Savannah Dec 2018
Meet me at the world's end,
I'll tell you those three words I am afraid of.
The same ones I don't understand,
I've saved them just for you.

I await you here,
at the edge of all that is known.
Plunging into inky waters that lie before me,
I look to you as the I am swallowed by the ebony sea.

Will you pull me from the fathomless depths?
Or will you watch me...

Chase me, the way I chased you when we were just kids. When were both unaware of the consequences of being in love with someone like me.

Will this love be the burning breath of air I long for, or will it drag me to the depths where the light cannot reach?
Slime-God Nov 2018
There’s nothing to be pleased about.
There’s nothing here but sorrow.
There’s nothing left to go without.
There’s nothing but Tomorrow.
sandra dryer Nov 2018
were playing tag
having fun
were screaming
but were smiling
were laughing so much
that were crying
"tag your it"!

but then they grew older
we went our separate ways
i thought we were best friends forever
but things changed
i couldn't let go

"i'm not playing!"
"get out lets have some fun"!
"you'll never leave again
once i'm done"!
she wasn't smiling anymore
and i was laughing so much
she was crying
but then they stopped
i was crying

"tag .. your it...."
Pyrrha Oct 2018
I think the longest game of tag I'll ever play
Is where I've been it and I'm still chasing you
Kewayne Wadley Oct 2018
Maybe tomorrow
I'll admit that I was joking.
Comparatively walking forward.
Pretending I saw what I couldn't.
The rustling of leaves,
Allocation to how far the fall.
The optimism of smiles.
After all, I've know this whole time.
When & where.
Deliberately stealing glances.
The second, third, forth
Consciously known that you'd find me sooner or later.
My role through the renewal of perspective.
Maybe tomorrow you'll forget &
I'll joking walk up to you.
Smile and say "Tag, your it!"
Knowing that you've been it this whole time.
The rustle of leaves growing louder.
Having known that I revealed myself without a word
I might seem strong to you,
Truth is,
I'm just too broken to ask for the help I silently need.
How am I still here?
I'm too selfish to remove myself from the equation.
Why are you still here?
Because I lie to myself and tell myself that you are.
Because I'm terrified of losing everything I'll never receive.
Because I live under the assumption that I'm worthless because all past evidence points to it.
Because I'm broken.
And If I ask for help,
I'll probably break you too.
And break myself even further.
Because I'm afraid of everything.
Because I'm not,
Who we think I am.
I secretly hope no one reads this because I don't want you to know how broken I am. I only wrote this so I wouldn't break down and talk to you.
There was a cloud in the sky.
I looked up and it was a heart.
It beat with the wind and took its time to grow.

You sleep in me. Silent in your dreams.
We dream together of journeys through waters and coffees and stars.
The curve of your nose is like half of a heart.

My nose isn't the right shape.

But you dream on. Oblivious and aware.
I say the words and they echo.
The vibrations fall as I do.
And you catch me. I am light enough.
To fall like a devil into the arms of an angel.

We look back down and into each other's eyes.
The cloud is no longer there.
it's hard to believe that I'm so in love with you
am so,

i need a friend.
i want to talk to my friend



you'll be a burden, she's busy.
she's got more important things to do.

then..who do i talk to?


but, you're me.

am so,
i want to fall asleep,
and when I wake up.
I want it all to have been,
just another nightmare
Ivy Leigh Sep 2018
Big and full
and so lonely.
I want to break this circle
return to play
and the way things were
at the beginning
of my new birth.
Craving and empty
words come out of my mouth.
The beauty sits in my ****
or at the bottom of my stomach.
I'm beginning to think
its only tangible form is in my writing.
For it isn't in the relationships I share.
They are not there.
This feels to me like a first page type of poem.
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