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lib Feb 2021
i’m drowning in the fluorescent lights of the daily
my routine is wearing me down
i long for the spontaneity of the past
the sunlit warmth of summer days uncorrupted by a schedule

the rut of the day-to-day is killing me
from within my bones i can feel it
it's seeping out, poisoning each moment
am i alone? does anyone else feel it?
lib Feb 2021
when we shared our last kiss
there was a can of orange crush in the cupholder between us
when it was over i looked away and bit my lip
i didn't know that you would break my trust

i didn't know that it was the beginning of the end of us
lib Sep 2020
there was always something about your eyes
and the way they shined last December
i thought it'd last forever and although it didn't
it's one of the things about you that i'll always remember

eventually i realized
maybe it wasn't meant to be
see, we'd be perfect together
but it's not perfect unless you also want me

although there's nothing noble
about holding on to unreciprocated love
it's challenging for me to avoid
because my feelings for you aren't easy to dispose of

i guess it's time to let you go
i simply cannot wait for you forever
but i'll never forget the sound of your laugh
or your tendency to be so clever

and because no one else compares
i can only think of you
then the memories start to rush in
and the wound feels brand new

falling in love felt like the storybooks
but I don't remember one where the couple doesn't end up together
i guess we've written a new tale
a beautiful and heartbreaking adventure
at least it's ours... no one can take that away
lib Sep 2020
skipping rocks and skipping meals
magazines are teaching her to eat less, no matter how she feels

models on instagram, tiktok, youtube, and twitter
setting unrealistic expectations with their photoshop and glitter

in size two jeans, hoping to squeeze into ones
it looks like she's living the dream, but in reality, it's not a good one

1000 calories or less, isn't it nice?
she's living in an eating disorder nightmare disguised as paradise

she's losing weight, but not feeling as though she's won
she doesn't want this anymore, when will this be done?

she's dropping pounds, but feeling so shattered
compliments left and right, but it's hard to feel flattered

she's eating nothing at lunch until she's too light to function
the cafeteria starts to feel like a dungeon

feeling sick when she eats "too much"
kneeling in the bathroom using the toilet as a crutch

and then she overcompensates with exercise
when will the people around her start to hear her cries?

things are out of control, it's becoming too much for her to handle
her world feels as though it's starting to dismantle

her mental & physical health is deteriorating as she loses the weight
when will they see what it's doing to her? hopefully before it's too late
this poem is about a young girl affected by eating disorders and missing out on some of her childhood because of the havoc that these problems have wrought within her life. it's also about the negative influence that social media and magazines can have on people of all ages, but especially on impressionable kids and teens.
lib Sep 2020
i spend each night
tossing and turning
while you sleep peacefully beside her

you've never missed a minute of sleep
while i could log nights of sleep
lost to thoughts of you
lib May 2020
tomorrow is the last day

an adventure coming to an abrupt close
an unexpected that i should have seen from a mile away
a journey i never wanted to end

the last four years
the normalcy
the expected

tomorrow is the last day
it's disheartening that my high school career will end like this, but i enjoyed every second. on the bright side, this novel deserves a sequel... let's hope chapter 2: 'college' lives up to its expectations :)
lib May 2020
the time passes too quickly
we're dripping in and out of darkness
melting into morning
the blinding brightness
waking us up from our perfect dream
into the nightmarish reality
i long for nighttime and dreaming
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