · 98
You always
warm me up with your
sunny ways
and brighten all my
cloudy days!
Mar 1 · 191
Loved you are
Loved you are,
loved you
will be.
You are
special and unique.
Mar 1 · 120
The way you listen
I love
the way you listen
to everything
I say.
No one has ever
done that to me before.
I don't want you to leave;
please stay.
Mar 1 · 61
I saw a cat
I saw a cat
outside my window;
decided to write a poem
about that.
It's big yellow eyes stared up at me
and it's long, black tail
looked like a rats'.
I thought that if I'd look long enough,
I'd start to talk to about stuff.
It looked like it
knew so much about love,
his eyes were flying like a dove.
I stared at it
for a while longer,
every minute getting closer
                                            and closer.
I stepped outside,
gently opening my hand.
The cat came closer
and started chewing at what I gave him.
His gently purr
relaxed me
and there we were,
sitting together like we were
friend forever.
I felt like I really needed to write something about the cat outside my window, plus I was kinda board. Hope you enjoyed this! :)
Mar 1 · 62
Small Town
Small town.
Familiar faces.
I would pick this place
out of all places.
Where kindness is contagious
and love spreads like fire,
this is the place
that makes me like
a writer.
What can I say, I just love living in my small town! It inspires me so much!
Feb 28 · 250
One by one
It starts with us,
one by one.
To make this world
more kind for everyone.
Kind words
and caring hearts
help heal
those wounds
and disappear scars.
It all starts with you and me...
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