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Masha Yurkevich Nov 2020

I'm twisting, turning,
sweating, burning.
What's in my mind is so disturbing.
The world is falling,
People are mad like angry beasts.
I open my eyes but the remain closed,
showing me this world that is
out of control.
I pry my eyes but the refuse,
exposing this world of issues.
I don't want to see this;
its far too ugly.
People are mad, everything is ******.
I want to wake up from this nightmare;
where is the other world, where?
But I don't wake up, not now, not ever.
This is the nightmare we are
living together.

Anastasia Jun 2019
I open my eyes.
I’m drowning.
Dark water surrounds me,
I can feel them.
I see nothing but water but I can feel them watching me.
Laughing at me.
I can’t breathe.
My lungs burn.
I can feel their gaze on my skin.
I can’t do it.
I have to breathe.
It goes dark as the water fills my lungs.
Butterfly Jan 2019
I made you cry,
Way to many times
But you keep saying that you're fine
And babe....
Am really trying to love you more and hurt you less.
Why won't i find a way?
I made you cry for a reason i don't get
But i can't get it of my chest.
So i still don't get why you love me?
Am just a bad dream,
That won't let you sleep.
It's messing with my head
Why won't i find a way to love you more and hurt less.
Thorns Nov 2018
Laughing at a funeral

Kissing him goodbye

Letting him break both our hearts

All bad things

Seeing your mom's husband kiss a gay dude


Maybe if I pinch myself hard enough

I might wake up from this bad dream

This bad dream

JS CARIE Oct 2018
The left of center
are in north bound throes of a dupe
and can't begin to forecast this wonder of polluted marvel,
in the morrow
my optics discharged in a catastrophic traversal

While whimsy and accidental feels like I've taken pills
a power rain this sobbing has spilled
No longer to be contained based on sheer will

Attacked by neurotic transcending
While sifting through files and photo stacks
Came across multiples of your smiling face
From when I shot you, a couple hundred miles back
No one would dare debase the abundance of your emitted grace

Bloodshot mist eyed and blind from tears
control lost during transport steer
Drips off my cheek pouring down my chest
Could make great sense to don a life vest
Filling up floorboards like a spraying firehose
Shattering cascades diamondize the windows
A single glance at an image turns farmland into rural seaquake
If they interview my lifeless corpse what a headline this will make,
turning tragedy into a foolish mistake
people will curse and laugh
Paved over roads now films unseen
when dusk fuse night from the weep my eyes dispensed
Elements effected by incidents
Rising waves climb over to decimate interstate 65
All over a tiny tear drop and her sweet smiling photograph
pk tunuri Mar 2018
I saw it  with my eyes
Though blurred with tears
I could see those smiles

Thought it was my bad dream
But, she is very happy with him

Should I move on?
Respecting her decision!
Should I pretend?
As if, I just wanted to be a friend!
The tears we shed when we see our girl with some other person always feel like a bad dream. But, should we move on respecting her decision?
Reya Lindgren Aug 2016
it's just a bad dream
it's all in my head
only this time it's happening
in real life instead
so every night
when i enter another world
i see you with your hands
on some other girl
and when i finally awaken
i start to cry
because it just doesn't stop
after opening my eyes
you used to hold me tight
when i'd have a bad dream
patch all my holes
and sew up my seams
“it's just a bad dream
it's all in your head”
only this time it's happening
in real life instead
lowercase intended.

— The End —