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Lane O 2d
Fields of green,
below skies of blue.
Immaculate beauty,
just as I see you.

You rock in your chair.
The breeze ruffles your hair;
but don't ever fret:
I will be there.

Through the laughter,
and sadness,
till we are old and gray.
I will be with you.
Forever I'll stay.
Lane O Jul 12
Oh! young sunflower,
facing east towards the Sun.
You follow her for hours,
till dusk - when day's done.
Her light shines bright,
Colors - so vivid and deep.
But when her light ebbs,
do you droop and weep?
Lane O Jul 12
I awake to a golden sun,
rising above the horizon.
Slanting rays upon the emerald grass.
Shadows of telephone poles,
standing tall like sentries.
Swift footsteps; kicking up morning dew,
sending chills through my skin,
but the day is new;
I feel warm within.
Lane O Jul 11
Goldenrods and oak
Flecks of emerald and amber
Awake! vivid spring
a little haiku for spring
Lane O Jul 11
I get lost in your eyes.
Shining beauty like gemstone.
Hearts entwined, always.
a little haiku (kind of) I wrote for my wife
Lane O Jul 11
Doting words - soothe,
like the whisper of a brook.
With love - spoken,
my heart they took.
Lane O Jul 5
Hemlock, holly, cedar and beech.
Robin, bluebird, nesting, and seed.
Blackgum, sweetgum, cypress and birch.
Finch, cardinal, atop them they perch.
Dogwood, hawthorn, laurel and ash
Nature: constant, present and past.
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