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Anais Vionet Feb 19
I’d love you less if you were here
crowding my dorm bed, nibbling me,
rubbing me like sandpaper

I’ve come this far all by myself
I am a stone, leave me alone

Let’s keep it nonchalant
don’t kiss me on the lips
don’t label this a situationship
because then one of us would need to care
BLT word of the day challenge: nonchalant : "having an air of easy unconcern or indifference."
riri Jan 11
but when i saw you for the first time
i instantly felt so connected and drawn to you, weirdly enough
you felt different, even though i had never spoken to you

finally we meet, and everything was perfect
conversations flowing naturally, and you had the most perfect face
i would admire you as you spoke, knowing i hadn't felt this way in a long time

time goes by, and i realize you're not perfect
and i noticed flaws in you i just couldn't stand
you revealed yourself as the type of person i hate most

but in those moments when everything was perfect, i didn't see that in you
and it's still hard for me to accept who you really are
maybe you are lost right now

because when you held my face, while i spoke about vulnerable topics
you made me feel so safe in your arms
how could the you i saw in the end really be you?
i just wish it went differently. so badly.
Lia Nov 2021
Deep down
I was holding on tighter than I already knew I should.
Deep down
I was hoping that although it’s not forever now, maybe it would.
Deep down
I was praying that if you gave me the chance, I’d give you everything I could.

Deep down
I know I should’ve trusted my gut more.
Deep down
I know that I was just another girl for you to score.
Deep down
I know that I am broken to the core.
Antonia Oct 2021
Summer nights spent locked in my room
Was it suddenly fate that came and brought me to you?
A message; so simple, yet so damning
I had no idea what one little word could do
Back and forth we went
All that time spent questioning
If may I should get with you
When it came down to it
All I could think was
"****, you're pretty cute"
Seeing your face was the one thing that brought me relief
Oh how your voice made me weak
I'd give anything if I could start over
And return to those nights
That left me destroyed beyond belief
Another silly little poem, about the same silly little love for a silly little boy back in the year of 2017. Seems like I could only ever write or get struck to write when I was sad. He's a quite nice guy now, well-rounded and all. I'm glad he's doing well, we are all grown now.
Antonia Oct 2021
Thinking back on all those nights spent with you
Barely exchanging words
Mostly swapping tongues between us two
I still wonder why it was so easy
For me to fall for someone
Who plays for a living
Not caring about who they could lose
Making me feel special was step one
Attention was two
Saying you missed me
So easy for you to do
Now I see
How easy
It all was for you
Even if you never really cared
I can't say that I really regret those nights
I wish we could be together
I wish we could fight
I wish that you would come back into my life
This was an old poem about a boy I used to love, back in 2017.
Very one-sided, I wrote it at the height of my obsession.
So long ago, but I thought it wasn't that bad, so why not publish it here?
Diadema L Amadea Jul 2021
people exist just for you to have a good time with them and then move on from

once you can accept that
it makes everything a lot easier
because a lot of happiness stems from managing expectations

the reason we get hurt so much is because we have a good time with someone
then we obsess-
waiting for them to text us
wanting to see them again
picturing our life with them
and when we find out that they don't want exactly what we do
we're crushed

but really,
they don't owe us a future or anything at all
they don't even owe us a text the next day

and i've come to accept that sometimes a good time can just be a good time
without the promise of a future
and that's fine.

even though
we know deep down we're not fine at all

but, that's still a ******* fine
Elliana Jul 2021
Id waited so long to get that text
To just hear you say it once;
To hear you apologize
For all the damage that you'd caused.
And for leaving me broken
For moving on without a pause.

Id finally gotten over you
After months of feeling empty
So why now,
When i'm finally feeling plenty,
Did you decide to cut open these scars that had just healed?
Why now,
When I needed you the least,
Did you decide to apologize
For ******* the life and love out of me like a leech?
My heart now stained with the memory of us
Like a black t-shirt stained with bleach.

Was it because you saw that I was finally moving on
And you knew that that one text
Would take me back to square one?
Or was it because you felt guilty for the ****** way you treated me;
Telling me you liked me one day
And disappearing the next.
Because you got bored of your shiny new toy,
One you once believed was the best.

I wish I could say I hated you,
But that would be a lie.
My heart aches for your sadness
And I can't stand the thought of being the reason why.  
That big “*******” I wish I could end lingers on my phone
Because what if that was the last thing I said.
It was the last straw;
A reason for your end.

Thinking about loving you again makes my head spin in ways I didn't know it could.
Because im filled with rage
But also a sadness that I never understood.

Why am I longing to tell you I miss you?
Something I've never admitted out loud.
Because I miss your smile and your laugh.
I miss the way you'd send me pictures of the weather forecast
When it was supposed to storm
Because you knew those were my favorite things.
I long for your familiar warmth.

So ******* for making me feel these things again;
For digging up the past.
******* for making me love you.
******* for being my first.
And most of all ******* for making me believe you'd be my last.
T Apr 2021
City lights,
Sunday Blues.

Can we reset?

Long drives,
Left me in pieces.
You pop in my mind
every now and then
Between us
"If" can become "when"

We are not tied
but we are bound
to a world.
More beautiful with you around
His5Her is a series of poems with different points of view of fictional people.
We can go on, take a break or stop
Many possibilities
Harmony on top

We are what we want
Threading on a blurry line
Friends to lovers and reverse
We are flexible, we are fine
His5Her is a series of poems with different points of view of fictional people.
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