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Tehreem Jun 10
Now I am, what I never want to be
Reflection of a monster in your eyes I see
Tehreem Mar 2019
Glimpse of a dream
Hard she fell
Without a scream
Down the stairwell

There is a face on every turn
She took over the grim
Seeing the bridges burn
In the fire never goes dim

A heart frayed at the seam
All the brokenness remains
After all it was only just a dream
Now is the time to break the chains
Tehreem Mar 2019
Ride on the whimsical waves of time
Yet the longing for most oddest climb

With rise and falls
With walks and crawls

Through the darkness of night
In the subtle moonlight

Torn hearts and tired souls
Carrying the eternal holes

Some faces lost in the crowd
Others are warriors endowed
Tehreem Oct 2018
The story ends between fire and ice
The destructions happened twice

Fearlessness feeding the thick desire
Withering motions exceeding fire

Cold settled in eyes of night
Witnesses of the raging fight

Ripples moving far and wide
Hunger has no place to hide

Both extremes conjugate in with cries
Their frenzied sounds splitting skies
Tehreem Dec 2017
Light scattered
A star shattered
Moon she remain unstirred
Gloriously she flared
Slow wind chants
Silent flowers dance
Shadows in night crawl
Intensely darkness fall
Softly the sky cries
As the little star dies
Tehreem Sep 2017
We shall pay
The charges of life
Sometimes the dues
With no clues

But we pay and proceed

The price of dreams
As the glitter gleams
Then there are debts  
Of the lost bets
Tehreem Sep 2017
You won't be here in the morning light
But in the awe of dusk and woe of night  

Baby will you hold me in my demise?
Can you stay still in my wasted eyes?

When my breaths are rough and broken  
Sheathe me in your lies unspoken
A dusky pink heart filled will malice.
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