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Gangothrii May 2019
Is it true that I've had enough of you,
Will I ever go back with a guilt within me..
Do these words mean nothing to you anymore,
Or is it just me left alone in this love..

Though it hurts inside,
I shall wear it with a smile,
For I will never let you see,
The scars your love caused me.

I close my eyes to see the past flash by,
All I see is your faithless accusing eyes.
A pang of regret eats my mind for all that time,
all of me,my heart, and my precious prime.

Though it hurts inside,
I shall wear it with a smile,
For I will never let you see,
The scars your love caused me.

Someday you will eat the words you threw at me,
have a door slammed shut right across your face,
That would probably be the day you realize,
what goes around does indeed come around.

Though it hurts inside,
I shall wear it with a smile,
For I will never let you see,
The scars your love caused me.

I walk  out with my head held so high,
For you're the one that lost in the battle of this love,
blinded by your ego and wallowed in your self worth,
while I wear the scars your love caused me,
with a smile right across my face.
Gangothrii Aug 2018
It’s an odd romance,
Yet it felt so right,
The charcoal that paints the pristine whites.
Like the scratches and scores across the flawless skin,
The smell of graphite sunk in her skirts,
A touch so rough, yet she yearns.

The creator smiled in delight,
The satisfaction shown in the depths,
From the soul the words formed,
Strung to a garland that met the lead.
The curves and lines the charcoal drew,
Made her quiver in pleasure and pain.

The creator dwelled in these sounds and sights,
Of the romance between his pen and paper.
Like water for a parched throat,
The words soothed many souls.
Write is all I love to do,
A delicious *******,
Between me, my book, and my pen.
Gangothrii Jul 2018
The gaze that sought my eyes were fierce,
Dark and brooding, right through they pierce,
My toes curled in fear and lust,
The thought of both left me aghast.
Shamelessly reveling in the fire in his eyes,
Melt I did, as my breath quickened.
Yes and No blurred as I answered him,
His silence in response rang through my chest.
He stood so patient, impossible for a man his kind,
For an acknowledgement, a nod, or a smile.
I lowered my eyes from the scorching heat,
My mind reeling in the endless tales it spun.
A foot away lay my temptation,
That held all my attention,
To give in was all I wanted,
For the rest would be in his arms,
A 'no' still lingered, holding me steadfast.
Gangothrii Jul 2018
She frustrates as much as she entices me,
Draws me in but pulls me out.
Her lips deny and oh do they lie,
Those eyes sparkle in mischief and tease!
How I wish to take her in my arms,
Fit those curves in my palms.
Is it yes or no, can I coerce as I please,
Like silk, her thoughts, draped my mind.
Her smell, her hair, her sweet little smile,
I yearn to taste it right out of her lips.
Her warmth that stole down to delicious depths,
Tempts my fingers to follow that trail.
Crave I do to take her just one time,
Will she succumb or still deny.
Gangothrii Jul 2018
Colors blurred to a banausic bore,

Sights I crossed, sought my eyes no more.

Paths overused, they bore the brunt,

Of thousand hopeful feet that met the end.

All so familiar yet so strange,

What’s that my heart so craves?

Is it the fruit of seed, sown so early?

Or the bloom of desires, of my heart.

Choose I should, one path,

Can I not have it all?

Weigh, I must, of what that matters,

Or shall watch as many dreams shatter?

Some who came, made a choice,

Others just stayed, without a voice..

Many lost their battle of dreams,

That crossed their imaginary realms.

Hate I would, to do what all do,

Regret I shall, if I don’t follow.

Someone cry out for a piece of me,

Shall surrender all of me, in blissed peace.

Thoughts that bled in colors so wild,

Drained away as greys remain,

Nobody asked for a piece of me,

So I walked the path that was set for me.

— The End —