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i always thought
i'd be alone
i always thought
all i'd ever have
was the pillow on my bed
in which i'd grasp onto
so tightly
frantically searching
for warmth

i cried
i cried so, so much
i never knew
that i could be loved back
that i'd ever receive such a thing
i never knew
that i was worth it
that i'd ever deserve such a thing
yet here you are, my love
i have found warmth
i have found the embrace of a thousand laughters
and a single little kiss on your cheek

my sun,
my moon,
my galaxy of a myriad of stars,
i no longer clasp onto the pillow in despair
but a soft, calming imagination
waiting for the day
you'd finally be there
what's this??? me???? actually having a romantic partner to celebrate valentine's day with???? what?????????
violetstarlights Jul 2020
it's over.
we did it.
school is finally dead.
you sleep at 4
and wake up at 3
paradise, as paradisiacal as it can be
just why, though
why am i still unhappy?
violetstarlights Apr 2020
speaking is a performance
the moment someone listens i'm put on a stage
with a little number in the corner of my view
grading my performance
grading how well i do

so when the audience goes home
and they all fall asleep
it leaves just my mirror and I
and the clock that reads three
just talking
to me

and though i ramble and ramble
as if someone were there
i enjoy that i am alone
that no one is there
to hear the last mistake i just made


oh my god were you listening to me the entire time-
  Apr 2020 violetstarlights
Luna Maria
can you sleep next to me
at night?
when all my fears
hold me tight

I want to hear you
breathing close to me
And when I wake up
you're the only
thing I want to see.
violetstarlights Apr 2020
I've always desired to become older
to become stronger, more experienced, more alive,
so that they would listen
so that my pain would have meaning
so that every time I cried it was worth making a noise

but here I am.

the migraines last longer.
my patience runs shorter.
if a sleep a moment past two I fall apart-
I am weak.
and haven't improved the slightest since then.
I can work a million years and run a million miles,
chasing those dreams and the warmth of their fleeting joy,
but I'll always come back to you,
my stupid,
original self.
because no one cares if a baby were to cry,
such a thing is normal.
your pain is normal; there are those who have it worse
therefore I will ignore you, as you are worthless,
and I lose none when you are in pain.
I have nothing left to bargain,
to make you feel the need to care,
you looked behind the curtain,
you know me too well.

My lies no longer enchant you.
You know how worthless I am.

And so here I am,
sitting in square one
with tears that pass by discreetly,
falling in their silence.
all my friends are going to leave me, it's only a matter of when, not if.
i best have fun while i can
violetstarlights Apr 2020
awoken by your lullaby
i find myself on the sand
the waves crash
the wind blows
where am I?
who knows
yall should really play Sky: Children of the Light im not joking that **** ******* SLAPS
violetstarlights Feb 2020
i do not remember my name.
who i was, or from where i came
lost at sea
a sea of other forgetfuls
devoid of light
lifelessly ambiguous
yet black and white

listlessly wandering
to nowhere, from nothing

life has not been easier,
i have only felt more numb
and feel nothing but pain
therefore feel nothing

humidity or tears?
the ink streaks of red are streaks of blood
both have become worthless;
its value inflated;
i no longer come up to breathe

i don't care where we go when we die,
as long as its away
somewhere warm, somewhere lovely,
somewhere with the light of day

yet here i lay every night
dreaming of the dream
dreams wild
dreams stupid
dreams that will never come true
those dreams have chained me
and now i am here

prisoner of my own dreams
who is to save me?
the less i wrote the less i was myself
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