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Samara 3d
the wheel of karma nevr stops

running like a hamster
tumbling round & around
stuck on the outside
flattened, misshapen
following the roll

the wheel of karma nevr stops
Samara 3d
are we all
modern day mystics &
present day bards
in an echo chamber
repeating the call
Samara 4d
morning strolls
along dew-kissed roads
to greet the rising sun.

slowly sipping hot coffee
meeting the misty dawn
& scattering seeds
for the song birds
to continue their melodies.

french blue, shear drapes
forest green dotted with colors
of the flowers.

napping in and under treeshade
where we too enjoy
fresh baked bread
& herby jam.
- - -
no beginnings
& no endings
just relentlessly

my cottage core dreams ;)
Samara 6d
light of my life
and song of my soul
you're never too far-
at least that's
what i'm told.
Samara 6d
games of telephone
made to selectively hear
those who call
but the message is distorted,
incomplete at best.
maybe it would be better
to put the voicemails to rest
someday soon,  
we can all read the texts.
Samara 6d
light shines through
onto all that's true

no will nor worry
can conceal nor carry

son of my sons
you're nothing
without the Sun

who rises in the east
so the moon can
shine in the west

no matter your
frays nor feigns
he always knows best.

soul of my souls
you're nothing
when alone

together we gather
for all
a happily ever after.
Samara 6d
as someone who remembers
being a kid so vividly,
all i can say to parents
so they will see:

that to be young
is scary
and your only job
is to carry
their pains
& their paints
as they navigate
this mundane maze.
- - -
your time & affection
no apps nor toys
can rush.

in time
your pain & affliction
they will touch.
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