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Osiria Melody Oct 2019
My wine waits
For me all the time

Too many bottles
Lay peacefully in plain sight

Falling in love
With death's kiss, toxic lover

A threatening question
Of whether I am fine

Makes me scream,
"I will never be sober!"

I can't breathe
Let the world judge me

Always falling apart
Shards of life shatter hard

My wine waits
For me all the time
And so will you, sobriety

I once had a nightmare that I was caught drinking. I don't know what my brain was thinking. I've never been drunk and I can't explain why the thought of being inebriated makes me smile. (Please don't worry; I don't drink.)
Nisha Fatima Jan 2019
Kneeling down on this filthy floor,
Filthy with guts and audacity,
In the hands of every form but me,
While im here still dreadfully desperate for an ally,
But social interaction, though I covet for it a lot,
Its still unendurable to liaise,
With all psyche and be extant,
Except the unseen ethos,
That i seek answers from at night.
Pauper of Prose Dec 2018
Why do you persist?
Do you have any idea?
What I’d do
If passion pricked my chest
I’d move a million mountains
Still the seven seas
Drench the deathly deserts
Fling flames in frosted forests
Slay Hercules in his sleep
In order to cradle
You a little closer
And nip at your neck
Dominic Thompson Oct 2018
Watch your back and your partner's back;
No matter what you two have going on between you two
Only then can you two survive in this world
Put your trust in your partner
But remain wary of betrayal from within
For anyone can betray you
Written from recently seen pain and things I have seen before, but never put into words.
Lyn-Purcell Jul 2018
Be wary of wolfish sheep
They may wander towards
Be careful who you trust and talk to
Lyn-Purcell Jun 2018
We all need to find the will
to slay the green-eyed dragon,
who is deluded by the idea
of keeping that sweet song
for his ears alone.

Selfish in not wanting
to share the flame
of love.
Be wary about the ones who are jealous of you.
Their potential to harm is dangerously high.
They'll always be eager to take you down.

Be back soon
Amanda May 2018
I inherited my mothers unnecessary fear
It is unfolding as we speak, inside
I am going forth courageously
In my stomach it's moving side to side.

The weight is heavier
Than I thought I could carry
Even seated, brings me down
And now I am growing wary.

Not delicate or weak anymore
Fighting this made me strong
I am a servant to my burden
Dragging worry painstakingly along.

I have been taken over by this
Helpless, it lets itself in
Persuades my eyes to stare at the ceiling
Not allowing me to win.

I escape out the window
Step onto the porch inside my scattered mind
But it is only a feeble reprieve
Flimsy and shoddy, albeit intricately designed.

My head a paper-thin labyrinth
A maze of my unique making
I wander, I lose myself
Within high walls, cold and aching.

I roam to and fro, inch by inch
North or South? I do not really know
What are a hundred directions worth
If you haven't a clue where you're trying to go?
I hated how overprotective my mom is growing up but now I understand why she was always so concerned about me. I am always thinking about the worst possible case scenarios at any given moment.
Yanamari Mar 2018
I see a new key close by
Not shiny
Or fancy
Not even sleek
But sturdy-looking
And rigid inside.

Knowing myself and,
That every key leads to
New doors
I begin to reach out to it.

But I know that
A murky barrier surrounds it,
Just like the barrier around my heart.
And knowing myself best,
The high ice palace that
I reside upon,
The expansive, endless
Landscape of frozen tidal waves,
And the amount of times it has
Crumpled down
Because of illusions and
I understand
That reaching out quickly will
Break me down.
And it'll probably affect the key too.
However, I can only feel
The ice tower and landscape
That surrounds me
So how can I handle taking care
Of a key all rusted inside,
If I'm just as unstable?

I don't trust myself.
And I don't want to destroy
The key in front of me
Or the barrier that surrounds it

So I will be wary
While reaching towards
This key
Ready to say
Jeff Gaines Feb 2018
Hello everyone,

  I'm so very sorry … I feel horrible doing this, but I have no choice. You see, I have published my first book on Amazon/Kindle! This piece (and many others) had to be taken down because they do not allow published material to be available online for free. (Go figure) I wanted to leave the shell of the posts because I felt compelled to leave all your helpful and loving comments. (Silly sentimental, I know), but I also didn't want to just have the pieces disappear without an explanation. I feel bad enough as it is!

  I owe ALL of you so, SO much for all of your reads, love, and support. It was YOU that gave me the gumption to FINALLY get off my **** and publish! Thank you all for the warm comments, camaraderie, and encouragement! I will still be here, reading, uploading and just being the Rascal that I am. How could I EVER leave you guys?

  The book is called “The Way I See It – FictionPhilosophySoul Food” and it will be FREE for the first few days on Kindle Select, so watch for it, if you are interested. I hope that you go and grab it. If you do, I would also hope that you find it worthy, you would leave me a good review. That will help me get in the public eye! Soon afterward (2-3 days or so), it will be available in paperback.

Find the book(s) here:

Or find the book(s), and all about me, here:

  Soon after, I also hope to have my first novel (a supernatural thriller), called “Wanderer” available as well!

  Wish me luck!

                                Big, Biggest Love,

                                               Jeff Gaines
The original title of this poem was "Sentient". After learning the meaning and concept of "Sonder", I found it was a far and away better title.

~SONDER - n. the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own.
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