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Allesha Eman Jan 19
Somewhere along a shallow coastline, stood my sandy feet listening to wind chimes

I’d stare the ruthless wind right in the face
As it takes the shape of water and drifts away

Over the distance of a sea of blue, waves would howl at the moon for you

The sun still sets with a thousand colours, an artists sky made of wonders

The rain still falls with the beat of a drum, and every drop is my heart calling for one

The grasses sway with the dancing wind, to music written on the cracks of your skin

Summer comes wandering in, in the shape of a nomad searching for bliss

I watch the changes of your time, singing songs and embracing the climb
Stephanie Oct 2018
But what happened
I repeat
to the feeling of
that eats at me now

In this little foreign town I sit
by accident
across from a hotel
where we once stayed

And my heart strings
strike a chord
with unbearable tension

It was so good
wasn't it?
And then I remember
I couldn't be your lover
I was only part way there
most of the time

I fantasized
about not being yours
the freedoms of aloneness
a breath without your scent

How many years I spent
to have what sits before me
These broken strings
This broken heart
The greatest broken promise

I recall a moment
when the woman
with the great jazz voice
asked me
if I loved him
and I couldn't answer
Even though I know
in some fractured universe
an unshaking love

How many nights
I was tortured
with the shame of knowing
that the love you needed most
was conditional

And for how many years
you sat
in suffocating silence
knowing that to be true
and sacrificing your soul
that it wouldn't be so

In my attempt to shield you
from the pain
I harmed you beyond belief
And now we are
with no other choice
but to say goodbye
to the life we had together

In the end
I guess
I just miss my friend
Lyn-Purcell Jun 2018
People come from all walks of life
You can agree or disagree but
never ever breach that
level of respect.
Call me old-fashioned but this is one thing I hate about this day and age. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but yet they attack people FOR HAVING a **** opinion. And I'm like 'really'. Gone are the days where you can have disagreements with people respectfully. At the end of the day, it's their **** opinion. It's not fact. I'm friends with people from all around the world. No matter the religion, sexuality, race or perspective, we still respect each other's opinions. We don't get butthurt over it.
This day and age is spoiled and entitled. I know its not EVERYONE but its the majority of people.
You can talk about anything, just don't be a ***** about it.
Rant over.
Be back soon.
Lyn **
Elinor Jun 2018
I had my first dream last night that you weren't in.
not even a minor character,
your ****** name wasn't even in the credits,
let alone plastered across the sky in flashing lights
like you want it to be.
my first reality that you didn't belong in,
and it was the most blissful peace that I can remember since we bathed in pools of cloud.

I heard the first song that didn't make me think of you yesterday.
the lyrics, for once, were just lyrics,
not an embodiment of you and the things you do.
guess what?
it was coldplay.
you always hated coldplay.

this morning, I basked in the sun and didn't picture you coated in gold light beside me.
I didn't look at the leaves adorning the trees and picture your face laughing beneath it.

I didn't trace the plate lines of my palm and imagine the earthquake we used to create when yours collided with mine.

I didn't eat new food that I wanted you to try and I didn't want to share the smallest details of my day with you.

you may have won this poem, loverboy,
but don't be too triumphant.
your victory won't last long.
it's the era of my new beginnings without you and I'm going to be just fine.
never trust anyone who doesn't like coldplay.
jerelii Jun 2018
The evolution of our era
called it millenial
bright colors, wild, free
it’s unpredictable
though wide variations of collection
could find their different angles;
picture memories
you’ve witnessed
it in moving dreams
of hope
through the new clique of it’s statuses
update here in a single minute,
second or hour
We can’t suspect how big
is the impact of social media;
technology that we’ve been
attached in our whole life
do we really need to breathe
in this kind of level
of revolution?
I use a 5 random word generator see if I could write a poetry out of this five words.

It’s been a long time since I write here
we were so poor
that we lived in the 80’s
throughout the 90’s
and couldn’t seem
to ever catch up

so we surrendered  
the mechanizations
of advancement
to watch the art
behind the dogs eyes
instead of the snow
from the television set,

it wasn’t pretty
but we could feel it,

careless and free spirited

as we took a step back
into a different era
that we never lived in
and laughed
on simpler times
Seema Jan 2018
When sages lived for many ages,
The era stories were written on bark pages,
Animals were quite friendly and didn't live in cages,
No one ever worried about salaries or wages,
The era changed and so did the perception,
On every junction there came ***** temptation,
Bribery, greed and some monstrous satisfaction,
For good people in search of jobs stamped  rejections,
The misunderstanding leads to tragic incidents,
Mostly results in suicides or on drive accidents,
The life ends for people who tried and gave up,
Or drowned themselves in poison full cups,
Alcohol on rise regardless of its high price,
Poverty on its peak while people voice with cries,
Dose after dose inhaled by this generation,
Moving forward in writing a new revelation,
For the expectation by the old sages has deluded,
And many have resorted with life and concluded,
Some dragged their way up with time,
Some sank their way with crime,
Some worked hard for every dime,
Some got knocked from their prime,
Yet the hunger of superiority kept growing,
The earth seems dimmed and not glowing,
From righteous beings to karmic scenes,
Now we all see the happenings and unforeseens...

Spilling thoughts.
Lauren Faith Dec 2017
We walked side by side
For 12 years
But your story has ended
And a new chapter has started

For years I heard your stories
Rode along for your adventures
In far off lands
Beyond the magic curtain

And now It is my turn
To venture off into
The unknown that is
My future

The stories of evading
ungers and izzards
Turned in to
Unwritten essays

As I remember
Your Stories
Instead of creating
Mine own

Walk along with me
My friend
As we both head out
Into the unknown

We are at the end of an era
And with the end of one
Comes anew
Serafeim Blazej Jun 2017
Havia uma garota, eu a observava de longe
Nós éramos da turma dos invisíveis
Ela não me via, mas eu a enxergava
Havia uma garota e ela era linda
Havia uma garota e ela era tudo
Havia uma garota e então não havia mais nada

Havia uma garota e ela era da turma dos populares
O típico esteriótipo "high school" americano
Havia uma garota e quem ela tinha sido
Havia uma garota e quem ela era
Havia uma garota e ela era vazia
Nós éramos estranhos orbitando o mesmo sistema

Havia uma garota e eu a amava
Então ela mudou
Virou de larva a borboleta
Só que não foi bonito
E então só havia o vazio

Havia uma garota e então não havia mais nada
Em seu lugar só restou uma despedida
Um pedido desesperado de ajuda
Havia uma garota e ela era triste
Havia uma garota e ela era invisível, mesmo sob os holofotes
Havia uma garota e ela era solitária
Nós não éramos ninguém para os outros
Mas eu a enxergava

E então havia um garoto
Que ficou com as últimas palavras dela
Havia alguém que se importava no final
Então havia eu
04/03/2017, adaptação em 30/06/2017
Seanathon Apr 2017
My temples ache inside my head
With a need to be without a thought
No one to speak what cannot be said
My quiet calm forget me not

A storm I carry on my back
Midst howling gale and winters plot
A weighted mass atop me sits
An eerie calm forget me not

A flame of hope inside I keep
To thaw that frozen long forgot
Until the first light left is last
A chilling calm forget me not

Though slowly do the seasons pass
These words embed like branded hot
So be it present or in past
Remember still and *forget me not
The last little classic I'll share today... Circa 2014 or 2015
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