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Aidan M Aug 2020
I’ve been running
Trying to catch my breath.
But all I know
Is that all there comes is death.

The moon, eclipsed from sorrow, cries.
The sun, so fiery, blots out.
And it all falls down in the darkness of the sound
When the beating of the hearts start to die.

Only you can end this madness
Only I can message you.
We can fight the beast together
Or we can drown in waves so blue.

But I know it’s just tonight.
The magic only lasts tonight.
And only it’s you and I.
Dreaming of a better world, where we’re alive.

So what do I
Why do I wear this esteemed robe?
People watch me on a throne.
But if only they could see
My time is coming soon.

I look the into the night
Dreaming of stars that would bring us light
But all I see is darkness all over again.

Only us, alone,
The light is getting dim.
Aidan M Aug 2020
       In your eyes,
                               Dreaming of darkness

I wish we just could
Burn away the tears
                         In the night

              But whenever we dream,
         You always just
                                  fly away again.

       Alone in the darkness,
          no feeling of light.
                                         Alone in the shadows
                                      With strength I can’t fight.

      I’m lost without you.
                                       I’m now without rules,
                   The feeling of sadness
                                                          Is making me cuel


                                       But I will thrive.
                                I will thrive without you.
Aidan M Aug 2020
Little light, travels in night,
Awaiting the fate he knows will ignite.
A journeying tale,
A bottle of ale,
And a touch of sorrow, glimmering bright.

Feathered friend sits in dark,
Listening to his beating heart.
A sickness, spreading
Quick and well.
Soon the earth will turn to Hell.

He boards the ship and sets off strait
Looking for his only mate.
Aboard the vessel, he meets a man
Who tells him all about his plans.

Flying, walking, together, for all.
They never even thought to stall.
Running through the woods at night,
Only one would ever fall.

Ever so quickly, ever so sudden,
The rapture of sound, the bullets a’ dozen.
Their bleeding wounds would not suffice.
The human race has chosen fight.

Slowly, dying, fading light.
Only once had life been nice.
Nothing that they didn’t owe,
Only one species left in the show.
  Aug 2020 Aidan M
and we
won't just
    but we'll
      thrive till
        we're five
           and make
              peace with
                 our hearts
                     till we're
                                   and my
                                                            will talk
                                                                   to the
                                                                          sky and
                                                                               we'll drift
                                                                                      through the
                                                                                              night till
                                                                                                      we're free
Aidan M Jul 2020
Storms in us are barreling, taking aim at our threats.

Land will impact the wind. Hurricanes, powerful wind, moving west.

The center of wind, rain, and surf strikes close. Halt the move. Storm Center had wind.

Located on moving mouths, a storm watches for strength until it sees a chance. It reaches for heavy areas. Could it flood?

Meanwhile, expect a long line. Storm forces could reach night or day.

The earliest storm follows from the son.
This is a blackout poem I made from the weather section of a newspaper. It symbolizes the nature of arguments and fights as storms. You can never predict when they’ll happen or why.
Aidan M Jul 2020
The lotus so soaked,
it sways and sways in water,
floating like a boat.

Feeling the water
rise up to the ship’s surface
I know it will sink.

The only witnesses,
A mossy log at the shore,
The remains are gone.

For nature to thrive
the fire must engulf all,
leaving nothing there.
This is a Haiku I wrote just a few days ago. It represents the decay of nature, which will eventually become the food for new living things. It’s an endless, often overlooked cycle of life and death.
Aidan M Jul 2020
is important of course
When we’re out to have lots of


The world,
all about his travels,
Says he fell in love with


A wonderful ride round


But, then he didn’t,

And he said

That girl would always be special, but really special,

Lots more serious than the


She tells to be a queen, very strict,

Started a wonderful story, the old tales, scary,

Because a monster met

Each other
We were a part of each other,


The story,

To hear about the joke of it, he knows I

don’t ,

Terrible things attack

This is a blackout poem I wrote about a year ago. It uses words from Electra. It’s supposed to symbolize how we get caught up in little, unimportant, trivial matters, thinking that evils will never happen to us. It’s a confusing poem, meant to reflect on our confusing lives.

— The End —