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Bre marie Aug 2016
Only if they knew the pain I've gone through. I could be me without all the lies, no more worries not a tear in my eyes.
Ear to ear my smile appears... The unseen stitches that have held together my smile and all my tears. Wishing away all those painful dreams; I slay them.
Kate Millar Nov 2015
Living helpless, I lost my way. An endless pit, a hollow day. I saw a light, shining bright, to guide me back into your sight. I was broken, you fixed my soul, you began to make me feel whole. You took my pieces, scattered far, now whats left is just a scar. You found me, lost and alone, but you took me in, and gave me a home.
This is probably my least depressing poem.
A Watoot May 2015
City noise drowned by my ears.
Rays of sunlight passed through leaves.
As cool breeze blew my hair,
I realize, I really wasn't there.

Inoculation started with titanium tips;
I looked elsewhere and thought real deep.
Anesthesia sunk down in my cheeks.
My face feel numb with swollen lips.

I think my mind wandered far enough,
Little me saying "Hey, I'm tough."
But my tongue tasted blood and rust.
But hey, I still do give my trust.

Continuously, he said, "I'm sorry. I'm sorry."
While bringing it back, after taking the ivory.
The familiar scent of isopropyl filled the air.
He gave me a specimen of the ivory that I once took care.
My mind wandered off in the middle of my surgery. ouch

— The End —