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I S A A C Apr 4
you attract more flies with honey
like moths, to a flame, you bug me
ready for hot humid summer days
ready to have my picnics by the lake
my family I have crafted, my kin in essence
my family I have drafted, my purest expression
truest of true, brightest of blues,
chatter filled dinners, loved filled rooms
I prayed for times like this, the flowers in bloom
Violet Stage Jul 2020
Do you remember when you were a go-go dancer and I a dom;
That was a long time ago; ages really.

Or the time we were tossed out of the family home on a drunkin whim?
Jealous matriarchs angered by youthful hope;
She’d long ago lost.

But we came a long way.
Career chicks;
With eyes for a better life
We carried our families with a clean hustle,
With sweat,
Eating tears,
Shared with each other
Eating it.. for the kids.

I’m speechless without you
My fire
My confidant
My sister
Nicx Sep 2018
They say blood is thicker than water
And though that may be true in physicality
The sentiment is bull
I'm supposed to forgive someone
For not protecting me when they should have
Just because we share the same DNA?
Why should someone have the power
To emotionally abuse and manipulate me
Just because we're related?
Why can't I have the power to walk away
And even when I have that autonomy
Why does society judge me for my decision?
Where is my say?
They say you can't choose your family
You can't choose where you're born into
But I also didn't choose to be born at all
So why does the extreme chance that I
Just happened to be born into this family
Have to secure me for life in an unhealthy situation?
I do have another family
And we do not share blood
We love each other and
Respect one other
We don't abuse and neglect or ignore each other's needs
We're there and
We care.
So why would I sit here and take this crap
From someone who's supposedly family
When I have so many more people
That actually care
And don't need to manipulate me
To satisfy their own needs
Blood means nothing to me. I didn't choose this life, it was chosen for me. And I will not sit there and be emotionally abused and manipulated, disrespected and invalidated, just because someone shares some biological means with me. I choose my own family because I choose to love and respect myself, more than my blood-related "family" ever will

— The End —