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CautiousRain Mar 24
Haven't you heard
that breaking and entering is an offense
and that maybe every attempt
you make to barge into me,
every door you bust open,
every single step forward
into my soul, my energy,
against my will, is trespassing,
and I'll be ******
if you think I won't
take care of a wiley trespasser
like you.
an oldie from march I had just sitting in the abyss
AM Feb 2016
no one ever did what he does
since he is particularly odd;
like how he kisses my lips
as if they're made of vanilla
and he loves the taste of it
lingers on his tongue
or the way he laughs with me
like I'm his bestfriend
while playing with my hair
as I rest my head on his chest
he'd hum lullabies through his wrapping arms
making all my doubts fall asleep

and unconsciously,
I'm in too deep

— The End —