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Chandler Feb 2020
A harsh winter breakup
Heist of a jewel
End times of the dead
Terrible tragedies
Fear personified in one
Wars that ask
Have we been fighting in vain?
There's a film for it all.
Andrew Jun 2019
Some may say
that you are “strange”,
but why would that matter?

With over 7 billion strangers,
and each different in their own,
what, then, is peculiar?

Contrary to popular belief,
amidst meaningless meanderings,
I say:

“there is no such thing.”

A. I. Myles   o3 June, 2019
They say “Variety is the ‘spice’ of life.”
Priyam May 2019
Welcome to our society
Where we live in anxiety
They will judge you for being drunk
And some will for your sobriety
The lowlifes that inhibit it
Come in all varieties
They divide you in the name of religion
To pray the same deity
So I welcome you all to our society
Where we live in anxiety
Krizhe Ming Sep 2018
Everything begins
As a blank slate
Just so is Life

Like an artwork or a masterpiece
Magnificient as it is
Like a poem or love song
Beautiful as it is
Begins in a blank slate
Just so is Life

With perfect melody
Of personalities and experiences
Variety of tunes
Of knowledge and skills
Colors burst in each blank of slate

Life will be
Tabula rasa, usually translated as 'blank slate' is a philosophical concept that means when a person is born, his mind is completely empty.
Leila The Kiwi Nov 2017
We all have different selves,
some of which we're yet to meet.

Eiler Jun 2016
Some gulp,
others sip.
So much lovely variety
to the lip.

Many the blend,
together wedged -
some smoothe to the tongue,
others hard edged.

As we do differ -
so doth the taste.
Without that difference,
too much waste.

Variety rules!
Husband or wife,
water or whisky -
contrast is life.
the other day
I occupied a chair
at a sidewalk café
watching the vanity fair of the quotidian
float by in quickly changing apparitions

an endless flow of different ages, nations, fashions,
skin colors, miens, ****** expressions, postures & gaits
kept passing through  my field of vision

it made me wonder why
some people get so furious
when they  just hear about
    not even meet
    the ‘others’ different from themselves
that they start dropping  bombs and shooting rockets

I think they rather should be curious
and eager to discover
how the immense variety of humankind
can help expand a locally grown mind

and recognize
that we are all of the same kind
Ronney Apr 2016
Not up to the standard

That normal demanded

I was a random

An outsider abandoned

But as we grew older

Choices Became more bolder

normal became variety

Building up our society
~ the common perception people have come to believe  is that normal Is being the same as everyone else, that not right that would be conformity.

~Normal has always been people's individuality

So here's a lesson

~ own it, your individuality I mean because that makes you normal you'd be the normal you and that's what we want from you :)
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