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life is short- yet still,
they don't start living until
death comes near the door
just a little blurb of thoughts
the sun is out again
the trees smile with delight
and the butterflies take flight

we thought it was impossible
that this nightmare had no end
yet here you are, holding my hand
together with our friends

the sun is out again
the flowers bloom a lovely sight
and though it didn’t seem like it
everything turned out alright
in other words I got a 100 on the project



i have an exam in two days what the **** am i doing
people are ironic

when you have none, you are lonely
a silent, unforgiving world

but when there are tons...

you are still lonely.
a noisy, unforgiving world

and in the end, no one really loves you
no one really knows you
they just sit there
on their pedestals
more pillars to compare yourself on

because there is strength in numbers
and my god, you really ****

so stay lonely
lonely and happy
because the game of life
is best played solo
because no matter what,
you have always won
so yeah i kinda don't like myself
"lying is bad",
they say

"lying makes you a bad person"
they say

but who is to assume
that I haven't been lying
about being a good one?

i'm quite the mask-maker then, aren't i?
why must you use the seas
as synonyms for your sadness?

learn to swim!
came to drown myself
in your ocean- yet all you
gave was a puddle
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