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Oct 11 · 96

You said you never would.

You said it be real pain.

You said it'd cost too much.

But now my tears are


like rain.

You're causing me to fall apart.

I knew there was something about you
from the start.

Yet something about you...

I have no idea...
Oct 10 · 109
Fall Apart

It's ok to
fall apart.

Tacos fall apart
and we
still love them.


Also, I'm just a bit hungry...
Oct 10 · 101

It's ok to make a

It's a
not to try.

Oct 9 · 91

Something I should tell myself more often:

5 extra minutes
you spend in bed after your alarm
do nothing but
make you more late.

Perhaps you can relate.
Oct 7 · 126

Monday is a horrible way
to spend
of your life.

I know the math might not be absolutely right, but still...
Oct 7 · 56
A Strong Password

I changed all my passwords to


so when I get it wrong
it says:

Your password is incorrect

Just something I read somewhere that stuck in my head.
Decided to share it with you, my friends.

Hope you had a laugh :)
Oct 6 · 54
Thought Check

How can you tell what's on
your heart?

What is the most important thing
that you think about?

The last thought you have before going to sleep


the first thought you have when you
wake up.

Just quickly wrote this down before bed because it wouldn't stop bothering me.
Sep 28 · 82
Fix It

Flat tire?
Give it some air.

A tear in your clothes?
Stitch it up.

Dead car battery?
Use a jump start.

Ripping tights?
Add a drop of nail polish remover.

Loose nail?
Use a hammer.

Clock stop working?
Change the batteries.

Bleeding finger?
Get a Band-Aid.

Squeaky door?
Use some oil.

Not feeling well?
Go see a doctor.

Broken heart?
Not a cast,
not any amount of duct tape,
not any doctor,
not any batteries,
no type of stitch,
no kind of Band-Aid
no matter how much money you have,
will never fix it.

But if anyone has any ideas, I'm ready to listen.
Sep 28 · 1.8k
Prime Numbers


They go on and on.

An example of life?

In life, you can only count on yourself.
And when you take out all the
little factors
of your life,
you are the only

Count on yourself. Believe in yourself.

*Note: I've been thinking about prime numbers a lot recently, and so I decided to make something out of it. I know it's not really a poem, but here it is anyways.
I hope you enjoy.
Sep 24 · 163


Just stop.

Right now,
right here.


Whoever you are,

whatever you're going through,


The best thing you can be is you.

You are you,

and you are

Everyone needs to hear and see more of this: be who you are, do what you love, be yourself.

I wish that people all over the world would give each other this message, and that everyone would love each other and be kind.

Let's make it happen :)
Sep 21 · 88
True Power

When tears threat to come,
I pick up my guitar and start to
s t r u m .

And every chord has great meaning to me,
A minor, C sharp, G major, B.

I play those strings,
and they play me;
and clean.

I hug it's body and my fingers dance;
I play as if it's my last chance.

I hug it tighter and close my eyes.
It's a heaven;
a blessing in disguise.

It may be dead
but it's so alive,
it invigorates me and
makes me survive.

Six strings on my guitar,
bringing me

so close

and yet

so far.

The relationship between me and my guitar.
I'm serious; if it weren't for my guitar(or any of my other instruments) at times, I bet I wouldn't be here today.
Music has true power.

I'm still thinking of a good title, so please let me know if you have any! :)
Sep 19 · 195
Mom Quote

If you take too long to cook dinner,
everyone will just end up
eating cereal.

Even though I'm a kid, I do this all the time
Sep 19 · 45

This is what I feel like
Sep 17 · 188
Give Up

I will give up.

All of these problems and struggles,
I've had enough.

I don't want this weight
on my shoulders,
I want all of this to be over.

My strength  is thin,
and I'm beginning to fall apart within.

I want to give up.

But I don't.

I don't want to give up.
But do I have to?
Sep 16 · 284
I am Human

I am human.

I make mistakes.

I learn.

I fail.

I succeed.

I am not perfect;
nor do I want to be.

I want to be free.

I want to be different.

I want to be unique.

I want to stand out.

I am me.

And the best you can be is yourself.
Sep 13 · 133
If only...

If only...

if only,

if only,

if only.

But it's always

more than just that.

Sep 13 · 94

It left.

Too fast.

Just enough for us to feel the heat,

but not enough.

The fragrant aroma of
daisies and roses,

and the warm ocean water in which
we dipped
our toes

Nights under the starry sky.

on the gentle grass,

But now the days are getting shorter,
and winter is just
around the corner.

And without the sun,
the earth doesn't grow.

Just like without you,

my heart is cold.
Sep 13 · 64
The Gloom in Your Eyes

The dull look of your eyes,
full of hatred
for the whole world.

What has happened to you?

Why is there no longer
that sparkle of love,
that shimmer of happiness,
that glitter of fun,
that glow of kindness.

What has happened to you, my friend?

you are no longer who you were.

And I,
whatever happened,
am not sure.

People change. Let's just hope they change for the best of ways, not for the negative.
Sep 12 · 186
I have returned
The time has come,
and I have returned.
And in the time I was gone,
there is much that I have learned.

No matter where you wander,
and no matter where you go,
true friends will
be there,
waiting for you to return.
Hello to everybody! I am back! :-)
So happy to be here, where I know that I fit in and am always welcome.

Dedicated to all of my friends
Jun 6 · 232




Goodbye friends

Leaving Hello Poetry.
Thank you so much for all of your help, my poetic friends. I will miss each and every one of you dearly.
Jun 4 · 952

You made something


into something


With an old T-Shirt, a marker, and the best of friends, I made myself a treasure.
Jun 3 · 858
для себя
Мне больше
ничего не нужно
для себя.
Tолько нужна  
любовь твоя.
I only need your love.
Jun 1 · 254
Love Language


is a language that the

blind can see

and the

deaf can hear.

A quote I heard from somewhere and absolutely loved.
Jun 1 · 153
Stress Highlights

Some people call them
grey hairs.

I call them
stress highlights.

Jun 1 · 395
Leaving this place

My poetic friends;
beloved and dear.

I am here to tell you the news
that I so badly fear.

This wonderful place
where I've met some of my
bestest of friends
is sadly now coming to an end.

My life calls be further,
to go on and beyond.

To go on and to do
what I truly want.

This place is my home,
and no matter where I shall roam,
I know that here,
I will always be welcome
and where my friends
shall be near.

Unfortunately, I will be leaving this wonderful site soon. I cannot thank all of you enough for welcoming me, helping me, and enjoying my poetry.
I love you all and will never forget any of you.
I hope that perhaps, if time allows, I will be able to come back with more poetry and visit.
With love,
Masha Yurkevich
May 31 · 188
Learn to rise

I've learned to rise;
to get up when I fall.

Because it's every fail that makes it count,
and in the end it is all.

It might not really make sense, but I feel much better after writing this.
Still, I hope you enjoy.
May 30 · 266
Too much


too much of a good thing
is a
bad thing.

Something my teacher said and I liked.
May 28 · 244
Too hard. Too easy.

I tried so hard,
and your heart wasn't soft.

But you gave up too easy,
and left me so lost.

I don't know; just something that was gnawing at me until I shared it.
May 26 · 92
Save Paper

Save paper.

Don't do homework.

My new excuse...
May 26 · 244

Seeing a spider in my room isn't scary.

It's scary when it


Anyone else with me on this one?
May 26 · 151
Busy Day

I'm having a horribly

busy day




carbon dioxide.

No, really...
May 26 · 319

If evolution really works,

then why do mothers only have

two hands?

Dealing with us, they need a couple thousand of them. :)
May 25 · 143

Let's eat, Grandma!


Let's eat Grandma!

Use commas. Save lives.
May 23 · 242
Hard Workers

Hard workers
are only rewarded by


more hard work.

But I hope that it will all pay off in the end.
May 20 · 203

But if you laugh enough,
they will blend in with your laugh lines
and get lost.

Something I read and really liked.
Hope you like it too!
May 19 · 205
Extra Mile

I have made up my mind to
go an extra mile
for anyone.

Something that popped into my head an Friday on the way to school.
And I'm determined to do it all week...
May 18 · 230
Three Sides

I have three sides:

1. The quiet, sweet, and shy side.
2. The fun, loud, and crazy side.
3. The side you never want to see.

I think we all have side Nº 3.
May 17 · 349

Hi there.

I invite you to spend the rest of your life
with me.

feel free.

But please also note,
that without you,
my life is

For my perfect future someone...
May 16 · 119
Bad Day

I'm having a bad day and trying to look for things to make it better.

I'm alive, I'm well, I have a home, a family. Shouldn't I be happy?
Ugh, today's not a good day...
May 16 · 92
I'm not the kind...

I'm not the kind to give on up,
though often I may feel like it

I'm not the kind to let you down,
my hand will always be here.

I'm not the kind to hold a grudge forever,
no matter what you've done to me.

I'm not the kind to stray away from you,
I will always be near.

I'm not the kind to treat you bad,
even after what you've done to me.

I'm not the kind who doesn't care,
I will always worry.

I'm not the kind to bring you down,
I will always pull you up.

I'm the kind to try to do the best to you,
even if you have not done the same for me.

Now go back and just read the sentences in italics.
I have never done this before but always wanted to.
Tell me what you think...
May 15 · 105


so hard


so easy.
If you get what mean...
May 14 · 172
Today's Menu

Today's Menu:

2 Choices...

1. Take it


2. Leave it

What will you choose?
May 12 · 147
Children fed,
stories read.

Doctor visits made,
new toys bought and played.

Favorites dishes cooked,
memories from childhood.

Energy spent to play,
children asking for different things everyday.

Hugs and kisses given,
those little moments that you'd give your heart for your children.

School projects made,
cookies baked.

Sleepless nights with tears,
happiness mixed with fears.

Patience thin as paper,
but children can make it thinner with their behavior.

Punishments and fights,
feels so wrong but you know it's right.

our very best friends.

They always know what is the best.

Through the stress of life and dealing with us,
they will never give up.

Happy Mother's Day to all those mothers out there! You are a superhero and much more!
Though your children may not always say it, they love and treasure you so much! :)
May 12 · 121
Jurassic Park

Raising kids is a walk in the park.

Jurassic Park.

A good way to prepare for
is to talk to rocks because they have similar
listening habits.

Yep, I'm guilty of being a rock to my parents sometimes...
May 12 · 540
Weird mom

Having a weird mom builds character.

Yep, I can tell you that right now!
May 12 · 264

Life doesn't come with a manual...

it comes with a mother.

May 12 · 219

милая моя.
Kак же я люблю тебя.

May 12 · 878

If you're a mom,
you're a


May 11 · 91
Where she will remain
My vision starts to blur;
my words start to slur.

The world around me starts to go at a snails' pace,
and I forget where I am,
this country, city, or place.

The words you're saying make no sense to me.
Strange feelings flood me, such as happy, anxious, and very angry.

I'm not sure what's going on,
all I can tell is that I want my mom.

I'm yelling,

her name.

Suddenly she's next to me,
and I know that's where she will remain.
P.S. This was just a bad dream...
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