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AP Vrdoljak Nov 23
With my five iron
I drive fallen, raw figs
Across the yard
AP Vrdoljak Nov 23
And before me lay
The glory of the world.
Hard as we might try,
We could not defeat its beauty.
AP Vrdoljak Jul 19
There’s no post in the box
At the top of the drive.
The sun won’t write us
‘fore the clouds arrive.

Leaves and plastic
Get caught in the rail.
We pull them out
So the gate won’t fail.

But who walks by
Or on bikes roam
Beyond the corner
From where we call home?

We can only hide far away
Behind the bougainvillea’s green,
In our bricks and glass,
In the spaces between.

And still no letter
And yet far better.
AP Vrdoljak Feb 7
Thick within the night
It holds your dreams back
Lurking in dim light
Waiting to attack

Down paths you flutter
By crumbs you were took
For the taste of butter
Back you’ll never look
Inspired by the 2015 film The Witch
AP Vrdoljak Feb 7
At first it made me happy
But now it makes me feel ashamed
My Christmas tree in February
AP Vrdoljak Oct 2020
Wanna rescue earthworms
All about on the drive?
Throw ‘em back on the grass
To try keep them alive

The rain has come down hard
And flooded their worm home
Beneath where they all live
We can’t leave them alone

Before the hot sun welds
Them all to the cement
And long before their last
Squirm and wriggle are spent

Hurry and grab a twig
We’ll save ‘em, you and I
We won’t get them all
But be sure we will try
AP Vrdoljak Oct 2020
Don’t throw me in the meat locker
It’s dark and cold in there
Don’t cover me up in plastic
For I will have no air

Don’t cut me into pieces
For I’m not yours to sell
Don’t send me in and shut the door
It’s dark and cold as hell
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