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carbonrain Dec 2018
i moonlight as the sunshine in your darkest dreams

i am the gateway the kingdom and the key.

  i'll settle for reality, though I am, after all

   to the last sunrise, the cult leader is, in effect, ineffective

    in the same state of mind, but a different state of the union

     because no one is willing to remember what they already forgot
Amanda Nov 2018
**** is green
My eyes are red
I can't decide between
The refrigerator or bed
I personally believe it can be a gateway drug but no more than alcohol or prescription pills or any other drug
a bastion
of position
to fend
rife that
any captor
courts acrimony
here that's
really offensive
that ruptures
passage to
the next
realm in
this savanna
with bedspread
if interstellar
jar was
thunder road
a gallant approach
Brandon Conway Sep 2018
Squalid off-white cube
fluorescent buzzing hue
water stained tiles
tribulation from digital files

dilapidated symbiote
invisible hungry parasite
optimism capsized in the abyss
tedium tongue french kiss

five hours a month
forest bathing in the sun
a cure they say
nature is a gateway

shambling down trails
languid gait sails
fractal patterns surround
tweets in background

head starts to clear
wondrous frontier
five hours a month
soaking in the sun

not enough time
to melt away grime
five hours a week
leaves a happier physique

summer sea breeze
rolling over unease
basking in the heat
leaving is so so bittersweet

return to human farm
pray for fire alarm
nature is a gateway
natures my getaway
Mystic Ink Plus Feb 2018
A sacred hope
On one faithful day
Heard, Songs in harmony        
Seeking the same essence,  
A piece of silence
A walk close in the parallel lines
Eternal, no sound of foot steps
Anchored all roots of a souls
Melted into the grace
Muse of the flowless Ink
One will feel it till the spirit
Gateway to the doors.
Zero Nine Nov 2017
Must have been the end of a delightful dream
Had my fingers around a power leak
******* up the light when I came to,
loosening my grip on a can of beans
68 cents, tacos on demand
counted the change pushing
through my pockets and
leaking through the seams
In a life like this I wish it
was considered decent to
decide for death even with
in proper company,
but only sometimes.
sip slip away
Jayantee Khare Jun 2017
No response...
502 bad gateway
or hint to get away
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