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I write about the world in an attempt to remove myself from it. Not in a way that would bid my nonexistence- but to be an observer to that existence or nonexistence. I write to observe my own absurdity.
I promise to have an ACTUAL poem out soon but I wanted to ask: would any of you be interested in me writing more short stories? I haven't published one since "Would It Be Honest?" and, while more difficult, are very pleasing to create. I know that it's ultimately up to me on what I publish and write, but I didn't want to just dump loads of text on you all out of the blue.
CallMeVenus Jan 26
The hardest thing in the world
is loving someone who can't love
and who has never known of true love

I loved a girl who had a divergent mirror
And when she looked through that mirror
she saw things far from what they actually were

I was gonna slay dragons
and stop the time for you
But you rejected it
Somehow when I proclaimed my undying love for you
All you could hear is that I was gonna use your vulnerability
I am sorry you did not love yourself enough to let yourself see the truth
CallMeVenus Dec 2018
For some people,
some winters never end
Others begin to fade away
like sunlight when it fractures into a deep lake.
How to explain love when every reason you stay alone is made of flesh and bones?
Summer just pretends to be your lover for a while
until it leaves and sets ablaze the shape of the skyline you used to love so much.
One day you become increasingly aware that now
you paint everything grey
You start to forget faces and you stop playing dress up

Some things are infinite and some stay a l o n e
CallMeVenus Dec 2018
I've been hiding baby
Oh for so long
Been afraid I'd turn into the morning fog
I'm still shaking when I'm standing right next to you
You call my name and time just stops

You make sure to hold my hand in a dark room
I'm holding back from you
Because once you get me there is no turning back
In this game of two
heartbreaker and the fool.
CallMeVenus Oct 2018
Today it became crystal clear why no one has ever wanted me
I drag so much bagage
and am constantly followed
by demons I gave birth to

In fact some would say
It's a good common sense
to stay as far away from me as possible
Yes, maybe my fingers have the potential to do magic in the light or in the dark, doesn't matter if you are the right one
But is that all you are looking for?
Because, for once I'd rather be the full course than the cold leftover
CallMeVenus Oct 2018
I see youth in a haze
Sunny afternoons from Mars
Been chasing stars

World still turns
Joints burn
I go back to sunny afternoons
Still in a haze
Now I chase the Moon
  Oct 2018 CallMeVenus
paige cochran
when my therapist asked
if ive ever experienced
i saw your face
i felt your hands
i heard your voice.


when my therapist asked
if ive ever experienced
i saw your face
my hands went cold
my ears were ringing.
i can tell her but she wont understand.
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