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Your thoughts are never going to stop.
Take control of the contents of your thoughts.
Your thoughts are based on what you consume.
Be careful of the information you consume.
Change the situations that create bad energy for you.
Take control of your life,
Take control of your fitness, your diet, your finances,
Be honest,
Confront that problem that has been niggling at the back of your mind for months,
Look after yourself and
Surround yourself with intelligent, open-minded people who listen more than they speak.
You are what you eat.
Im in bed
My face red
My eyes puffy
But my sorrows spoken of with my mother
The lights above my bed
Like i feel
Like i do
Tears dried and teeth brushed
I wish for sleep to come
Why IS life so hard?? Why does being a poet not pay more? My talent is obsolete.
Sam Anthony Jun 2017
Is it better to get more money? Let’s say that it is.
It is better to get more money.

Is it better – for the poor – if everyone gets more money, even if that increases inequality?
The right – who think they are Right – say:

Yes. Disproportionately rewarding the wealthy with wealth creates wealth and quality of life, which the poor can now afford.

The left – who think they are Right – say:

No. Disproportionately rewarding the wealthy with wealth creates wealth and quality of life, which only the wealthy can afford.

So who is Right?
Let’s answer that question with two more questions:

What does “quality of life” mean?
Is it better to get more money?
Stephanie Keer Apr 2014
there will be times when
a quarter can make you smile
and days will be spent
poured over newspapers
circling with a marker that you swear
is filled with your blood
you won’t know who’s hands
have found your rib cage
or why they have to push so hard
it’s going to feel like you’re
climbing out of a grave dug far too early
and the next root is three inches too high
and you just can’t reach it
and maybe it’ll be easier if you just
but when you hit the ground
your bones will be dust
and you’ll still have no where to go but
but you remember what your friend said
about how even earthworms can move the ground
so kick your foot into the dirt
and make your own stepping stone
fill your fingers with your own breath
carrying hope and everything you learned last time
so they’ll reach a little longer
you’ll see the light and grass will dance again on your toes

you’ve done it
you’re here

— The End —