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Amanda Mar 5
A moment was all it took for my heart
To violently shatter and painfully fall apart
Will I ever halt these frustrated tears?
At this rate I will be sobbing for years
You let this relationship crumble; you can't deny
Smashed my heart completely; watched it suddenly die
My home now haunted by ghosts without names
Is it a graveyard for both of our shames?
Abandonment I attempted but failed
Every goal they followed and veiled
It seems impossible to shake
Apparitions my mind creates
The best part of being the last one to move on
Hearing you are better with me gone
I drain my pen of daily sorrow
It took being empty to fill with hope for tomorrow
It's getting easier to close wounds and mend
Write the damage to better defend
I hate I so easily let you back under my skin
Beaten into submission finally say you win
Sometimes the ghosts win.
Andrew May 2017
Somebody call Ben Affleck
We got phantoms in this *****
This endless haunted mansion
Their presence pervades
No company
In this lonely labyrinth
Only phantoms
The only figures resembling humanity
Are the corpses of those before
Who couldn't navigate this torturous structure
And of course, the masquerading phantoms
My soul they aim to puncture

I tried closing my eyes
But I just kept running into walls
I tried sleeping through it
But I just sank deeper into the basement
When I attempted to join the phantoms
You were there
You waited until I was hanging there
On the rope
And eviscerated everything
The rope in shreds
Your heart then fled
Leaving me alone again
Lying in my exhausted blood
The phantoms sensed my desperation
And took advantage of my disorientation
So I ran to the darkest recesses of the basement
To retrieve my blindfold and sledgehammer
But is my hammer powerful enough?
Will visual impairment abstain the trickery of ghosts?

I put Sisyphus to shame
With the determination I utilize to demolish these walls
But the phantoms are devious
They ***** new facades
Thicker, sturdier, with odder textures
I destroy them all the same
It just takes a bit more time
And time means nothing
To a man who's sole purpose is knocking down walls
And cowering from apparitions
Yet a man means nothing
To a time ruled by phantoms
Nathan A Brock Feb 2018
My eyes play tricks in the night;
sitting in a dark room,
light streams under the door,
upwards it fades into the dark.
Phantoms waltz across the floor;
and o'er the stream
their foot falls fade into the light,
appearing dimly as they slowly
twirl back into the dark of night.
So slight, the visibility
of their shapeless silhouettes,
I strain to see the lovely
dancing illusion before me.
Shadows sometimes play tricks on my eyes at night
Sobriquet May 2017
My new lover is an old ghost,
who picked apart armour
left bereft by rust and rain,
to sit inside my ribcage
once more throwing pebbles at my heart

I did not welcome them
to my table
or to my bed
but this ghost holds me close inside my bones,
and each morning,
I entertain a phantom
that clamours to be fed.
Rafael Melendez Jun 2016
Phantoms burnt prints into his bones, left behind marks and indications to let the world know of the vacant vessel he was abandoned with. A hushed physical being that never spouted a murmur of spirit. A vessel in need of a soul to split.
RW Dennen Oct 2015
I decided in the name of tradition
to send "Night Phantoms" out
every Hallows Eve since I had found
success and traditional suggestions made
by some, which I highly appreciate

In addition, a new verse or verses
Will "mysteriously appear every Halloween"
DARE you find the new verse or verses!?
Well, here we go again;
WARNING!! pray hard and good luck...he he he

...Wisp of the willow
waning of sun
sounding breezes;
the phantoms
in "Willow-Wisp-Run"

Sail on the night air,
phantoms will scare
with gathering of night clouds
in darkness of air

Moon on the dark-side
as dead leaves fall,
visions of shadows
embracing us all

Phantoms caress us
on a dancing wind
Their breath be of coldness
upon your goose-bumping skin

Green eyes of burning,
night phantoms we see,
your body will shiver;
your soul to be free

Night specters in black
in "Willow-Wisp-Run"
like black-widow spiders
and sticky webs spun

Down the dark basement
a slithering spot moves
enticing phantoms
to eat of its ooze

Death now surrounds you
in thickness of air
Flies on the ceiling
and foul smelly air

Screeching of night things
hooting of owls,
the song of these spirits;
the dancing dead,
breath comes in tremors,
feet cannot run
feeling the night air;
wishing the sun

Whispering willow,
waning of sun;
voices of phantoms
in "Willow-Wisp-Run"

          Second mysteriously rewritten   10-??-20??
Solaces Oct 2015
should u ever see me under the light of the night..
hear my song through the darkness and silver glow..
hold my phantom hand in this place of remembrance..
know that I have never given up on you..
i am still trying..
Ghost and Phantoms
Amanda Jul 2015
When dreaming, you enter a world that is entirely your own.
But what lies beneath the surface is something completely unknown.
A playground of wishes and dreams,
So happy it may seem.
But too happy too late
None recognize the fate that is buried beneath the shone.
Mystical thoughts that are buried within,
Haunt and terrorize the tender young kin.
A place of peace and sleep,
That one struggles to keep
Is swept from them all too fast.
At last! The fiends have their way,
To destroy and demolish the dreams of play.
Beasts unleashed in these little minds
and are pleased at what they might find.
Terror and horror and all the above
This is what they do and what they love.
Innocent minds try to break free,
But what help will that bring for you or for me?
written when I was 15
Rochelle R Jul 2015
We collided like a train rushing in from behind,
Your memory and I.
My breath stuck in my throat, unexpectedly.
Tears stinging my eyes, staining my cheeks, involuntarily.
Has your ghost been lingering, shadowed,
Waiting to spring upon me like a serpent in the grass?
Don't tempt me with that shattered past.
I'd gladly place the shards of history's heart back into your hands.
Blatantly disregarding every reserve my mind fires,
Happily risking it all just to taste our youth.
Begone with you phantom! If that's what you are.
Stay only if your monstrosity lingers well into our future.
soldiers at my door, buying meat
I am parts, bolts, circuits
to them, I am the gas prices
but they were never there
phantoms leaving footprints
they may be mine
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