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Marion Jul 7
i fall to my knees at his feet with a heavy breath.
i almost feel unworthy.
this person, this man-
he's perfection in flesh and blood.
i feel blessed.
this angel, a saint with flaws, perfect flaws.
i nearly worship him.
godlike, i search his face for signs of light, anything celestial or close to it.
i find them faintly, small, unnoticeable to anyone who's wronged him.
he is perfect, and somehow, he is mine.
Marion Jun 8
Bruises on my wrists and ankles
Where you tied me up in shackles
But to my surprise you said
"Baby are you comfortable here in bed?"
I stopped and smiled at your concern
"Yes." I said
Then I did learn

you were right for me
Marion Apr 23
Wailing, screaming, crying
I'm tearing my hair out
Breaking, sobbing, wheezing
I'm eating too much
Wishing, hoping, pleading
I'm checking my phone
Hurting, falling, snapping

i don't know why you did what you did or why youre here now
Marion Apr 11
Writhing within her chains of thorns,
Feeling great intense remorse-
Never sure of what she is-
Sleepless and insecure
There are the years you learn
You learn to live, to thrive

but some don't make it out alive
Marion Aug 2019
When she was fine with being alone
Felt comfortable and safe inside of her home
She got a visit from a guy
And then he told her he loved her
He grabbed her hand
And that’s when she realized she could fly
Marion Jul 2019
Blood was her life, staining her knife
Blood on her thighs, covered with lies
His finger had lingered where none other had
And that’s one of many things that made her sad
Marion Jul 2019
She kissed him
She missed him
But deep inside
Something crawled
Something she brawled
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