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Ray Dunn Jul 2019
i am sweaty,
dripping from the suns rays
casting on my brow,
and i don’t seem to mind—

just look!
i still don’t move
as i drench.
so be it.
mikumiku Jun 2018
I’m ‘bout to work my fire *** to ice
No need to guess, baby, or roll the dice
I pray like “dolla dolla make me holla”
That’s how I build it up with every caller
Ain’t no one’s gonna motivate your ***
You’re either sweatin’ or you get no sass
I earn them dollars just to stack them good
I don’t mind grindin’ as I know I should
I works from Monday straight to Friday night
Pick up the calls, fill up the tickets right
Here I acknowledge your sincere applause
Don’t touch my money with your ghetto paws
I’m way much flyer than the God’s big curse
If you can’t handle it then call a nurse
I came to work it down, Lord is my witness
Yeah, I gon’ slay like it’s nobody’s business
Raghu Menon Oct 2015
The air has a burnt smell
It is hot and dry
The streets are  empty
Even the dogs are missing
It is a hot and bright afternoon

People have taken refuge
under the roofs of their homes or work places
Even the trees seem to be mute
So are the birds and the cattle

My throat is dry
My mind is blank
My brain is asleep
Am struggling to keep awake

The weather is strange
The climate is changing
The ponds are dry
The brooks are dusty
with no water to flow

The earth is moving lazy and slow
Time seem to crawling because of the heat
The noon seems to un-ending
The schools are noiseless and sleepy.

It is dusty and hazy
The only wind being because of the
fast moving buses and trucks
and some occasional cars

The windows are closed
so do the doors of the buildings
across the streets
The rich enjoying their siesta
in the air conditioned rooms

The poor, sweating it out
in their places of work
for their daily wages
so that they can have
some food to eat in the night.

so also that
the rich can continue to have
their peaceful siestas
princess Dec 2014
I wake up feeling like nothing is real
and my heart beats
and I'm panicking
and I'm sweating
and I want to die
I don't really understand why I cry
If I could just get over it, I promise you I would
i Mar 2014
she is sleeping peacefully,
dreaming of him in an alluring dream                                  
that she knows will never come true.

she is now fully awake,
sweating in her wet clothes and
sweat dripping from her forehead
due to the nightmare she just had.

why can't she fall back asleep?
the horrifying dream is still a clear
image in her twisted mind.
she needs him.

all the numbers are written,
the only thing she needs to do is press
the green button on her phone
and call him.

he was *******, to say at least.
nobody wanted to be awaken by a stranger
in four in the morning.
it was a mistake.

she still hasn't fallen asleep.
she stayed up all night.
she couldn't bare to have the nightmare again.
and now she has to face reality.
she hates it.

her makeup is applied.
and her clothes are clean and perfect,
as they always are and should be.
how is she going to face him after
she called him in four in the morning?

she couldn't find him anywhere.
she knew where his locker was,
but still he wasn't there.
she was now worried that
perhaps she was the reason for his absence.

she couldn't hold it in.
her tears fell and fell on the hard ground beneath her.
she couldn't believe it.
he was gone.
and it was all her fault.

she ditched school.
she didn't care about that anymore.
all she wanted to do is be with him.
and that was what was she going to do.

she watched as the blood slowly started
dripping from her newly cut wrist.
she held the tears and the pain in.
she didn't let out a sound.
soon her lifeless body will be found on
her bathroom floor.
but at least, she would be with him.
and that was all that mattered to her.

— The End —