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Laiba Mar 2020
I'm so sad
I take the **** out of my pain
I just laugh and say
I'm too used to this feeling now
I can't be asked to give up now
It requires to much thinking
And that a depresed person cannot do
Bre marie Aug 2016
Only if they knew the pain I've gone through. I could be me without all the lies, no more worries not a tear in my eyes.
Ear to ear my smile appears... The unseen stitches that have held together my smile and all my tears. Wishing away all those painful dreams; I slay them.
Paul R Hensley Dec 2016
what am I doing
My friends have vanished,
They getting their life together,
While I'm stuck here,
Watching all of them succeed,
While I fail to find,
What I truly want in life,

Most of the time I wish,
Wish that I have what everyone else has,
And then at random times of bliss,
I feel like I'm awesome,
But we both know that's a lie
Just wish I was normal!

# Paul R Hensley |||
Bre marie Sep 2016
Oh why, oh why do we all have to die?

Accident's and suicide is it really all that better on the other side?

Car crashes and burning buildings, now we are all dead;

Jumping from not so safe buildings and playing with not so toy guns;

Chalk outlines and splatters on the walls.

My oh my, what has happened to us all?

I see my death before I die with my very own eyes.

I'm just so done with watching my death a thousand different times on rewind.

And ever night I scream inside and in these dreams my skin is bleeding and my face is pale.

The water's flowing and sirens are going.

I'm hanging there with rope tied around my throat.

And in these dreams I replay a thousand times in my mind I always end up dying.

In reality I'm only sitting there crying.

A wish to come true after I'm through with high school because a pact was made to save my life,

But now I've been slowly dying.
Moon tears Dec 2015
I have tried everything to get you out of my mind.
But its just impossible nothing can ever make me feel the way i feel when you touch me with your sweet skin and the amount of energy i have inmy body when I saw you. I can't forget your eyes that shine so bright into my soul it even make feel like I don't wanna die Just because I wanted to stay one more minute right beside you and that feeling you gave that finaly i was being loved i have never feel that way and it was the most amazing thing ever happened to me.
But like everything i this world, have an end.
13.07 am. You just realized that i was **** and everyone was right about me, that i was a mistake.
You know that waas the special thing about him, he didn't listen to other to decide who will be his friend bur I don't know what happened maybe he just realized on his own that i was ****. And i am, but for the firt time i just thing someone didint care, someone acept me. Someone love me.
I want truth
I want love
I want passion
I want loyalty
I want a relationship.
I want to wake up every morning knowing the woman I'm with loves me with her heart and soul.
I want to live a life where no secrets or strings attached.
I want to feel secure knowing the woman of my dreams is mine till the end of time.
I want to be her knight in shining armor  
As I give her everything her heart desires.
Maybe I'm doing to much?
Maybe I'm crossing the line?
Maybe I'm just a hopeless romantic that can't help but be everything  to do anything for that special girl..
Man.. why does love gotta make your heart go on a rollercoaster
Sometimes I hate falling for a girl. Not because I love to date like Taylor swift but because I put my heart on my sleeve. I do everything to anything to make that special girl smile. I'm a hopeless romantic I can't help but try to be that knight in shining armor but be treated like a royal fool. What hurts the most is when your being led on given false hope thinking that there's a chance. I know its harder then it looks and even harder to tell the truth but nobody deserves to go through there phone every five minutes thinking it's them but never getting that call or that sweet good night text. I was born and raised on Disney movies I can't deny it. I just wished we knew what to expect before falling into false hope
Bottling emotions really does **** in the future and once it holds so much it explodes throwing shattered glass at anyone that's close makes you think don't it?

— The End —