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xavier thomas Sep 2022
She placed me as her best friend.
Finally pulling me out of her “friend zone” because she failed to grab the man she really wanted.
ZACK GRAM Jan 2022
You shot me with area 51 Osama
I burned a country with Jimmy
I shot it down


Ten cha gillion rounds
Cash appeal

Nigdaw Oct 2021
underpass gallery
where urban Picasso's
tag the walls as their own
having never paid a penny
in tax to offer compensation
for their spray paint intrusion
or maybe a **** and *****
or just *******
freedom of expression
being let out from under
the thumb of authority
mum and dad
school teachers
social workers
this is their voice
crying out into the darkness
of the unknown hereafter
that scares the **** out of them
perhaps we should listen
they are the future
perhaps we should be down there
with them
some of us could do
with a bit of freedom of expression
let some hair down
while there is still some left
to let
Zoe Mae Jul 2021
Is my car really that good on gas?
I mean think about it...
And, what's that spltoch on the ceiling that's been here since I moved in a decade ago, and is now starting to look like a gigantic two-headed cherub? What is that brownish stain actually made of?
I mean think about it...
And, is Philip Michael Thomas still alive?
I mean think about it...

Mind blowing
Just Maria Jul 2018
When I was a kid, Summer was so much fun
Playing and laughing all day in the sun
We would all gather for a game of tag
Or running a race to the finish flag

We would think of ways to try and stay cool
Like going for a swim at the public pool
Drinking tall glasses of cold lemonade
While sitting under a tree in the crisp shade

Riding our bikes up and down the street
Waiting for the ice cream truck for a popsicle treat
Staying up late with my best friend
Hoping that Summer would never end

I'm grown up now but it's just not the same
The loss of innocence is such a shame
It's been a long time but they're still  very clear
Those summertime memories that I hold so dear
Summer is here and it got me reminiscing about those fun days I spent as a kid playing  with my friends having so much fun during summer vacation once school was out
Jim Jan 2021
I am trying to feel anything
Like others across the land
With senses dulled
And feelings cold
Here alone I stand
Marie Nov 2020
Knusprige Croissantlippen nähern sich ihrem sanften Kaffeekuss
Ein glückseliges Einatmen … Ausatmen

Der Tag wartet geduldig im Türrahmen
Spriha Kant Sep 2020
Genuine polite and humble men are often misunderstood and tagged as flirty.May be because they are rarest of all the species , I guess.
Come here kids and listen
We're gonna play a game
It's just like tag, a little
And Covid is it's name

The whole wide world is playing
It's a simple game to play
Everyone has cooties
The idea is stay away

The game has no time limit
It may last a month or more
You can win it if you listen
That's what this poem is for

You don't want the cooties
You don't want to be it
The idea is keep your distance
This game may take a bit

One way to block the cooties
From getting in your space
Wash your hands like we do
And do not touch your face

You don't know who has cooties
Who is it and who is not
So, stay close like we tell you
And then you won't get caught

This game is really something
I'll tell you when it's done
Just follow my instructions
And we'll keep on having fun

So, one, two, three...we're playing
Don't let the cooties in your space
Wash your hands like I do
And do not touch your face
how to explain the Covid-19 to little kids without scaring them
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