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N Dec 2020
There is
a foul taste
in my mouth

A cave with circus
elephants in my chest

A sinking ship
in my stomach

A grieving cloud
in my tearful eyes

It is as though I
have died after you
N Dec 2020
My bed felt like a coffin,
shivering with agony,
I laid

Both the weeping angels
and the weeping ghosts
sang me a lullaby of sorrow

I drank a sea of my salty
tears hoping to drown

Hoping to meet you there at
the end of the shimmering moon

Covered in my gushing blood,
I asked Azrael for a kiss
N Dec 2020
I still fear the heavy
silence of the night

Will you lull me
to a long sleep?
N Dec 2020
I fear the sleep of death
where I dream,
but do not see your face

I have not seen you
for two years

I fear I am
already dead
N Dec 2020
This morning,
I am a mourning sunflower

Willing to burn than
lose my deity’s warmth
N Dec 2020
The sun rose early
to regain her warmth
with a kiss from her lover

In a filed of sunflowers,
only one worshiped
the sun’s burning desire
N Dec 2020
If you wish to grow these
sunflowers within my blue walls

Know that I am a house
the sun never visits, but I have:

Vacant rooms
with burning lovers

with footprints of dead florists

with nostalgic photographs of her

A single bed
on my scorching roof

that creak to the rhythm of my growing pain

with engraved haikus

that reflect her image in front of my blue walls
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