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Bhill Sep 19
As the Earth rotates
We all live on this planet
Our Earth needs some help

Change things that make a difference
Changes that change opinions
Change that can be successful

We can all help out
Help others to encourage
Stimulate the change

Brian Hill - # 235
Are you concerned with our mother?
m h John Aug 3
The way the earth
slows down it’s
rotation each year
and the way
the climate changes
causing the ice to melt
while the world
is at war with itself
make me want to take you
to a mountain top
and yell
“**** it, I love you!”
Oh my love! Oh my Venus!
I wait for you all night.
My heart always revolving
Arround your thought
After I see you that day.

That day was very hard till I see you.
I left alone by everyone.
On the sky no moon to comfort me.
Looking at the dark sky
Make my heart even harder.

That was the time you appear
To my eyes. You shine so bright.
I amazed by your intriguing beauty.
Your mesmerizing beauty calms
The valcanoes happened in my mind.

I heard you are hot one. But,
That day you cool my heart.
I heard you rotate in opposite direction
But, that day you directed me to
Find the right path.
Although, you shrouded by the
Carbon dioxide and nitrogen,
You made inhale the oxigen freely
In the earth that day.

From that day, I am waiting for you
Under the dark sky.
Amidst the clouds you always hide.
I am waiting to the cloud get clearer.

I know I can't reach you. But,
My love! Let me love you from
This far at least.
I know I can't embrace you. But,
My love! Let me embrace you
Within my thoughts.
I Know I can't breath in you. But,
My love! Let me breath in your thoughts.

Oh my love! Oh my Venus!
Let me see the glimpse of you.
Let this nostalgia disappear
From my heart.
Imaginary love letter to planet " Venus"
taia Apr 2016
don't ever question
why the earth turns and rotates
just feel the movements
SassyJ Mar 2016
You rub my back as I run
Your tides storm for me
Watching my back as I chase
Fighting my demons as I trap

Your all open for me as I shatter
Your essence webbed on my matter
A shelter watching my hands as I wave
Vigilant of the witch in me mixing portions

How can I make it a perfect match?
Mould your breath as you dream
Surrender by the aisle and claim you
Create the Eden, imagined fruitful orchard

How can I lie close to you and captivate?
Melt in your shores as we feel and rotate
Blend harmoniously in sane sensitivities
Calm and coil in real passionate romance

Could our entwinement be the armageddon?
A forbidden and delinquent spice mashed
Too much pain that time itself cannot erase
An immortal evanescence of my mortality

— The End —