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Robin Lemmen Jan 2019
You tire me out, she whispered
But her words shaped differently
So he understood, stay my dear
Won't you try and love me
We only have nothing left to gain
Everything has already been lost on us  

They danced around each other
Eyes that used to find so much comfort  
Ended up living like strangers
And somehow, somewhere along the line  
The love that once was like wine to blood
A happiness on the verge of infinity  
Turned to blackened dust
Oh how she kept on dressing truths up
As if somehow, maybe
She could keep fooling hearts
A promise worth staying for

You are the love of my life
He whispered to her
But that was not what was needed  
And so she heard his heaviest goodbye
And after silence seeped into spaces  
She broke down in tears and he kindly held her
Because this was not the kind of forever they had been hoping to find
Robin Lemmen Nov 2018
And it is tiresome to think
But most of all I drown in sad
Knowing you will never know, me
Like I wish, like I know you could have
To explore my midnight tendrils
To watch me, be
Broken wishes that left scars on my skin
Explore boundaries knowing
Home awaits inside my arms
It is tiresome, so tiresome
To always ponder and dream
Stuck on wishful thinking
So, please
Don't paint me troubled
Think of me in pastels, a breath of spring air
After the confusion of winter's numbness has melted away
chloe fleming Feb 2018
the pointless prophets they point out to us will eventually become the demons we run from in our sleep.
all it is, is how you see.
Rafael Melendez Jun 2015
A sleepy boy always awake, always had his eyes open so wide. Only another few minutes he kept telling himself,  in a few moments he would sleep.  In a few moments he may finally rest.
An optimistic boy, still awake and calling out each and every detail. Only another few hours he kept telling himself, I'll make it till then. A few more hours and I'll drift off.
An ambitious man now, awake only from the ******* that coursed through his body. Only another few months he kept telling himself, a few more months and he could finally take a seat and maybe greet some of his dreams.
An unfulfilled man, awake and completely overwhelmed by life and it's instantaneous moments. He no longer tells himself a thing. In a few years he knows he'll be gone.
I'm actually very sleepy right now, I hoped I judged my writing properly. Goodnight.
Seán Mac Falls May 2015
Angry Poetasters
Rather than write anything real
Pretend to have thoughts
In a shallow world ( HP )
Often they trend
Dr zik Mar 2015
At last He is the pivot of my vision
For whom; you have become an example
O’ My Mother!
For whom; Toor was decorated as stage
For whom; there is no use of sleep and or tiresome
For whom; who have power of control of universe
And who is most Merciful and Beneficent
Who! exists before and after the time
His Honor of love that you are selected
As your motherly feelings and you are matchless in the world
I have listened to a call of Unseen Eternal Voice
“I used to love my human not less than seventy mothers”
A translation of my own poem written in Urdu language. The name of book is "RAH TAKTI AANKH (راہ تکتی آنکھ)"
Toor is a famous mountain in Egypt where under a shady mysterious tree Hazrat Musa talked with God according to Islamic History.
Alodia Aug 2014
It is chasing me
Every night when I fall asleep
It is chasing me
Every time I close my eyes
In the dark place
While I’m alone
No one hand me help
It is chasing me
And will not stop
Weird places.
Pull me in
Where no one knows me
And I know no one
I’m standing alone
In some spaces I’ve never been
It is chasing me
Alodia Aug 2014
I was misguided by your love
tangled by your caress
which is sweet, anyways
opened the same door for years
cause I know what to find
how to find
where to find
behind the same door
paranoid with the trust
and the untrusted
hang in there for a moment
stuck and trapped
on the thing behind
you call it obsession
I call it devotion
I’m a custody behind bars
waiting to be punished for a long time more
and I’ll be there for whole my life
and this is not a threat
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