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lib May 8
tomorrow is the last day

an adventure coming to an abrupt close
an unexpected that i should have seen from a mile away
a journey i never wanted to end

the last four years
the normalcy
the expected

tomorrow is the last day
it's disheartening that my high school career will end like this, but i enjoyed every second. on the bright side, this novel deserves a sequel... let's hope chapter 2: 'college' lives up to its expectations :)
lib May 5
the time passes too quickly
we're dripping in and out of darkness
melting into morning
the blinding brightness
waking us up from our perfect dream
into the nightmarish reality
i long for nighttime and dreaming
lib May 5
our chocolate-dipped skies
they're cold and sweet as vanilla ice cream
their stars taste like sprinkles
i'll revisit them in my dreams
i miss them already
lib May 5
we lay together
savoring strawberry sunsets
that roll into dark, star-filled skies
it won’t be long
until you’re gone

forever apart
though there’s little physical distance
i miss you the most
thinking of how we might never reunite
my heart aches, reminiscing our rooftop nights

our memories dance
waltzing clumsily within my dreams
although it's never quite right
i choose to believe
because it almost seems as if you're still here
and i’m praying you never leave

yet the morning always comes
sunshine seeping through the sill
though the sunrise is breathtaking
i will always prefer the darkness
of our rooftop nights
i can’t believe this is the end for us. i will never forget you.
lib Apr 27
slipping through my fingers
your Picasso is losing inspiration
i’m not sure who i will be once you’re gone
and now you’re gone
lib Mar 5
every day ends in a new sunset
and begins with a new sunrise
and there’s no one else
i’d rather have by my side

we’re taking our time
enjoying the journey
what’s the rush?
why would we hurry?

we’ll enjoy the moment
before it passes
we’ll raise a toast
and lift our glasses

and we’ll live our lives
one day at a time
someday we’ll grow old
but today, we will enjoy our prime

they say that life is short
and that there’s no promise of tomorrow
for now, we will live
and stop focusing on our sorrows

we’ll look forward for what’s to come
we’ll think fondly of the past
we’ll savor every second
up until our last
i originally wrote this poem for my school’s poetry contest, but i figured i’d share it with you guys, too!
lib Oct 2019
it’s been three days
but i can still hear the sound of our song playing on your old car radio
i can still smell the scent of your favorite cologne
i can still feel your hand resting on my knee as you drove
i can still taste the strawberry milkshakes we shared

when will i stop thinking of you constantly?
when will i move on?
how long will i feel this emptiness inside where your heart used to reside?

i know it’s for the best
but is it truly the best
if it isn’t the for better or for worse
that i dreamt of?

it’s been three days
i hope you’re doing well
this is my first real break up and i’m not going to lie, it hurts pretty badly right now. i hope the healing is coming soon. i’m trying not to regret my decision to leave, but it’s really hard. although it was a somewhat unhealthy and manipulative relationship, i still love and care for him.
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