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lib Mar 2018
without risk isn't
at all
lib Mar 2018
you are my favorite song
lib Mar 2018
you were my strength and my weakness

i didn't know it,
but in that moment,
you were my everything
lib Mar 2018
i cannot sleep
the seasons change
and with it, my feelings
my feet are cold
literally and figuratively
my blankets are warm
but not warm enough
to drag me
into deep
i wait for
sleep to overcome me
it does not come
sick and tired of unreciprocated feelings
lib Mar 2018
a war within her heart
breaking down walls
tearing itself apart
misidentified love
lib Mar 2018
thunder, lightning
rain pours on our heads
you look up and smile
a not so rare moment
of pure happiness and
you are beautiful
your long locks now wet
and dripping and
you are still smiling
glad to be alive
i wish i was like you
but i am not
don't you realize
you are the only reason
my heart continues to pump
and my lungs continue to
i feel your warm breath
on my skin
and we finally meet
in a passionate kiss
i wish my dream was a reality
i really really do like him
lib Mar 2018
tears roll down her face
feeling like empty space

she feels one with the earth
and can't wait for him to notice her worth
i'm her
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