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Zero Nine Jun 2017
The breath of the wind raises hairs on her neck.
She breathes out a clouded breath of whiskey fire.
Outside the venue, she kicks her shoes, waiting.
Where's the loser on the drum kit?
She knows she blows the set with her absence, but she can't
Stop tapping her heel at the wall, measuring splits in bricks
With her nicotine fingernails.
Where's She? She's such a *****.
The whole day closes in, in an instant, night descends.
Her twentieth cigarette dances in a rush to end it,
But her eyes catch sight of the mauve and indigo sky through
Buildings over bridges. Twilight ignites her quarter candlestick.
Outside the venue she kicks her shoes, waiting.
Outside her lonely lungs drink carcinogen
to an eager death with smokers. Cough.
Cough cough cough
Cool as ice.

Love you all.
mark john junor Feb 2017
Quixotes is a dream,
It's a fireplace and songs
Its strong friendship and
beautiful moments shared
It's a thought that guides souls
to a peaceful way
It's wood and brick paint and posters
built with gentle care and loving soul
Quixotes is a world away from the world
where dance is freedom
Laughter and joy are the air we breath
Song a rich tapestry that tells the tale
of how we came to be
Song a river that has flowed thru our lives
in this palace, in this beautiful dream
Quixotes is a sweet jem
sparkling in the sun
forever home for our hearts
Quixotes is a music venue i used to work at, i was the nightwatchmen
Many waiting ruins from yesteryear,
Begin to beg for play, for sharing.
Spaces left hollow, only by lack of play,
By lack of bustling movement.

These ruins wail the aural ecstase,
Like a holographic butterfly effect,
Still there, yet causing memories,
Effecting wanton, screaming for times gone by.

These ruins they lay still, a picture yet,
Passers by gossip the new owners,
Its orphaned attendees are those who scream,
In their minds, in their hearts.
A poem for a meeting place recently shut down, for music and celebration. There were other functions to the building beforehand, hopefully still others.

— The End —