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NaNi Apr 15
But it’s always us in the end , holding the hearts we gave away, us the ones who love hard, the ones who look outside of self, who feel for people And things outside of themselves. Us, those who will end up hurt and torn in the end by the people they only wanted to love and be loved by.
We still love even after heartbreaks.
NaNi Dec 2019
Please know , I didn’t leave because i wanted to. I let go because you left me no other choice. I’m never the type to give up so easily & drop you. I’m the type to give you chance after chance even if you’ve done me wrong. I’ll do whatever it takes to keep you however toxic you may be, even if it’s hurting me, breaking me, only because I don’t want to be remembered as the person who hurt you. As the person who “left.” I’m not the type to give up on people or let them go, but if ever I decide to, please understand it took all the air in me, all the energy in me, all the strength & courage to do so. I don’t give up easily. I don’t let go easily, but if you give me a million small reasons to walk away, I’ll walk away after my cup of chances runs out, knowing i gave you my all & i tried my best. Not giving me a good reason to stay, is a good enough reason for me to leave. So i hope one day you realize how much i truly did care for you. I promise you’ll miss me being there, putting up with your **** & refusing to give up on you. You’ll regret everything you’ve ever done to hurt me. Including all the damage you’ve caused.   One thing will always remain true, i loved you , cared for you, respected you when all i got was pain. That’s a scar that will always stay.

I gave my heart to the people who I thought deserved it, when they actually deserved it the least.
NaNi Jun 2018
I keep hearing this idea that true love takes your breath away, but i don’t agree.
He didn’t take away anything. He was the one who reminded me to breathe when i’d forgotten how. He was the one who knew my heart better than I did & reminded it to beat when I felt irreparably broken. He gave me more than I ever hoped for, & that is a love most people will never understand & a love I will never let go. I have the person I never want to stop making memories with.
NaNi Apr 2018
So completely in love
my heart is tight in your grip
making my legs weaker & weaker
grasping for air as we escape each other
a love so strong we created peace

You’re so handsome my love .
NaNi May 2017
I missed death by a split second
my hands had no time to sweat
heart no time to race
no goodbyes would have been said
my legs began shaking uncontrollably
I fell to my knees thanking God for his mercy because i almost didn't get a chance to meet him
NaNi Dec 2016
I see the sun in your eyes
the sky through your smile
your laughter paints the universe
I feel the oceans breeze through your touch
and earths peace through your kiss
you are the epitome of love
the beauty in all beasts
and in you I found my world

NaNi Dec 2016
the past cannot be undone
what is done is done
& what wasn't now is
acceptance is closure
the present is your gift
make sure the past isn't interfering with its growth
because you can go nowhere really fast
& your future is now dependent on the past
which of course won't last

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