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Amanda Dec 2019
Verse 1:
Our eyes meet
Feel the heat
Have to take a seat
For a beat
I can't speak
Can't even breathe
You sweetly sweep me
Off my feet completely
Weak in the knees
Can't help but stare at your back
Hoping you'll look up and stare at me back
I would approach you but I lack the tact
Fuckboys all that I attract
Does not take a genius to see that
Out of my league and that's a fact
Working up nerve to make some sort of sound
That exact instant you turn around
I tell by your smile you feel the butterflies flutter
In your gut
Get up
Put one foot in front of the other
Strut towards me
I am struck
Muscles melting like butter
Ask for a light
My voice is stuck
But I stutter
A muttered reply
****** up
Not even drunk or high
You ignite not just your cigarette
But a fire inside
Exciting sides of me I thought had died
I can't hide

I'm a spacebound rocketship and your heart's the moon
And I'm aiming right at you
Right at you
250,000 miles on a clear night in June
And I'm so lost without you
Without you

Verse 2:
I finally feel like I have reason to live
Maybe an angel like you could forgive
For the things I couldn't give
For all of the dumb things I did
No joke
I tripped over you and fell
Too deep of water to swim so I flail
For a moment forget where I am and can't tell
Apart from copycats imitating well
Be exactly like us
They want to excel
In a phony heaven but life is really hell
Scream my color but the world is black and white
And backdrops move but you remain in my sight
But you found me alright
The truth in dead of night
Like a screenplay I might write
And for once get it right
Sitting there in front of me like I got my happy ending tonight
I felt simple for the first time in my over-complicated life


Verse 3:
Processing in your head what the **** I just said
Marriage is a concept way over your head
So you reject my proposal with a shake of your head
and break my heart as easily as you break communion bread
Walk all your good intentions out the door instead
If you don't want to spend your life with me you might as well be dead
Alas the long awaited impending end has arrived with dread
I grasp at missed chances but every last one has fled
My mind keeps on warping
How much more can it bend?
Till it finally is broken?
Hoping for days tears will end and peace will be awoken
I toss and leave my fears with you to keep as a token
Use silence because this time goodnight is better left unspoken

I should have never expected you to feel the same
I shall embrace the misery and face the constant pain
Escape from day to day sorrow and give in to the stress
While body sleeps my brain will fly away and reminisce

I tried to write my own lyrics to Spacebound by Eminem but I feel like I failed
Juliana Oct 2019
Once I spoke the language of the flowers,
They're looking a little bit dull.
Past the pits where the asphalt flowers grow
For we have some flax-golden tales to spin.
Have all been complaining they're tarnished and worn,
How did it go?
How did it go?
Inspired and a Remix of  "Somebody Has To," "Where The Sidewalk Ends," "Forgotten Language," and "Invitation" by Shel Silverstein
Yue Wang Yidhna Oct 2019
-You only live on
If you live on
In the consciousness
Of the living-
I mustn’t let my words
Be tethered to something
As momentary and timely
As my name or me


These words are beyond me
Beyond a being whose
Conscious awareness
Of possession and loss
Is a mere fraction of an almost
Indivisible moment
Compare to the near-eternity
It could live

These words are beyond my name
Beyond a few useless letters
That would not survive through
The sift of truth if the rest of it
Could be of any merit
It must be free to the world
If it helps even one single
It’ll live on within them
And not rot and wither
In my keep  

These words are beyond me
They came from a place deep within
They came from a place exterior to my

I did not invent words, phrases,
The fragments of ideas
You can see all that came before me
Within every thread
Every ink drop
Every curvature of a letter
Waiting to be spread

If it is meant to be
You’ll see me in all that’s to come
Within every brushstroke
Every unrequited letter
Hesitant to be sent

These thoughts are beyond me
They came from a place deep within
They came from a place exterior to my

Every atom I touch entangles
With my soul, with my mind
A wave of ceaseless expression-
From a familiar place
Perhaps it is from a friend’s
Poetry I just read
Perhaps it is just another
Shattered piece of my
Tattered heart
Or from a strange country
Perhaps where no travellers
A glimpse of what is still
Beyond me

These expressions are beyond me
Sometimes the essence of it has
Ever been present everywhere
I cannot call it mine
And over-protect it
Like the lonely child I had always been
And not allow
The seeds of the dandelions of
To spread perhaps nameless
Through the wind
And grow in its own right
Into a field unending of love
And a brave new world
Unimaginable existence

Take them freely, and transform them
If it is of any use to you
For if it is not meant to be
It’ll return to ashes and dust
When it's beyond me

If it is of any merit for the longevity of
Artistic existence
Let it live on beyond me
Recognizable or nameless
It is up to fate and He who is
Beyond me
For within a blink of time
I too will be
Beyond me

So let it be, let it live on
If it is ever meant to be

Jean-François Millet’s
The Angelus
In Salvador Dali’s paintings

Jean-François Millet’s
Various works
In Vincent Willem van Gogh’s
Brilliant copies
And the Dorés he adored
And the Japan of his dreams
Even Émile Bernard
Earned Vincent’s “Translations”

James Abbott McNeill Whistler
Charles Rennie Mackintosh
Pearl S Buck’s
Admiration and emulation
Of the World of the Far East

And if Paul Gauguin never
Ever painted his beauties
Of Tahiti

O, the endless list of things
We have always
And we will always
Live on beyond the presently
Living on with the shed dust
Of great souls
Now beyond living
Live on in the words
Of the youth that
Has taken on the

You only live on
If you live on
In the consciousness
Of the living

If I must be nameless
Let me be the seeds
Caressing the birds in the wind
Even if I could ever leave
A name in the dust of time
The awareness and concern
Of its possibility
Is well beyond me

Despite all my insecurities
I cannot hoard the right
To my trivial ideas
And knowledge

If I were to have any faith
In them
Or in the Great Valley of
The lightness of Being without
Tedious Ennui
In Him

I must leave to the world
All my thoughts for the
Beyond Me
Beyond Me
By: Yue Xing Yidhna ****
October 10, 2019 15:12
Imanuel Baca Jul 2019
You may look like a piece of paper.
I want to start over

You like to talk on paper
Like a card house
One of the internal storage

It seems that you are getting deeper and deeper
Six foot challenge
But no one heard

Do you know how late are you?
"The people around you know

You have to turn off the lights
It will be fine
This is night after night.
According to July 4th

'No children are your employer
Come and show what you really need.
Let them go, "Oh, wow, hey!"
You shoot the air

The child has a fire for you
They come to pay the money
Let them go, "Oh, wow, hey!"
You give up on them.

Like a sling
You are the source, indispensable
If you know what will happen
After cold creep

Maybe all the doors are closed.
It can be unlocked
Beat your heart like a donkey
If you know, as time goes by

You have to turn off the lights
It will be fine
This is night after night.
According to July 4th

'No children are your employer
Come and show what you really need.
Let them go, "Oh, wow, hey!"
You shoot the air

The child has a fire for you
They come to pay the money
Let them go, "Oh, wow, hey!"
You give up on them.

Cheek tree
Better than the month, month, month
It is always by your side, you, you.
It's time to release it.

'No children are your employer
Come and show what you really need.
Let them go, "Oh, wow, hey!"
You shoot the air

The child has a fire for you
They come to pay the money
Let them go, "Oh, wow, hey!"
You give up on them.
Cheek tree
Better than the month, month, month
Cheek tree
Better than the month, month, month
So I ran Katty Perrys song through Google translate and  a few different languages. It ended up pretty interesting and in my opinion a lot more poetic than the original so i am posting it here.
The rainbow tune
Old or new, the lyrics
Every nook and corner, we mix
Emotions on display
Love, pain or loads of fun all under the sun
Rains of comfort, calm and peace
Write as you please
The Rainbow remix
Sharing thoughts
chichee Dec 2018
The morning light shines a lifeline-
escape is what I need.
but tell me if I run away,
How long will I bleed?
I'll give you my best side
tell you my best lies.
Go on and light a cigarette
Set a fire in my head tonight.

Ever thought of calling when
You've had a few?
Spitting out this talk 'cause all I want
is you saying
Come over here and sit next to me
I'll run to you till I
Can’t stand on my own anymore.
Hoping, praying,
Wasting borrowed time-

I'm first in the water,
Too close to the bottom,
With eight seconds
left in overtime-
It’s not love,
but it’s better than
All lines are lyrics from my favourite songs: Fumes- Eden, Grave Digger-Matt Maeson, Trouble- Halsey, Cross My Heart- Marianas Trench, Capsize- Frenship, Over My Head- The Fray, Honey-Johnny Balik, Do I Wanna Know-Arctic Monkeys, Homemade Dynamite-Lorde, Sit Next to Me- Foster and The People
chichee Oct 2018
Once upon a time, Oh but that’s such a boring way to start-
                                                          ­                       Once upon a time.
I was little red riding hood that knowingly stepped
                              onto the wrong side of the path,
Hoping that a monster in the woods
                                              would come and get me, but you-
A hurricane,
           car crashes in slow motion,
                              personified heartbreak-
                                                     ­                    Too much.
Too much applesauce madam? The waiter asked, clean-shaven face bathed
            In the New York skyline, ignorant to the gunfire explosions
                          inside me as I waited for you.
                                                            ­                No thank you, sir.

     “Meet me at the station”,
                                scrawled in messy, love- stained letters
In between the railway roars and the clatters of foreign accent, you've flaked again, like the struck chord of a bass
                        Signifying disappointment like a punch line
                                    Reverberating through my skull.
             Okay, repeat the mantra, one-two-steady-
                                                 ­                                     Okay. It's Okay.

Four weeks later
                                   I had your body pushed up flush against bricks and-
No shut up you don’t get to say anything after you go and shatter me like that
You’re sick do you know that? Lips snarling, heart breaking.  

You’re sick.
So maybe I was the big bad wolf after all.
                   Stairwell bricks glinted off iridescence and
                                                       your mouth in that sad, sad laugh
Studying me like a dream brought
                                                         ­                  to the ground,
Puffy lipped and eyes blown wide like I was on some psychedelic high-
            And you said
                               “You’re still a child with fanciful ideas of love, and the way you cling onto them-
                            Quite frankly, it’s terrifying.”

                                                   ­  Please darling, let me redefine myself
Skip the pleasantries and small talk,
                     scrap the story of little red riding hood-

Once upon a time, I was apology and you were forgiveness
I can imagine inside you, of alarm bells and sunken souls
                 as you listen to the static white noise of
                                                              ­            A dying heart
Hello darling, are you there? Can you hear me? Is this mic working?
          I hate to sound like those magazine cut outs-
                                                           ­         I hate to sound like,
Just another lover, just another cliché-
                                       But you were the matchstick to my dynamite
                                                                ­            and nothing feels better
Than my own self- destruction, so won’t you please
                     Another chance? No?
                                Even Lucifer sometimes longs to be let
                                                      Into the gates of heaven again
I’ve cooked some apology,
          I saved a plate for you

So for the love of god come inside and have some before it goes cold.
A remix of Richard Siken's "Litany In Which Certain Things Are Crossed Out", it's a really beautiful poem.
Cat Lynn Oct 2018
I'll make your words my playlist...
and I'll play them over and over again

I'll put them on repeat...
so I am reminded that I have a friend

It is medicine to my ears...
No remix or night core modification could compare

The music that motivates my heart to keep dancing...
The beat that makes my heart keep throbbing... to show that I care

I'll make your words my playlist...
and your sentences my harmony to my melody.

No billion dollar offer could make me sell your albums...
Because you sang each word... to me... and for me... so heavenly...

Let me make your words my Playlist... and I swear...

I'll embrace and believe every word... every whisper... every breath... never to be on-air...

Okay so this poem came to my mind while listening to a some called "After the Heartbreak" (Nightcore is best)

Anyways... while listening to the song, it made certain memories come to mind, which led me to think about the encouraging words of many beloved friends, and many words of the Holy Bible that I so deeply believe in.

Ehhhhhh I mean... if you wanted to, you could take it as a "love poem" but...ehhh...XP idc

I wish I could make the words of my best friends and the words of God a playlist XD, and have it play what I need to hear when I need it. they really are words to a song in my head. All of the things they say to me, I wish I could compose into a song XD. In my mind they are songwriters, and what a blessing each of them is, I can't seem to praise and thank God enough for them... Anyways... hope you liked it <3
ardnaxela Jun 2018
Pretty, pretty

Blue Bird.
I'll bet you no one's heard

that lovely song you like to sing
when you think no one's

Listen, Listen!

Angels here.
The silent winds drew near..

I'd wished they set your music free
forever to drift
back to me.
when I saw the beauty in your sadness.
Aa Harvey Apr 2018
Kawehi : Part Three

No-one can be like Kawehi; but if you listen to her with me,
You will see the smile on my face and maybe, just maybe,
You will realise the love I have to give, is here inside your arms.
Hold me and never let go and in the morning set no alarm.
Let’s wake up together when we are fully rested,
So we can spend another day down with the gifted.

Yea-----h!!!  You rock!
I love her music…Mrs. Beatbox.
She can pick the right song and make it better.
I don’t have a new complaint; I am all apologies to any other.

Pop bands can try and try, but they will never be good enough.
Kawehi wins hands down; my soul has been shaken.
Throw down your remixing tools, because they have begun to rust.
If you want a song to be improved, she just makes it happen.

I am in nirvana, with Nirvana,
But when I hear Lucy leaving me to Kawehi’s wonders;
I just think she could never understand me,
So now she is just a memory.
My world revolves around my soul and you drown out all the thunder;
Noise only exists inside my headphones and you are no fictional reality.

No tomorrow could compare to the day I found your songs;
It’s a very, what?  Happy birthday!

So surprised to find you there,
Beneath the sounds of those who do it right
And you are able re-write the bad band’s wrong’s.
All you do is right to me and what more can I say?

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
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