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Samara 2d
walking away-
i lay down my arms
awaiting the cease fire
you never call.

my eyes are open
& it'll never change
yet i still wait

& i'm standing still now
embracing the bullets you
throw my way-
the ones you call good intentions
but they hurt me all the same

is it a thrill how
each passes through me
and leaves an empty space
as they go

you can see through me now
yet i wonder why
you never stop asking
me what's wrong

what's wrong
is that there's nothing
left of me
Samara Feb 25
it's any different than
past suns and moons.
You won't hold me
when they visit me nightly.
Kiss me Good Night
& sing to me softly
even though they
make me live
and relive
so harshly.
- - -
To forget...
...I'm left holding
Just as I have... past suns
& present moons

Samara Feb 25
almost like I never knew.
There I am am feeling like I belong.
Not an inkling of bring wrong.
Along comes another
to show me I'm a bother.

Like them I cannot be...
...yet still I try

Samara Jan 28
stuck in decay
swaying with bottles
throttling myself on cheap cigarettes
regretting all my wasted time
- - -
maybe this time
will be
the time

Samara Jan 28
there have been
bad storms & blue weather
& i've been
battered, bruised
& treated like a feather
grown up listening to sad songs
never thought it would last this long

now i know
- - -
so long as i'm still here
this is all that i can feel
Samara Jan 3
the demons are dead
but their skeletons remain

the zombies are gone
but their skeletons remain

what am i to do
when the bones wont go
- - -
knocked me down
i don't want to get up

push me deeper
until i'm part of the earth
Samara Jan 3
what is there left to say
when all the words i've laid
in front of you bear no meaning
we speak different languages
mine, delicate
yours, harsh

the words-
ones i scramble to find
but still can't push to you
- - -
is this where we part?

let me go
and let me be free
to sing my song
for those who feel
my melody
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