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Nigdaw Jul 21
Virginal linen
Clean sheets that are washed of sin
Unsoiled by past loves
Planejane2 May 19
I can’t be another ***** falling to the same old trap...
Sitting in some ******* because I love yo ***?
Nah, this **** hurt but I’m done with that
On your part, on my part we don’t need to be involved in that.

How you give yourself physically and say it ain’t like that
But you praying with her, spiritually, how you doing that?
You out her ******* and ******* and you spending cash
On a baby, **** is crazy, hope you happy with her ***.

Siting in my face, got me thinking that
Im the one that’s doing wrong. Got me feeling sad
For your *** cuz you tricking me to think like that
Male manipulation, scary, beware cuz you’ll  end up going out sad

Praying for a sign, yea I got that
Ball is in your court, ima go and take it right back
Yea it hurt to leave, but it’s gone be more bad, tragic, Star-crossed accident, if I stay cause I will **** yo ***.
Johnny walker Feb 23
As we walk throughout
our life leaving traces of
our footprints to where
we go
But just like the traces of our footprints start to fade with passing time and as life draws to
Like footprints on a sandy beach washed away without a
By the In coming tide just as If we've never been here
Our life fragile like foot prints on a sandy beach washed away with the In coming tide as If we've never been here
Johnny walker Jan 25
It was like crying tears In the rain knowing life would never be the same
tears that were hidden by so much rain no one really knew the way I
For I never let my feeling show I never once let anybody know just like tears washed away by the
rain without a trace of me ever having cried at
The day she went away and I was left here all alone knowing life for me would never be the same so I guess I'll continue to do my crying In the
Like crying tears In the rain they would be washed away so no one would really no the way I was feeling
Poetic T Jan 12
Collect me like raindrops,
     For I will always fall to you.

Never shall I dampen your resolve,
    But invigorate you.
Never to see a shower,
      But a moment that never falters

Instead of just a thousand words
                With no voice.
Only A moment
where you are cleansed
                    with a thosand waves
Washing you clean of sorrow.
Desire Dec 2018
Six-word poems for the season
Johnny walker Nov 2018
My times are changing so
fast, how strange my life
does seem, different but
just a short time ago a life
of being a happily a married
man, years ahead still to
come I thought how wrong
I was
Then all gone like washed
away with the evening tide
only our loved ones miss
us left with just our photos
and the memories If not for
those, no one would even
know we'd ever been
Photos memories washed tide gone married
happily wrong
Isaac Nov 2018
Each and every passing day
Will all be washed away.
So live exactly how
You have always wanted to right now.
Be the person you dream of being,
And make the decisions you know are freeing.
Written 10 November 2018
Shadow Dragon Sep 2018
Glaring light
and white
Steam and
high pitched
Running water
spreading warmth
spreading legs.
Silky cloths
for the freshly
bathed human.
Confusion and
worried faces
all washed away
by lukewarm
bathtub water.
Isaac Aug 2018
a trillion years passed
this moment not the last
no human thought this far
the world lost its scar
of death and decay
now washed away
time a river to stay
from God's throne to play
love the eternal dawn
a world reborn
Written 8 August 2018
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